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03 September 2008

Another politcal thread. [More:]My father just sent this to me. I'm trying to think how I should respond, if at all.
Heh. Remember all the shit we gave Bush over the last 8 years? Obama is going to get the same.
posted by Ardiril 03 September | 15:30
But, but, Obama is perfect in every way! And Bush is the devil incarnate!

posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 September | 15:43
Every coin has two sides.
posted by Ardiril 03 September | 15:53
I'd probably go the smartass route - "Thanks, Dad! This YouTube video was just what I needed to sway my opinion! The incisive comments were like the icing on the cake! I always look forward to your informative and witty e-mails!"
posted by syntax 03 September | 15:55
haha, syntax. If I only had the guts.
posted by LoriFLA 03 September | 15:57
This was discussed on AskMeta, actually.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 03 September | 16:01
I like your answer to that question, TPS.

I'm not going to be changing any minds so I'll be deleting it without a response.
posted by LoriFLA 03 September | 16:07
Awwwwww... But you could respond with some non sequitur like this... or throw down with something like this.
posted by pokermonk 03 September | 16:29
Obama will have plenty of time to demonstrate his venality and incompetence during his 8 years as President.

And his worst day will be better than W's best.

The GOP is increasingly shrill and terrified. It's down to frantic spin, because they know they're going to lose. The Palin pick smacks of desperation, takes the experience question off the table during the debates, and shows that McCain leads from his gut, like someone else we know and loathe. Forty years since a sitting President hasn't attended his party's convention. The GOP has to figure out how to run from itself, and in doing so they're twisting themselves into rhetorical knots that sound inane to even the most hardcore red-stater. McCain will get the ideologues, the Kluxers, and the party faithful. Obama will get everyone else. There are millions more centrists in this country than there are racists. In the weeks before the election, watch the poll numbers swing mightily in favor of Obama.

/Political prognostication brought to you by Overconfident Leftist Guy, LLC. Offer not valid in Alabama, Mississippi, and Germany during the 1930s.
posted by BitterOldPunk 03 September | 16:51
Obama will get shit, but will a major cable network launch a satirical sitcom mocking him? I doubt it.

And I don't mean to imply that Bush was treated unfairly. He deserved it.
posted by mullacc 03 September | 17:41
My heart just dropped to my stomach. I wrote an email to my husband. I inserted the YouTube link my father sent me and said, "My dad sent me this video." I did not send it to my husband as intended but sent it to my father by mistake! Thank the gods I did not say anything insulting.
posted by LoriFLA 03 September | 18:03
Lori, it's perfectly okay to say "hey, you know what? that's not okay!" to your parents.

I used to worry about insulting my mom, too. What I've discovered is that firmly setting boundaries (and yes, even going so far as to do it somewhat testily at times) has only served to dramatically improve our relationship. We no longer devolve into senseless defensive rounds of criticism/bickering. She now realises I have boundaries and she no longer feels the urge to push them as hard.

I dunno. Parents are people too, and people need to be polite.
posted by lonefrontranger 03 September | 18:11
Lori, it's perfectly okay to say "hey, you know what? that's not okay!" to your parents.

I agree. I have little problem with stating my views. Though, sometimes I don't bother because my father is a bully and refuses to listen. A few months ago he said something about the desire to eradicate the Muslims, or something as equally bizarre. My sister and I jumped on him like nobody's business.

Even though I am tempted to tell him how this video is ridiculous, I won't. You can't reason with unreasonable people. And, I'm not sure I want to discuss politics with him over an email.
posted by LoriFLA 03 September | 18:24
over email
posted by LoriFLA 03 September | 18:24
but will a major cable network launch a satirical sitcom mocking him?

That was a sitcom, but it wasn't very satirical. Most of its parodic energy was directed at the sitcom form per se. Timothy Bottoms -- who also portrayed Bush in the 9/11 movie -- made him a pretty likable character.

Ah, I remember the time we had this very nice "Christian" guy in my group (actually he and I were partnered for a while and got along pretty well). He once declared that it was offensive to see a gay couple kiss in public. What ensued was about six people surrounding his cubicle reasoning with him. (Uh, we were conslutants and didn't have a lot to do that week.) We wore him down after a while, but I doubt we really changed him.
posted by stilicho 04 September | 00:44
Put my sweet Emma down last night... || Do women play with their breasts?