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17 September 2008

Who's watching ANTM? SPOILERS [More:]What do we think thus far? I am really liking the group this season, which surprises me- the last few groups have been duds, overall. Anyone got a favorite? I have a few! Pretty much everyone except Clark and Hannah.
I can't remember most of their names yet, but I too dislike Hannah.
posted by drezdn 17 September | 21:44
I love that they made fun of her crazy eyes during the shoot.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 17 September | 22:09
What was up with the crazy Snow White stuff? Is no one at Bankable Productions brave enough to question the Tyranosaurus? Not one person spoke up to say, "You know, you may have met your crazy limit with the Tyrabot?"
posted by jrossi4r 17 September | 22:19
The crazy Tyra stuff is the best part! I like Elina (although she has horrid taste in women - Clark? REALLY?), McKey and Analeigh. And yeah, Clark and Hannah are super obnoxious.
posted by unsurprising 18 September | 01:11
i love makeover day, but that weave on Elina would have thrown most people. There has been some bad, bad weave situations before. i like McKey but i don't know if she can last. The herd needs lots of thinning but it's a lot of anyone's game.
Hoochie Boobjob's gotta go.
posted by ethylene 18 September | 02:50
Elina's weave is working for her, though. She looks great. Currently my favourite - and I'm not sure where Paulina was going with the tattoo comment, lots of models seem to have them (based on my extensive viewing of Project Runway and its clones and the few fashion shows I've actually been to, anyway) and they're easily airbrushed out of photos.

I'm glad Isis is doing okay - after Clark's "He-shes get shot where I'm from" in the first episode I was worried she'd be picked on more than what (it seems) she has been.

Caridee Mk. 2 is a bit of a shame - she's pretty indistinguishable from Mk. 1 at the moment.
posted by goo 18 September | 06:20
You guys tell me: should I watch this cycle? I've got them all on my DVR but I've been thinking of skipping it this time. Every cycle I start to hate how obviously rigged it is, and I swear I'll never watch again. But I usually get sucked back in because I love to read the recaps on fourfour.
posted by peep 18 September | 11:43
Peep, this season is making me like ANTM again -- it's just so balls-out WEIRD and corny that it's almost self-parody. Tyra is out of control. It's amazing.

Clark and Hannah are the worst. WORST. Hannah needs to cut it out with the aw-shucks I'm-just-a-smalltown-girl thing. It's seriously grating. I cringed to hear her say "I'm the whitest white girl"-type stuff... It makes me embarrassed to be white. And I truly don't get why Clark is there -- she in no way looks like a model to me.

I tend to favour Elina but I'm not sure why. I have not warmed up to her new hair.

I'm not so into Isis anymore, though I do appreciate that a bathing-suit shoot was probably the most dreaded competition for her, so maybe she'll get better now that that's done and over with.
posted by loiseau 18 September | 14:16
Oh and does Hannah remind anyone else of Goofy? Like Disney Goofy?

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by loiseau 18 September | 14:19
And I truly don't get why Clark is there -- she in no way looks like a model to me.

She's filler- someone to cut mid-season, at the latest. She brings enough bitchy lulz to earn her keep until then. She's tall, thin, "pretty" and sort of looks like Jessica Simpson (which a stronger, more masculine jaw, which I didn't think was possible).
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 18 September | 14:38
Hannah needs to cut it out with the aw-shucks I'm-just-a-smalltown-girl thing. It's seriously grating.

I loved when she was like, I'm going to be ONLINE! I can GOOGLE myself! She is really obnoxious, and not cute at all- she looked so raggedy at panel.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 18 September | 14:39
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