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17 September 2008

Stupid things I've said [More:]"It's like I was saying 2+2 and she was hearing 2x2"
Ooooooh... and then there was the time I was crowing to my friend's flatmate about the fully home cooked meal I cooked - I'd even made garlic bread from scratch, well not the bread, mixed butter and garlic, more like!

Felix was laughing at me about it - "Did you grind the flour yourself?"

Me (remember, despite my gender bender acronym, I'm a girl) - "Yeah! I even cultivated the yeast!"

Hoooo boy do I wish I didn't say that!
posted by jonathanstrange 18 September | 00:01
I'd put some in, but this text box is far too small for this topic.
posted by pompomtom 18 September | 01:01

(Translated from my champagne induced slurring means: Go on!"
posted by jonathanstrange 18 September | 01:19
Oh boy. So many. Three that come to mind

1. seeing an obviously electric guitar: "is that acoustic?"

2. "You're cute enough. Are you loose too, or do we have to budget for tequila?"

3. to a pro team cheer-person: "You can be my token cheerleader friend"

(She repeated "token cheerleader friend" slowly? What does that mean? And does that have anything to do with why she doesn't talk to me anymore? :p)
posted by Firas 18 September | 09:14
I am like Firas - you'd have to ask my friends for a detailed, annotated listing, but the one I will never, ever live down:

Freshman year in college, while working in a physics study group: "Has anyone ever actually seen a photon?" The resident physics major gave me this incredulous look, then pointed at the ceiling lamp over our heads. *palmface*
posted by muddgirl 18 September | 09:51
This is my 4600th comment on MetaChat.
posted by Eideteker 18 September | 10:34
(year 2000 talking to my wife). . .

"I know we voted for Gore but I don't think that Bush will be the trainwreck for the country that Reagan was."
posted by danf 18 September | 13:24
Talking to a guy I had a major crush on in college who was in one of my classes: "Hey, I missed yesterday's class ... could I borrow your nuts? ... uhh notes?"

I got neither set.
posted by initapplette 18 September | 14:56
Almost everything I say is stupid, so I don't know where to start.
posted by dg 18 September | 15:22
Most of my best involve language barriers. I am a native english speaker, but speak some Spanish as well. I was in Havana at Carnaval and was being harassed by some guys. I wanted to tell them to leave me alone so i yelled QUITAME! Apparently that actually means TAKE OFF MY CLOTHES! in Cuba. As you can imagine, this did NOT discourage them.
Then there's the time I tried to get diarrhea medicine in a cosmetics shop(I thought it was a pharmacy) in thailand. I don't speak any Thai. Have you ever tried to mime diarrhea? in a makeup shop? I assure you that hilarity ensues.
posted by slackshot 19 September | 00:40
I'd rather trust a countryman than a townman, || Steve Reich: