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14 September 2008

I'm babysitting a DVD player and TV! - so I'm off to the rental shop. I haven't seen many movies since 2005 - what did I miss?[More:] Ok, I have seen all kids movies more than 100 times, the Iron Man and the (thank you!) Mecha reccommended "Stranger than fiction" (ossom!) and Be Kind rewind but missed everything else. Which movies stick out in your mind as must see? I like blood gore as in zombie movies, action and violence, I like different drama (which I consider stranger than fiction to be) - I like comedies when they are actually funny! So go nuts - I can rent them all!
(also, we're talking wide screen TV which I am not blessed with normally so - mighty explosions actions could be GREAT too!)
posted by dabitch 14 September | 10:10
Children of Men (plenty of explosions and all around good)

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
(I liked this movie, a lot. I'd watch Phillip Seymour Hoffman do anything, so perhaps I'm biased.

The Departed (I haven't seen it. Many people I know loved it. It's based on a true story.)

The Lives of Others If you haven't seen it you should.
posted by LoriFLA 14 September | 10:25
I really enjoyed Tarantino's half of the Grindhouse double-feature, and it sounds like Rodriguez's might be up your alley.
posted by steef 14 September | 10:41
Have you already seen those two David Cronenberg/Viggo Mortensen movies, A History of Violence and Eastern Promises? I'm a big fan of both. There Will Be Blood is worth watching, as is No Country for Old Men. Seconding Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, too. And it's not a movie, but Planet Earth really benefits from a nice a/v setup. I'm totally forgetting stuff, but there are a few things, anyway.
posted by box 14 September | 11:41
Yes to pretty much all of the above. No Country for Old Men you need to watch on the wide screen, for reals.

Comedies? Superbad? That was pretty funny.
posted by gaspode 14 September | 12:00
awesome, thanks! :9 weeee! I hate relying on the top ten list at the DVD-rental place, there's always such rubbish there - No country for old men is the first being crossed off my list I had totally forgotten about that one and I really wanted to see it. Tomorrow: Before the Devil Knows You're Dead - this list will keep me going for a few nights. Wee!
posted by dabitch 14 September | 12:38
I saw Death at a Funeral last night. It was a hilarious black British comedy.
posted by special-k 14 September | 14:45
In Bruges- A weird mixture of british crime movie, comedy and magical realism. Very funny, a little dark.
The Bank Job- A funny weird little caper movie, finally showing that Jason Statham should be doing much better things then the Transporter movies.

And I'll second No Country and Eastern Promises, both great movies.
posted by doctor_negative 14 September | 21:19
posted by brujita 15 September | 00:47
A couple of gorgeous recipes || Here is a quiz.