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10 September 2008

Houston, we have a clusterf*ck in the making... [More:]Our IT guy dropped dead at the age of 41 on Saturday morning of a massive heart failure. Everyone is walking around in shock. He was our friend. 15 minutes ago, our VOIP phone system keeled over. Execs are running around shouting things like "Does anyone know where the phone system is located?" and "Does anyone know the security code for the comm closet door?" Unbelievable.
Jeez, poor guy. I'm sorry for your loss.
posted by box 10 September | 07:49
I'm sorry about your friend, q. That's so frightening and sad.
posted by taz 10 September | 09:04
Wow. 41, that's just not fair at all. Sorry for you and your co-workers and his family.
posted by octothorpe 10 September | 09:24
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 10 September | 09:34
It's always the great ones. Bryan was one of those guys who was universally loved. You met him, you liked him. He made everyone comfortable, he exuded a tangible warmth. His wife works here as well, and they have 4 children. It's a terrible thing. He was a mavelously talented keyboardist, he had a studio in his basement. He did jingles for commercials and worked with budding local artists. I used to walk by his office and say "Good morning, Mr. Wakeman" and he would reply "Good morning, Mr. Vai". I miss him. Everyone here misses him.
posted by quonsar 10 September | 09:36
quonsar, that's awful. I'm sorry. It also taps into my fears about some of the men in my life. Hold close those you love, etc.
posted by rainbaby 10 September | 09:43
That is so sad. I'm very sorry, quonsar.
posted by LoriFLA 10 September | 09:45
I'm so sorry, quonsar.
posted by essexjan 10 September | 10:00
That sucks q. The IT hassle being the least of it. . .
posted by danf 10 September | 10:03
Wow. So sad...that is awfully, awfully young.
posted by bunnyfire 10 September | 10:15
Wow that *is* really sad. 41 is indeed terribly young. No wonder you guys are in shock. What a butt kicker.
posted by chewatadistance 10 September | 10:24
Oh man, that's real sad. I'm sorry for you and your co-workers loss - and very sorry for his family. (My dad went on to the great server room in the sky at the age of 44 - only now do I realize how shockingly young the early fourties are. Not fair on the kids at all.)
posted by dabitch 10 September | 10:31
I was diagnosed with heart failure at 41. I had been feel crappy for about a month and was having trouble breathing sometimes, which i attributed to allergies. I was driving with a co-worker when my breathing got progressively worse over the course of 30 minutes. By the time we pulled over, I could barely breathe. We flagged down a cop, who got me an ambulance. It was pretty close. 4 years later I'm doing much better but there is still a ways to go.
posted by doctor_negative 10 September | 10:41
The tangible environment is reflecting the psychic wake.
i hope to leave no paperwork, but a resounding shockwave.
posted by ethylene 10 September | 14:20
Hearts suck. When mine gives me enough trouble to check in at the hospital, nurses still say to me, at age 50, "We don't often see young guys like you." To that I reply, "Perhaps it's because so few young guys survive their first."

I can easily imagine your Mr. Wakeman thinking sometime last week, "If I die tomorrow, this place would be so fucked."
posted by Ardiril 10 September | 15:03
oh, no. q, I'm so sorry to hear this. What a tremendous strain for everyone at your company. It's a terrible enough loss for the colleagues and family, but to also have the systems go into shock and mourning as well is just that added layer of stress that I'd imagine you guys don't need right atm.
posted by lonefrontranger 10 September | 15:13
This is so terribly sad.
posted by goshling 10 September | 16:40
I'm sorry, quonsar, that's a kick in the gut for sure. And so sad for his family.
posted by lysdexic 10 September | 17:13
Oh, that poor man and his family. Being a year older than he, this is such upsetting news. Wow.
posted by redvixen 10 September | 19:26
Shit, I am sorry to hear it. Sounds like he was a really cool guy.
posted by BoringPostcards 10 September | 22:41
My sympathies Q. That's a bad deal all round. It must be heartbreaking to lose someone close to you who is so young.
posted by seanyboy 11 September | 01:40
Illegally-arrested goats freed from prison. || Bunny! OMG!