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27 August 2008

Mosquitos in the house rant. Stay out unless you want to be bitten.[More:]I have mosquitos in my house. I've had them all summer. The mosquitos have been worse than usual this year, probably because of the rain. BUT I WANT THEM TO FUCKING STAY OUTSIDE! The problem is that everyone always leaves the doors open all day and lets the fuckers in. The buzz in my ears and bite. I chase them, mostly in vain. I don't tend to get welts from them, so the other day my SO tried to make the excuse that I shouldn't worry about them if I don't get welts. THAT DOESN'T MEAN I FUCKING LIKE THEM! Dear Abby, am I wrong to be pissed off about this? I kill half a dozen or more a night, and miss lots more of them. Alright, rant over.

So what is pissing you off these days?
"If you think you are too small to make a difference, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito."

As for what's pissing me off, the less said, the better.
posted by redvixen 27 August | 19:30
DarkForest: you need one of these.

as for what's pissing me off, I've bitched enough about it in other threads.
posted by lonefrontranger 27 August | 20:50
whoops, 2nd link goes here, blah.
posted by lonefrontranger 27 August | 20:53
mosquitoes, politicians, what's the difference? same buzzing sound, same blood sucking...
posted by DarkForest 27 August | 21:01
I feel for you.

The first house we ever moved into was right over some of the oldest drains in Sydney. Plus there was a building site next door with nothing but pools of water lying around.

We had CLOUDS of mosquitoes and as soon as you'd kill off one cloud, another would swarm in from somewhere. I'd go to bed after we'd killed at least 100 and wake up anaemic. Thank heavens I remembered that I'd bought a (decorative) mosquito net and slung that up around the bed. We'd sit in bed and watch them trying to worm through the fine mesh and the buzzing was unbelievable. Heaven help you if one got inside the net because squashing it was messy - they were so full of my blood that they could barely fly.

I ended up bathing myself in a tea-tree/citronella gel to disguise my obvious deliciousness which made the net more effective.

Even today, the scent of tea-tree oil sends me right back to my own hot, humid Heart of Darkness.
posted by ninazer0 27 August | 21:17
The town I grew up in, was famous for its clouds of mosquitoes and a particularly nasty bug, "Microbacterium Ulceram" (sp?) which leaves big patches of necrosis, and huge ulcers, and doesn't clear up!!

The mosquitoes were so bad they had to spray the entire town with a spray of some kind. The air was BLACK with them.

As for things that are pissing me off, not too much at the moment. Trying to organise dinner tonight, no-one replied to my text, but I know several of them are in, so I don't know how many to book the table for! grrr.

Also I'm tired because I watched A Clockwork Orange for the first time last night and didn't get any sleep, cos I started playing the sims on my PSP and it was like 2am before I finally drifted off.

But you know, I'm kinda stretching it to say that I'm pissed off about either of them. Minor irritants that I've more than half forgotten is closer to the mark.
posted by jonathanstrange 27 August | 21:31
I have 23 mosquito bites below my knees and I haven't bothered counting the others.
I think the wet summer is the reason for my misery.
At night I just rub my feet and ankles together trying to scratch the bites on each....
posted by rmless2 27 August | 22:00
Almost no mosquitos in Western PA but I'm going back home to Jersey for the weekend and I'm sure that there'll be tons of the flying bloodsuckers. Another reason for not moving back to the Garden State, besides the fact that I can't afford to buy a house there anyway.
posted by octothorpe 27 August | 22:44
One bit me in the eye again a few nights ago. I was NOT happy. Of all places, why my eye? My big fleshy butt was hanging outta the covers for the taking, and still, it went for my eye. And I couldn't find the sucker. I hunted for two days with no luck. I hope a spider got him, the bastard.

If we spray the back screen door with bug spray, it seems to help keep 'em out. I hates skeeters. Such misery in such tiny form.
posted by Pips 28 August | 17:50
Happy Birthday Triode! || not-a muxtape update!