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15 September 2008

What's wrong with this picture? [More:]Still don't have power at my place so am cribbing 'net and power from a friend. Lots of cleanup to do today, but fortunately the temp is 72 degrees, expected to go down into the hi 50s tonight. This makes reading by candlelight *ever* so much more pleasant.

How'd other bunnies fare all over the US and Canada?
ha!! The photo! Took me a minute...

Glad you're okay, WolfDaddy, and hope you get juice soon. Also a little electricity would be nice. :)
posted by taz 15 September | 11:18
I wish gas was $2.09 a gallon!
posted by amro 15 September | 11:33
Is it the price of Gas is too low?

posted by seanyboy 15 September | 11:34
Was weltering here in NYC for days, oppressive, gloomy and rainy, appropriately ominous for the collapse of Lehman/Wall Street.
posted by nickyskye 15 September | 11:36

but weltering is what it felt like, lol
posted by nickyskye 15 September | 11:36
Oh, wait, I saw a different photo than the gas one. I saw a cemetery with coffins that had apparently floated up and been tossed or washed around... but also something else interesting in the shot, that I won't give away right now, to see if anyone else sees it. (I might not even be right about what I think it is - the photo is quite small).
posted by taz 15 September | 11:44
this is the one I saw:

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by taz 15 September | 11:50
seanyboy, you are correct, gas prices haven't been that low in the US for at least four years, so the photo can't have been taken during Hurricane Ike. Now I'm having a major case of cognitive dissonance.

taz, I'm not seeing it!

Here is my photoset of pictures I took the day after we got hit.
posted by WolfDaddy 15 September | 12:02
I'm pretty sure this is a couple of dogs getting happy in the middle of the pic?

≡ Click to see image ≡

I'm calling it "Love in the Ruins".

I wonder why I saw a different image than the gas station one at first? Mystery.
posted by taz 15 September | 12:10
Okay, well that's what I was focusing on, but couldn't make out what was going on. I had thought perhaps someone's remains or something had fallen out of a coffin o.O
posted by WolfDaddy 15 September | 12:21
Hi WolfDaddy - thanks for the update and stay cool.

It could have been a defunct-o gas station that went down in Ike. I drive past an abandoned one that's board shows $2.69 for premium and $2.24 for regular and have thought of taking a picture of it.
posted by rainbaby 15 September | 12:36
UGH on the cemetery picture. Another reason I want to be cremated.

Is the thread about gas prices? I don't drive but last time I noticed (sometime last week) I think it was $1.30/litre here.

According to Google that's $4.93/gallon.
posted by loiseau 15 September | 14:48
“Are they going to take my BlackBerry?” one yelled out. “Come on, come get it.” || How was your weekend?