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02 September 2008

AskMe Post Making Head Hurt Are the British spying on me? And doing a crap job?
The question before the [more inside] reads:

"I have a friend ("Rob") who has a girlfriend ("Emma"). This is a question about how Rob can break up with Emma and how (and if) I can help him do this."

So, I'm Rob, and Emma's my girlfriend. As it happens, this is just a coincidence, and this question is not about us at all. (Details that made this clear: Our relationship is excellent and nobody would have cause to think otherwise, R+E don't live together in the question but we do, asker is British and I have no close friends in the UK.)

Still, there was a brief moment when I couldn't help but think that, indeed, this question was about me. This isn't the first time this has happened (although it's never been this glaring.) Anyone else? Ever see a question that you could swear is about you, or asked by someone you know?

A couple years ago, ikkyu2 was convinced that I had posted an anonymous AskMe, but he didn't tell me that and he kept asking me these very concerned questions and I couldn't figure what the hell he thought I was worried about. It was all very confusing for a few moments.
posted by occhiblu 02 September | 12:31
jason's_planet once thought I'd posted an anon AskMe about rather an intimate subject. It wasn't me. Honest.
posted by essexjan 02 September | 14:25
We made a deal to never post Anonymous Qs about each other. And I haven't seen one that has made me think it was about me.

I did recognize a question posted by a friend once, though (a friend I met outside of Metafilter who has an account).
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 02 September | 14:31
There was one question (!@#$%$ not being able to access AskMe at work!!) where a woman wrote in something like, my boyfriend/husband is driving me crazy because he does ---- (can't remember...bad temper? Threw things? Never finished projects? Something like that). A commenter said that the specifics sounded so much like his wife/girlfriend that he called to her in the next room and asked if she wrote it, and that he was working on the issue by doing ... something. (Ok, so I'm not being very helpful here...)
posted by Melismata 02 September | 14:50
I've definitely recognized a few anon posts by friends.

On the other hand, if anyone's ever posted one concerning me, I haven't figured it out. :)
posted by tangerine 02 September | 16:55
If you're going to call yourself spiffyrob, then the British will spy on you. Because, well you know, the word spiffy is a little too English for you not to be up to something.
posted by seanyboy 02 September | 18:39
"In a world without Don LaFontaine, || OMG, another freaking scandal