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04 September 2008

GARLIC! [More:]So I just bought some Cooks & Co Garlic Sauce (basically 77% garlic mushed up in a jar with sunflower oil, salt and a bit of other stuff). What should I do with it?

I love garlic. But I just tried a little tiny dab of this stuff in a ham sandwich and it was too much. Luckily mr alto is away so he won't know how much I stink.

I guess I need to cook with it (though I think the garlic in it is already cooked), to mellow it somehow. Your favourite garlic ideas, please? Ideas involving ordinary non-jarred garlic also very welcome. Did I mention I love garlic?

I'm having naughty ideas relating to pasta and anchovies...
Garlic? Anchovies? Pasta? Naughtiness? W00t! Whore's Pasta! I do a roasted version of Puttanesca that is teh yum IMHO: Oven at 350F, two layers as follows: thick-sliced tomatoes, garlic, 1/2 tin anchovies, coarse salt, pepper, drizzle with olive oil, repeat. (You can add fresh/dried herbs as well.) Roast for 1/2 hr, chop coarsely (I just run a sharp knife through it a few times), add a splash or two of red wine, roast for another 1/2 hr. The flavour's pretty intense, so you're going for coating the pasta rather than the usual North American saucefest that I normally love. Therefore you don't want to put oil in the pasta water or rinse it before tossing w/ sauce. Also, make sure everyone eats some, 'cause man will you smell of garlic :)
posted by elizard 04 September | 10:18
ooh wow, elizard, I shall cook that, and will mail some over to you. How do you think it would smell after it'd been across the Atlantic?

Totally Whorish Pasta, I think I'll call it.
posted by altolinguistic 04 September | 10:32
Also, make sure everyone eats some, 'cause man will you smell of garlic :)

And anchovies. But god, I wish I could have some Puttanesca right now.
posted by Daniel Charms 04 September | 10:41
Liquidised Puttanesca, DC - it's the food of gods. Perhaps.
posted by altolinguistic 04 September | 10:44
It would be too spicy for me right now, I'm afraid. I'm sure it'd be heavenly, though.
posted by Daniel Charms 04 September | 10:52
1 chicken.

1 lemon

1 whole head of garlic

Olive oil, salt & pepper.

Cut the lemon in half across the middle. Cut the head of garlic likewise.

Stuff them into the chicken thus: garlic/lemon/garlic/lemon.

Rub a little olive oil on the skin. Season with salt & pepper.

Roast the chicken in a medium hot oven until done.

When cooked, remove the garlic and lemon and eat the chicken. It will be the best chicken you have ever tasted.

posted by essexjan 04 September | 11:59
Is there something wrong with fresh garlic? Is it hard to get where you are? I would use the sauce on a pita with salald and felafel or maybe to mix with Hellman's for a quick bastardised aioli, but otherwise I can't recommend it over fresh garlic in recipes.
posted by goo 04 September | 12:24
No, I was in tesco, hungry for garlic, and it was there... Didn't realise how simple it would have been to make something similar until I read the ingredients at home.

There is currently some of elizard's concoction, including fresh garlic and little dabs of garlic sauce, in the oven now. OMNOMNOM.
posted by altolinguistic 04 September | 13:09
I'm here to testify that elizard's puttanseca sauce is in fact teh yum.

(I'd add crushed red chilies, too, but, hey what do I know.)
posted by BitterOldPunk 04 September | 15:36
I have so many ideas that my brain is garlic overlaoded overloadwd overloaded and I can't think straight.
posted by Specklet 04 September | 16:49
Now that you've already made it, alto, I should mention that if you like it more intense/thicker, you can roast it at 375F or even 400F. Hope it turned out!
posted by elizard 04 September | 18:26
It was intense and thick alright, but too many anchovies (my fault, I used most of the jar despite previous such experiences) so I woke in the night with a raging thirst. Totally worth it though. Thanks!
posted by altolinguistic 05 September | 02:36
Yeah, sardines here come in teensy-weensy tins of about 8-12 fillets, so one tin is the perfect size, assuming that you like anchovies. Glad you liked it!
posted by elizard 05 September | 11:51
The only thing better than getting to hang out with Paul Weller last year... || Happy ending thread!