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31 August 2008

When Barack met Michelle. [More:]My latest project at work was working as lead editor on the Obama: Revealed documentary that aired last weekend and this weekend. (There's also a McCain: Revealed... they aired together.)

I'm especially proud of this little segment, though, because I came up with it myself. The producers had given me a script that had one soundbite each from Barack and Michele, talking about how they met, but when I saw their interviews, I told the producers I wanted to build something that was more like a conversation... or maybe like a "he said, she said." I think it came out kind of funny and cool, and I thought y'all might enjoy seeing it, so... here it is! :)

BTW, if you double-click the video, it'll play full-screen, and looks much better that way.
Good job! It is really cute.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 31 August | 22:26
It's great, BP. Well done. I liked the music, too.

I had always known how they met (at the law firm. She was reluctant to go out with him, etc.) but I hadn't heard about the museum and the drink on top of the John Hancock building. It's very cute.
posted by LoriFLA 31 August | 22:32
Cute. That sounds like a really fun first date, too.
posted by kellydamnit 31 August | 23:49
oh, wait... I watched the video and commented without reading the whole thing. because I am an ass.
you made that? so awesome! the city shots are great, they make the story more "real" than just two people talking.
posted by kellydamnit 31 August | 23:51
Thanks, y'all! And yes kelly, I asked for all of those shots of Chicago... I'm a sucker for time-lapse video. Our camera guys have been known to complain when they hear I want a 20-minute shot of a skyline or whatever, but in this case our cameraman (Jared) gave me all these great long, stable shots without me even asking. SCORE! That shot looking up the signpost on Michigan Ave. with the clouds billowing by was the money shot, to me.
posted by BoringPostcards 01 September | 00:04
The skyline was a cool shot. I honestly don't think I've ever been up so high in a building before. The tallest in buffalo is only 40-something, and I've never been to the top.
Huh. I never really thought about it, but I don't think I've ever been beyond the 20th or so floor in a building anywhere. How bizarre. Now I feel like some sort of country bumpkin.

OK, this made me laugh:
How they met: Cindy McCain reveals his brazen approach
If she thought it was brazen imagine what his wife thought!
posted by kellydamnit 01 September | 00:55
Awwwww. Very cute. And very well produced.
posted by occhiblu 01 September | 01:12
That shot looking up the signpost on Michigan Ave. with the clouds billowing by was the money shot, to me.




The 99th floor of the John Hancock Center is where the machinery and the neon lights are. The observatory is actually on the 94th floor, and the lounge is on the 95th and 96th floors. (Formerly, and for the time in the story, the bar was named Images.)

posted by stilicho 01 September | 01:18
That shot looking up the signpost on Michigan Ave. with the clouds billowing by was the money shot, to me.


Well, there is that. I work my fascination with city architecture into my stories whenever possible.
posted by BoringPostcards 01 September | 01:30
Wow BoPo. I saw that Obama Revealed program last weekend. I thought it was great. I used the information gained to bore my girlfriend with a badly remembered ad-nauseum recount of his life.

Girlfriend: What happened to his mother?
Me: She died? In a car crash?
posted by seanyboy 01 September | 02:35
aww! What's your job there exactly?
posted by By the Grace of God 01 September | 03:52
"I work my fascination with city architecture into my stories whenever possible."

I picked up on that shortly after you showed me Lola Rennt. Whenever I see establishing shots on CNN that are framed more like architectural studies than mere video of buildings, I wonder if you were behind it.

Now "when they hear I want a 20-minute shot of a skyline", they buy a newspaper and a cup of coffee.
posted by Ardiril 01 September | 05:17
BP you are awesome. Just freaking awesome.
posted by chewatadistance 01 September | 08:11
That's awesome BP. You are very talented! I like how you put all that together, the sights, the interviews, and the music. Makes me wish I did something cool and creative in my life.
posted by eekacat 01 September | 09:05
BP: I'll have to look at this from my Windows computer at the office tomorrow. Can you ask your corporate overlords why with Safari on the Mac does the CNN video links just go to the video section's homepage and whatever the latest video starts playing? When I clicked now it is video of the Japanese Prime Minister resigning which is interesting but not what I expected when I click on the link. Hell, maybe they all met each other at Harvard and he played cupid? Pretty incongruous to your post and all the comments. This happens every time I get a link to CNN videos.

If they don't want to support Safari for Mac because the market share is too small tell them that Fox News and MSNBC are fair and balanced at least when it comes to operating systems and browsers.
posted by birdherder 01 September | 11:00
Hey, I tried to post a comment saying how great this was last night, but...something went wonky. So, it's today. I really liked it BoPo!
posted by richat 01 September | 18:28
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