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02 September 2008

Popsicles! [More:]

I bought a couple of popsicle trays today. My folks are coming into town, and my mom is a huge popsicle fan. She's the anti-popsicle snob, though. She likes the kind that come 64 to a box -- where the flavors are red, orange, green, and purple.

But anyway, I'm going to try to make some yummy ones out of real food.

What I've come up with so far:

Strawberry: I'll puree the strawberries and add some lime juice, plus a little bit of sugar. Will wait to see if they need any liquid. If so, it'll probably just be water.

Lime/mint/ginger: I've got some frozen key lime juice from when I bought waaaaay too many to make a pie. Going to add some chopped fresh mint and grated ginger. I think I'll have to stir them as they freeze to keep the mint from settling.

Mango: Bought some slightly overripe mangoes. I think I'll do like the strawberries -- puree, possibly with water, then add lime and sugar as necessary.

Any other ideas or recipes? Anyone see any problems with the above?

Yay! Popsicles!
My mouth just got cold and puckery reading about the lime/mint/ginger.

Sounds yummy, glad your Mom is doing good.
posted by rainbaby 02 September | 15:47
I got some delicious honeydew melon flavored ones at the local Japanomart recently. That might be a fun flavor to try. Also, you could get canned lychees and blend them into the mix.
posted by pieisexactlythree 02 September | 15:53
These sound great. I want a mango popsicle now. How about pineapple? Or kiwi-strawberry? You can alternate how you pour the puree and have two-toned popsicles.

Another idea is to do fruit and yogurt. I don't know if your mom likes yogurt pops. If she does you could put mixed berries (or any other fruit) in the bottom of the popsicle container and fill the rest with vanilla yogurt. Yum.
posted by LoriFLA 02 September | 15:54
Iced tea popsicles.

Tomato and basil, like gazpacho, but frozen, and with basil.

Watermelon with a little grape juice.

Margarita popsicles.

posted by essexjan 02 September | 16:00
Popsicles—that is, the frozen colored corn syrup kind—have never been anything more than vile tasting cheap-ass ice cream substitutes. The ones you're devising, however, sound scrumptious.

Fudgesicles 4 Life!!!
posted by Atom Eyes 02 September | 16:01
gazpacho popsicles are the best things evar. even better if they're in a bloody mary.

I will shamelessly admit to a undying love for cheap orange popsicles, however.
posted by lonefrontranger 02 September | 16:17
Kai wants a pah-sickie.
posted by Specklet 02 September | 16:18
Cheese and cilantro.
posted by urbanwhaleshark 02 September | 16:37
I mean Raspberry.
posted by urbanwhaleshark 02 September | 17:19
Alton Brown recommends freezing ganache.
posted by plinth 02 September | 19:08
here it is.
posted by plinth 02 September | 19:28
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