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06 September 2008

Project Runway Australia... Anybody been watching this? How bout US?[More:]
I was suspicious of PRA at first, but it sets its claws and drags you in like anything else. The penultimate offing was a bit of a topsy turve.

Of course, I'd love to hear any predictions or favorites for the US version too. I haven't been keeping up on the MeCha lately, so not sure if you've already thrown down on the subject.
I've been watching the US version. I have no predictions on who will win; nobody is standing out to me, not even at this point. All I know is that I hate Kenley and she better get the boot soon.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 06 September | 13:01
My feeling is Korto seems to be the leader thus far, and her style is much loved by the judges. And the Leanimal has been coming in to her own (she is beloved in our watching circle).

But you're right, it's really been anybody's game. Where you normally know by this point who has no right to be around and who has a legit shot, everything has been a bit inconsistent to tell. And being phobic of gaudy prints, I have to agree with you on Kenley.
posted by pokermonk 06 September | 13:23
Ooh, thanks for the link. Does anyone know about another season of Canada?
i like that Korto uses volume and is different, and i hope she makes it to Bryant Park. Leanimal is getting better and better but her own clothes has too many folded tabs tacked on most of the time.
It's time for the straight guy to go, and i'm not sure what's up with Suede and the Tanorexic (what a buddy movie that could be). Who does that leave? Jerrell and Terry? i like her pants looks but i dunno, between him and her, i don't know who would be more interesting to watch do a show.

i guess we need a spoiler alert, eh?
posted by ethylene 06 September | 15:05
I've been watching both. I like the Australian one better -- the people seem genuinely nice and I could root for any of them. They don't cast and keep morons and freaks on the show just because they make good TV, like the US version does. (coughvincentcough)
posted by loiseau 06 September | 17:01
Oh, and I read that Project Runway Canada II won't start until the new year. They're going to air it on Global.
posted by loiseau 06 September | 17:03
Leanimal's etsy clothes are similarly too foldy foldy for me too. But her DVF challenge dress? Holy crap.

I'm so glad Keith is gone. I hated his clothes, his personality, his face, everything.

I hope the middle-aged dad guy gets the boot next. So annoying.

I also like Korto. The clothes Jerrell makes never annoy me as much as the clothes Jerrell wears. Are they even clothes really? Stop showing off your chest bones.
posted by birdie 06 September | 17:05
(Is anyone going to follow ANTM? I watched the premiere and was surprised to find it completely hilarious -- I think Tyra is batshit insane and the show has gone circular back into a campy freakshow self-parody. Amazing. I LOLed the whole time.

[Tyra has the *worst* French accent in the world, and some of the things she said were weird half-statements missing the subject.])
posted by loiseau 06 September | 17:10
Yes to both!

I thought PRAus would be a disaster (It's hosted by who? Russ Hinze's granddaughter?) but I've loved it as a series. The contestants were a fabulous bunch, a really broad range of interesting personalities, most of them really genuinely likable. Oh, and most of them are pretty damn talented at what they do, even the one's I didn't particularly like much. Last weeks episode left me stunned, but I don't want to say too much here in case we get a few more people interested in watching.

I'm not so keen on many of the US contestants this year, looking forward to the rest of the ride tho.

Watching both at the same time has been getting me REALLY confused, my poor brain couldn't keep up with who did what on which show, so I started doing summaries for myself on my LJ, please feel free to have read if you desire - I do plan to do the rest of PR Aus & also PR season 5.
(my username there is the same as it is here)
posted by goshling 06 September | 18:45
Yeah been into them all from the beginning - except the UK version "Project Catwalk" was one hot mess of suck.

Not really into any of the designers in this round of PR US 5 - but I'm really digging the Australian one although I too CANNOT BELIEVE last week grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......
posted by gomichild 06 September | 18:54
I have lost most of my day to watching this and knitting, completely awesome, thanks for linking it!
posted by Sil 06 September | 20:59
i can't wait to dive into a a good PR, yay! i need to wait and make time tomorrow to have them all in a row.

Oh, man, i missed very the beginning of ANTM but the second hour made it even better. i needed that girl to go home.
i want Isis to last long enough to shame the loser girls.
Can't wait for makeovers!
Instantly i favor Elina and question naming girls "Anally."
posted by ethylene 06 September | 21:08
Yeah been into them all from the beginning - except the UK version "Project Catwalk" was one hot mess of suck.

I like it! Although, I am just watching season 3 right now, so don't spoil me.

Not really into any of the designers in this round of PR US 5 - but I'm really digging the Australian one although I too CANNOT BELIEVE last week grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......

Me too.. although, unlike with any previous season of the US one, I can be happy for the individual who DID get into the final as opposed to being only mad for the individual who didn't, simply because the person who did get in seems to be a sincerely lovely person.

Re ANTM: I like Elina too, although I'm a little sketched by her politics (I'm a vegetarian and don't believe in eating animals for ethical reasons but I think the ALF is a pretty, er, extremist group.) But she is gorgeous and I always like to see people I feel I can relate to in some way. However I do think her crush is WAY MISGUIDED because that Clark girl is the WORST. WORST. I hate her and the others who were insulting Isis behind the voting booth.

That said, I have been happy to see some of the contestants (like McKey) just have a lightbulb come on like, "Oh, Isis is just a human being and is way brave and nice." If more people would have that realization the world would be a better place.

The one annoying thing (okay, there are millions but the one I'm thinking of right now) is that ANTM has that tendency of so many US reality shows to keep people just because they make good TV, so I bet they will keep Clark around a long time just because she's kinda dumb, not that model-looking, and Elina has a misguided crush on her.
posted by loiseau 07 September | 10:43
Oooh thanks! I didn't know about PRAus or that ANTM had started again. I'd run out of shows to watch without my boyfriend too - perfect timing!

I must plug AusNTM - if you ever get a chance to see it do, particularly the spectacular season 3 that produced Alice Burdeu. It's higher fashion (Vogue spread/cover and Napoleon cosmetics contract) and really funny, as the youngest competitors are 16, and very Australian (the judges and models have been known to swear at each other at panel). The show is also an hour's duration and just seems to fit in more, and there are more challenges each week. Highly recommended, if you get the chance to see it.
posted by goo 07 September | 12:55
Is anyone going to follow ANTM?

Yes yes yes me! I haven't seen the premiere yet, but I'm TiVoing a rerun, and then TiVoing the series from that point on. I can't quit Tyra, not even after Whitney, who I really didn't like, won last season.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 07 September | 13:28
i don't think that crush is serious (more of a pick a chick out of the crowd spur of the moment) and Clark is an ignorant bimbo. i don't think Isis can go all the way yet, but i'm happy to watch the people who've hot a problem with her slough off each week.

i believe that Nigel is biased by the amount of attention/attraction he gets from a girl. He's always disliked girls who obviously did not play up to him or were disinterested in him sexually, while favoring ones where there was a mutual attraction.
posted by ethylene 07 September | 16:05
Bumper sticker seen this morning: || Some yummy ambient music for your weekend.