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11 September 2008

Three Point Update [More:]
1. I'm on another business trip to Orlando

2. I'm drunk.

3. I just had a 4-hour conversation with a disaffected Chicago Puerto Rican philosophy major about the failings of capitalism.

4. I have to get up in three hours.

5. Damn. I had more than three points.
1. I've had 2 out 4 appointments cancel today. I've been in the office since 10am and will finish at 8pm, having done a whole TWO hours of paid work in that time.

2. This is giving me time catch up on some adminy type stuff.

3. And stuff about on the internet.

4. I can't wait to go home & have a glass or 3 of champagne and play Mario Kart.

5. Me too!
posted by goshling 11 September | 02:01
1. I like Moxie
2. I went to see Equus tonight.Daniel Radcliffe has been hampered by the Harry Potter movies.
3.My body is disgusting
posted by brujita 11 September | 02:18
1. I had a 3 hour lunch with work today, had crepes, which was nice but had quite a few memories associated with it that made me sad.
2. I'm getting my way through the west wing, and am planning on going home and watching as much of it tonight as I can before I pass out asleep. 'Bout 5 minutes is my guess.
3. I think I'm catching up with a friend for Cocktails tomorrow, am cheering her up, and she's cheering me up a little also.
posted by jonathanstrange 11 September | 02:23
1. Dazed from being up at 4am.

2. Have shit loads of work to complete.

3. Elliot Mason is fighting me every time he should be having a nap, even though he's so tired.

4. My apartment isn't as clean as I like and it's actually setting my teeth on edge.

5. Wish I was sipping champagne and playing Mario Kart.
posted by gomichild 11 September | 02:31
1. I don't know about anything else, but this thread is making me want a drink. And it's 11:30 a.m.
posted by taz 11 September | 03:34
1. Went to the brewpub across the street for dinner, alone, got two free drinks after mentioning our upcoming wedding.

2. Via had her second "bachelorette" shindig this evening and is just now headed home.

3. We have so much shit to get together before we head up for the wedding (planned on leaving twelve hours from now) that I could fill the server with update points, but I'll stick with what's pertinent so I don't go insane(r).

4. I know that insaner is not a real word, but I don't care.
posted by kyleg 11 September | 03:58
trying to find something to blog about
then bathtime
then long work shift
posted by By the Grace of God 11 September | 04:15
1. Am up too early... will probably have to nap later this morning.

2. We're going to my mom's today, both to visit, and to figure out why her washing machine is leaking water.

3. Vacation week a little more than half over. It's been nice and mellow so far.
posted by BoringPostcards 11 September | 04:26
1. Unmotivated to get out of bed
2. Hay fever season has started, I and Older Boy and I are miserable
3. Can't even fill a three point list.
posted by lysdexic 11 September | 06:23
1. I got a Wrath of the LIch King beta test invite.
2. It's taking forever to download and patch.
3. Getting worried about Ike. All the places to which I'd evacuate are in the storm's projected path. Don't know whether to be more concerned about wind or flooding. Guess I'm going to tough it out in Houston.
posted by WolfDaddy 11 September | 06:54
WolfDaddy: I am jealous.
jonathonstrange: I covet your crepes.

1. House all packed for movers tomorrow. I am strangely calm.
2. Watched cyclists along the Lake at 2:00 this morning.
3. Could go for a sazerac right about now, but I have to be in court on someone else's case.
posted by crush-onastick 11 September | 08:57
1. massive sinus headache.
2. i seem to be losing weight unexpectedly.
3. i want to get an eddie royal bronco jersey.
4. i'm glad my gossip blog redesign is finally done.
5. i really need to get a copy of ie.
posted by stynxno 11 September | 09:02
1. The streets are filled with half-drunken men carrying out the Ganesh idols to go and submerge them in the Hussain Sagar lake. It's funny, even though I'm the one who's sober, it feels like everyone else is normal and I'm drunk.

2. Haven't been a good muslim this year; this is the first time I can remember that I've missed out on my fasts. Today was the first day that I kept my Roza, even though it was supposed to be the tenth day of my fasting...

3. Two of my friends tried to commit suicide over the weekend. Scared the shit out of me. Got depressed over the fact that they might try to do it again, or at least one of them, but things seemed to have calmed down for now... hope it stays that way.
posted by hadjiboy 11 September | 09:16
1. I haven't finished my reading for class tonight. Oops.

2. I'm probably going to end up throwing off my whole personal schedule because instead of doing laundry after my shower today when I get home from work, I'm probably going to nap instead. (I didn't nap before the last class, but I know better than to think I can stay awake/focused at that hour of the evening.)

3. The boss isn't in the office today, so no one is doing any of the normal 'pretend work' things that we do in order to make it look like we're all productive and everything, which is funny, from the outside. (Inside, it's pretty sad.)

3a. I should really find out some way to tell my parents that I'm not planning on being in the country next fall. (They're doing their projections about what I will be doing at that point in time. Like I've said before, they plan things for me and then tell me about them.)

Note: This thread is also making me want to drink. (It's 10:39am here.)
posted by sperose 11 September | 09:42
1. I will be drinking within a few hours. I am in Pittsburgh for a wedding. The wedding isn't until Saturday, but apparently Thursday is the kick-off for the big day.
2. In preparation for the hangover I will undoubtedly have tomorrow, I am trying to get as much of my work out of the way today as possible.
3. I had really horrible dreams last night that woke me up feeling like shit today. In a strange bit of coincidence, my husband sent me this article, which confirms what I have always thought.

Postscript: Hadjiboy, holy crap, that is really too bad about your friends. Sorry to hear that
posted by msali 11 September | 10:06
1. Signed up for a 5K run in two weeks.

2. This election is driving me insane, I wish that it was over already.

3. We're really, really selling the damn condo that we've had on the market for 15 months.

msali, have fun here in da 'burgh this weekend.
posted by octothorpe 11 September | 10:23
1) argh, had too much to drink last night

2) not enough sleep either

3) surprisingly positive and chirpy given how lousy I truly feel.

3a) the mister apparently needs to chaperone me on the Denver Cruise, as it seems all his earnest young friends are only too willing to ply me with booze in his absence. Yes, I should know better.
posted by lonefrontranger 11 September | 10:34
1. Got new books yesterday. Yay, new books! Spent a lovely evening listening to music and reading yet another Discworld novel cover to cover.
2. Did an hour of yoga yesterday and felt virtuous. Hoping this leads to daily yoga sessions of at least 15 minutes, even though said hope flies in the face of past experience.
3. Drinking iced coffee. Wishing it was champagne. (Or at least had a healthy whack of Bailey's in it.)
posted by elizard 11 September | 10:40
1. Just got back from the GP, and I have a preliminary diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome (need an x-ray to rule out any fractures etc). And it bloody hurts.

2. I think being a life-long belly-sleeper (with my hands under the pillow) is probably a major causal factor, and thinking about training myself to sleep a different way is making me weep. Or it might just be the pain and severe sleep-deprivation.

3. Now I want a drink too! I have Jameson, Zubrowka and some red wine, but I kinda feel like beer. The leaflet for the NSAID I'm taking doesn't say anything about avoiding alcohol, so...I'm off to the shop.
posted by goo 11 September | 10:57
1. Hung over. Bored. Stressed.
2. Will probably have a glass of wine with dinner anyway. Hair of dog, etc.
3. Fucking construction on the flat hasn't progressed enough for me to believe that we will get to move back in this weekend and get things settled and have time to pack for my trip to the States on Tuesday. Fucking piece of shit management company. No wonder I drank too much last night.
posted by Specklet 11 September | 11:22
P.S. Poor goo! *whuffle*
posted by Specklet 11 September | 11:23
1. Third day of this rutting cold and next-to-no sleep the last two nights between sudden drips down my face and (last night) a horrible horrible tickle in my throat. I swear I took every single OTC medication I had in the house (Mucinex, fake Sudafed, Aleve, Robitussin, Cepacol, etc.) and not a one did a damn thing for more than a few minutes. I'm quite sure the neighbors hate me.

2. Finally got sick of the state of the kitchen and cleaned all the pans that have been lying around. Also need to vacuum the floors.

3. And orientation starts next week and school the week after. I am totally panicking when I look at my schedule. I was supposed to be able to relax and go to parks this weekend!

(P.S. Sperose, I *think* you'd said you were interested in library science, and I don't know if you're interested in checking out UW, but if you are, I have a futon that you're quite welcome to if you want to come visit.)
posted by Fuzzbean 11 September | 11:26
1. I hate this election. I hate the "culture wars" and the us versus them stuff. I hate the mocking back and forth, instead of respect for and non-interference with everyone's choices. I just want to vote on November 4 and then head for the country until mid-day November 5.

2. The transitional housing program is giving *no* information of when Chris can move in, despite earlier-in-the-year promises of July 15, 2008. Plus a requirement of emancipation by July 15, 2008 -- 27 kids including mine had to emancipate (no more legal right to food, shelter, clothing), and now there's no move-in date. I've called every bureaucrat I can think of, and have now taken to bothering various SF Chronicle reporters, crackpot citizen gadfly style.

3. Yummy dinner last night -- I fried up some polenta (the kind you buy in a roll and slice) and on top put a little melted cheese, black beans, chopped tomato, a little avocado.
posted by Claudia_SF 11 September | 11:48
4. I've actually been able to read lately! So exciting. I've read America America by Ethan Canin, Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (I think that's the author), The Night Watch by Sarah Waters.
posted by Claudia_SF 11 September | 11:50
(goo, would it be possible just to shift the position of your hands a bit? I was starting to get major wrist pains for a while, and I too figured it was because of how I was sleeping (I sleep on my side, but also with my hands up under the pillow), and I found that if I just shifted the angle of my hands, so that it wasn't such an extreme twist on my wrists, it helped a lot. It took about a week of doing it consciously until it became habit to adjust them pretty automatically into the less-extreme angle.)

1. I start my new job today. Or, at least, I go in for a few hours to get oriented. Yay! And, Nerves!

2. I got my therapeutic ass kicked yesterday in a family session. I was *not* prepared for trying to deal with a 7 year old AND a 10 year old at the same time. They were great kids, but I was completely worn out by the end of it, trying to make sure that everyone got heard and no one was talking over the others too much and everyone's feelings were being expressed and no one was being dismissed and my WORD I have new-found respect for both parents and child therapists. Egads.

3. I finally feel like I got enough sleep. I'm a little worried to leave the house, though, because I suspect the exhaustion lately has been at least partly allergy-induced.
posted by occhiblu 11 September | 11:52
5. Oh, yeah, getting enough sleep. After many crazy days of lots of work plus my huge fight with Eileen Monday night, I took Tuesday off and spent the day in bed. I snoozed with the TV on in the background, with the inevitable result being that I dreamed about Keith Olbermann. I'm not a huge fan of his, but in the dream he was strangely hitting on me. In the dream I thought, hun? (Very surprised, an appropriate reaction, I think.) And then my dreamself thought -- oh, how cool would that be, to be dating Keither Olbermann -- people will be so impressed!
posted by Claudia_SF 11 September | 11:59
1. My fridge/tiny ice box is broken, so there is some meat in a neighbour's freezer, and a duck and some chicken roasting in the oven. A man is coming to look at the fridge tomorrow, and I'm hoping it'll be a fix not a replacement.

2. A word to the (un)wise: if you're going to act like a pathetic crybaby victim, whine about internet privacy and threaten me with your solicitor, it's probably best to make sure that the first hit on a search of "[username] + location" on is not information you yourself have put out there on the web giving the name of the town where you live. 'kay?

3. Two weeks since my interview, and they have not had the courtesy to contact me despite saying that they would be making a decision "this afternoon" and would let me know shortly afterwards. I'm smart enough to realise that I haven't got the job (nor do I want it, after reflecting on the interview) but all arrangements were made by email and it wouldn't cost them even the price of a stamp to say thanks, but no thanks. They will be getting an enquiry from me tomorrow, because I was not given to understand that I would be notified only if I was successful, but that I would be told of the decision.
posted by essexjan 11 September | 12:27
1. IDR for play I'm directing tonight.
2. Play opens tomorrow.
3. Sleep. Profit.
posted by rainbaby 11 September | 12:52
Thanks Specklet and Occhi! I will definitely try a different hand position. I bought a wrist splint and it's helping already (I'm even using two hands to type this for the first time in a week), and teaching my very-right-handed self to be a bit more left-handed. And, er, beer is also helping, for now!

And big hugs for all the bunnies with problems/annoyances/issues/sleep-deprivation (seems to be a common thread here?).
posted by goo 11 September | 13:57
1. I have new medical stuff to deal with which deserve their own discussion, and I'm skittish about opening up just yet, so nya nya you'll all have to wait.

2. My mom is having her social worker position cut at the end of the year. She might be able to "bump" somebody at the county, but would qualify only for certain jobs (e.g. she has no MSW).

3. My nephew is pregnant. Dumb nephew relied on just a condom, apparently. Just last month he was dallying around with two other girls (both emotionally toxic, but anyway). Says he'll be stand-up even if he and the mother break up. He doesn't have a real job, for reals, yet, and has no idea what supporting a kid is going to cost.
posted by stilicho 11 September | 14:14
hugs to goo and hadjiboy

1. fuji apples are crunchy and sweet this season. yum.
2. no clients on the horizon. panic is setting in.
3. sending out resumes & probably headed back into the rat race before year's end. :(
posted by chewatadistance 11 September | 14:42
1. Tired and grumpy following watching all 14 innings of the Red Sox game last night. Tired because it went late, grumpy because it went late and they lost and they got hosed by the blueshirts all night, most notably a drastically bungled call that prevented them from having bases loaded with Pedroia at the plate in the ninth.

2. So busy at work that this is the first chance I've had to check in to MeCha, and bummed that I'm so late to a 3PU thread.

3. Worried that my planned release, a nice game of fribbee (known as ultimate frisbee to most) might be canceled due to rain.
posted by SpiffyRob 11 September | 15:39
6. Watching a chick flick. Then She Found Me. Matthew Broderick and Colin Firth are fighting over Helen Hunt. How come that never happens to me?
posted by Claudia_SF 11 September | 21:32
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