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14 September 2008

Three items of possible utility and/or interest:
1. Foxit Reader for PDFs on Firefox. Omg, yes! Why did no one tell me about this? Acrobat has been a major PIA forever. Hate, hate. This is so much better. Love. Love.

(see next two items inside...) [More:]

2. Perspectives FF add-on warns of compromised Internet connection. What you want when accessing a sensitive site (your bank, anything where you are worried about security). Read about it here.

3. Corduroy Mansions is a new online novel in serial form by Alexander McCall Smith, for Beginning tomorrow, a new chapter will appear on the site each weekday for the next 20 weeks - but you can also have them emailed to you, listen to a podcast or read via rss.

I have no idea what this will be like - at all - but I signed up for the email because the name "Corduroy Mansions" gives me the feeling of some kind of UK version of a "Tales of the City" sort of thing. Anyway, it has a dog, so it can't be all bad. We'll see.
post by: taz at: 08:38 | 4 comments
Thanks for reminding me about Foxit Reader - I used it for several months, until an update to Acrobat (which I hadn't uninstalled) set it as default viewer for pdf-s. But now I see that there's a new version of Foxit, so I'll start using it again instead of Acrobat.

The best thing I've discovered today is mouse gestures in Firefox. Again, this is something I had overlooked for a while, but now that I've started using them, I find that I really like it. I've been switching and refreshing tabs like a maniac for several hours now.
posted by Daniel Charms 14 September | 09:28
Foxit Reader is the shizz, no doubt about it.
posted by essexjan 14 September | 09:51
Coolness. Thanks for these.
posted by chewatadistance 14 September | 12:30
Installing foxit caused viewing pdfs in firefox to come up blank. I would have to download them and then view, which is what I do. Acrobat is malware.
posted by StickyCarpet 14 September | 13:53
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