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14 September 2008

Here is a quiz. [More:]
It says I lean toward closed-mindedness, and that I prefer traditional, familiar experiences.

No, no, no! :-)
That is not just one really pukey shade of green, it is several.
posted by Wolfdog 14 September | 12:37
I'm very open and extroverted, yet disorganized, disagreeable and nervous. Yeah, that's about it.
posted by jrossi4r 14 September | 13:19
I am open to new experiences, introverted and calm. Right in the middle for organized-ness and agreeable-ness. Which sounds about right, I suppose.
posted by box 14 September | 13:36
Closed-minded, very disorganized, very introverted, disagreeable, and very high-strung. Great.
posted by chrismear 14 September | 13:46
It says I'm a gentleman first, yet versatile if necessary. I like these odds!
posted by Hugh Janus 14 September | 14:15
It says I enjoy having novel experiences and seeing things in new ways; have a messy desk; am neither particularly social or reserved; tend to consider the feelings of others; probably remain calm, even in tense situations.

It also says I tend to forget about my tea steeping on the kitchen counter while I do internet quizzes, and that my teacup then acquires the dreaded "tea-ring". They are absolutely right about that!
posted by taz 14 September | 14:40
You probably have a messy desk!

Um, YUP!
posted by Stewriffic 14 September | 18:30
Dude, that is not a messy desk. You can still see the desk. And the chair.
posted by chrismear 14 September | 18:59
I'm well-organized, social, reliable, irritable, and anxious. Pretty much all true.
posted by rmless2 14 September | 23:26
I am somewhat conventional, tend to do things somewhat haphazardly, probably enjoy spending quiet time alone, neither extremely forgiving nor irritable and tend to become anxious or nervous.

Yup, sounds like me.
posted by dg 15 September | 06:05
Open to new experiences, conscientious, introverted, agreeable and calm. Pretty similar results to all the other personality tests I've taken!
posted by goo 15 September | 07:04
It says that opposites attract.
posted by desjardins 15 September | 09:19
It is pretty amazing how it's able to deduce that I'm, for example, introverted when all I explicitly told it was that I'm not talkative, am reserved, tend to be quiet, am sometimes shy or inhibited, and am not outgoing/sociable. It's like it was somehow -- I suspect maybe voodoo? -- able to process all that confusing disparate information, synthesize it and distill it into one startling, revelatory conclusion.

I really am more impressed by the designers' unswerving, nearly-religious commitment to green as a design concept than I am by the likely intended merits of the test.
posted by Wolfdog 15 September | 09:29
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