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15 September 2008

How was your weekend? A three-pointer.[More:]
1. Finally gave up and completely reformatted Dell laptop, after trying to repair/reinstall. Then spent a considerable portion of the rest of the weekend dealing with the dysfunctional update system that Microsoft maintains for XP. I thought that I updated with SP2, after spending a few hours downloading it on my slow DSL. Then, figured, what the hell, let's go for SP3, so spent another couple hours downloading THAT. . only to get a message, on trying to install it, that I REALLY need to go back and install SP(fucking)1 for any of these other updates to work, and upon checking, saw that SP2 was NOT installed.

I am getting more and more convinced that in order to use and maintain Microsoft OS's that you need to buy into this dysfunction, and it does bad things to your soul. As soon as a little more money comes in, I won't anymore.

2. Got Decemberists tickets for Portland in November. . they are on the road again in a major city near you! Yay!

3. Went to the second of three "try out a new conductor" program at the Symphony. They are trotting in the 3 finalists and putting on a program with some same pieces, and some pieces that the candidates choose. It's cool to see this happening, and we'll get another up-and-comer (Marin Alsop made a stop here a few years ago).
1) Attended a pretty fun Bat Mitzvah!
2) dragged a friend out surfing for his first time.
3) broke up with the guy I was seeing for the last few months.

Not that were a good match anyway, but the last straw was his conviction that I was seeing someone else despite anything I said. His last couple gfs cheated, I guess, though now he'll probably claim I'm another one, I'm a little more skeptical about that. He's convinced I left him for someone else and not because of how distrusting he is. Sad sad for him and his future relationships, because he's a really sweet and nurturing guy in a lot of respects. And a curse on the head of whomever it was who first betrayed him and made him the suspicious guy he is today.
posted by small_ruminant 15 September | 12:45
1. Friday: I should really do my paper that's due Monday. But it's an interview, and the person I'm interviewing hasn't gotten back to me. Most of my roommates get drunk and kind of annoying, luckily they leave. End up talking and creating Nintendo Mii's with two of my other roommates. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't always want to get shitfaced whenever possible.
2. Saturday: I should really do my paper that's due Monday. But the person I'm interviewing STILL hasn't gotten back to me. Just kind of hang around for most of the day, waiting. Night is a repeat of the night before. Most of my roommates get drunk and leave for a party across campus. I'm once again with my other two roommates. We play mario kart with our newly created Mii's. One of my roommate's sisters comes over, and we all watch Candy Stripers. It's wonderful. Or awful. Both.
3. Sunday: I should really fucking do my paper that's due fucking Monday. But the person I'm interviewing hasn't gotten back to me! FUCK. I go see Burn After Reading with roommates. It's pretty good, but perhaps not really my thing. I come back and FINALLY my interviewee has gotten back to me. I spend five hours writing my paper.

Not a bad weekend, but maybe next time less last minute crap...
posted by CitrusFreak12 15 September | 13:13

1. had a completely fruitless display thingy Friday night that netted me a grand total of 0 clients.
2. watched tons of football
3. saw Burn After Reading Sunday. It was good! I would recommend it. I thought it was quite the covert comment on the current state of government here. In spite of the beer at the theatre. :)
posted by chewatadistance 15 September | 13:14
1. I got married.
2. On the rainiest day in the history of Chicago. (Not joking. 6.63 inches.)
3. It was awesome!!!!

(Insert giant grin here.)
posted by misskaz 15 September | 13:26
Whee!!! Congratulations, misskaz!!!!
posted by small_ruminant 15 September | 13:28
CONGRATS misskaz! Shouldn't that be mrskaz now?
posted by chewatadistance 15 September | 13:30
1. Sleep-filled. My mom visited last week and left on Friday. I felt really tired all weekend -- I guess it was the draining feeling of having people around all the time. I'm used to being in my private little sphere 24/7. (It was a surprisingly good visit, though! A first, perhaps.)

2. Nervous. Had a job interview on Friday. Actually, two -- one in French with one owner, one in English with the other owner. I definitely don't feel like it was a slam-dunk. I still have a chance to redeem myself with a writing test this week, though.

3. I can't even think of a third. That's how boring my weekend was.
posted by loiseau 15 September | 14:01
3. Oh, here's a third: after my interview on Friday I splurged on a new cymbal for my drum kit. (I've been playing with only a ride so I've basically learned to play without cymbals at all. So this will be an interesting adaptation.) I'm going to practice between 4-7 today, so I'll get to set up my new toy.

(BTW, sorry to hear it small_ruminant. :( )
posted by loiseau 15 September | 14:03
My weekend was a prelude to a couple of weeks abroad. So busy but the good times start now (posted from SeaTac :)
posted by kodama 15 September | 14:07
Friday: went crazy shopping after work, had dinner with girlfriends and ran into boss's boss's boss, who was surprisingly friendly.

Saturday: had brunch (bad eggs but good pancakes), saw Burn After Reading, met a really fun guy who is a friend of my best fried. Too bad he lives in LA.

Sunday: saw my former roommate, went to the Brooklyn Book Fair. It was a great weekend!
posted by rmless2 15 September | 14:18
1. Did my article readings for this week's class. Didn't do the textbook reading yet. Or work on the assignment that's due next week.

2. Spent the majority of the weekend being mopey, like usual. Except it was a strange mopeyness because I normally get all thinky during them, but this time I didn't. Quite strange.

3. I bounced out early on work on Sunday (it's slow on the weekends) but got nailed for it today. (Goddamn people sent emails that normally I would see if I hadn't left early. Boss hasn't said anything, but then again, he had left for the day by the time I came in.)
posted by sperose 15 September | 15:07
1. Slept, slept, slept -- caught up from a hectic week.

2. Did laundry -- yay!

3. Saw the fruits of my gadfly citizen crackpot efforts re the delays in transitional housing for my older (ex) foster kid -- a story by Chuck Nevius of the SF Chronicle. (Yes, I felt a little dirty calling Nevius -- he's a mudraker. But sometimes you need a mudraker.)
posted by Claudia_SF 15 September | 15:35
1) started Cave Story, on hard mode. There's supposed to be an alternative ending if I beat it on hard.

2) Picked up DFW's Consider The Lobster. I'll have to go back to the book store an drop another few dollers on Esquire's magazine, which features a fancy-pants e-ink display.

3) Generally just sat around and did nothing, as usual.
posted by hellojed 15 September | 16:52
1) Sorethroatcoughcongestionrunnynose
2) Fever. Fever. Sweating. Freezing.
3) Discovered Hulu and am partway through the first season of Arrested Development. I haven't watched any TV for the last several years, and had heard the name Arrested Development before, but had always assumed it was a TV drama about minority and/or underachieving high school kids.
posted by Stewriffic 15 September | 17:18
Friday: came back from vacation

Saturday: grieved David Foster Wallace

Sunday: despaired for the world

Monday: back to work!
posted by scody 15 September | 17:56
Scody, that Sunday sounds familiar! Although, this weekend, which started on Thursday went like this:

Thursday: Went to see Elliot Brood. They were alright. I think I let myself get too excited by the hype, and who can live up to hype?

Friday: Went to see an all ages show and saw some friends' band for the first time. It was cool. They are a cool bunch of much younger punk assed kids, who seem to like me. It's fun. I was expecting to go to the bar show later, at which more friends were playing, but I got tuckered out, took a breather at home, which turned into SLEEP.

Saturday: I'm not sure Saturday existed.

Sunday: Helped the friend whose band I stood up Friday night paint his newly renovated basement.
posted by richat 15 September | 19:12
Woo Hoo misskaz!!

Friday: Work. What else is there?

Saturday: Work. Receive phone call from prodigal stepdaughter (who will be returning, tail between legs, next week) regarding lack of power in the Houston area (she and the family she's currently mooching off of had to evacuate) and concern over how to ship her stuff home. Somehow, neither myself nor Mr. V are really looking forward to her return home.

Sunday: Best day of the weekend. Except the phone call from my ex-husband, telling me that he's been living out of his van for the past two weeks; that he's started drinking again (after being sober for over two years); that he won't be getting unemployment - so not to expect child support; and that (thank Heavens) he's going back to rehab for the next six months. Which means that he won't see his kids this year at all. *big, heavy, resigned sigh*
Other than that, Mr. V, my mom, and myself went to a great Oyster and Guiness Fest in Asbury Park. Beautiful day, great music and food, all in all a terrific time.

Believe it or not, this really is my life. Or am I on some sort of reality show, ala "Truman"?
posted by redvixen 15 September | 19:41
1. The Buffalo Bills won (and I got to watch with Bills fans for a change).
2. I got some great home cooking.
3. I also got invited to Florida for vacation.

(For more details, see MOFB.)
posted by Doohickie 15 September | 20:31
Friday: Finally got my 2007 tax worksheet off the the accountant and sent him an email letting him know that my father is NOT responsible for me.
Saturday: picked up liquid Chinese herbs that my acupuncturist thinks will help my eye and depression. They taste awful.
Sunday: was supposed to meet a friend for coffee, but she emailed me at 4 am saying she had been driving for 7 hours and couldn't make it.

Every day: Movie glut, one of which was Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke. I am ashamed to be an American.
posted by brujita 15 September | 23:35
Mazel Tov, misskaz!
posted by brujita 15 September | 23:36
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