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24 August 2008

my neighbors stink in a quasi-illegal arrangement we split the water bill 50-50 per our leases. They, being a store, get the legal bill.
Yesterday we discovered they haven't paid it in nine months.[More:] For almost the first year we lived there they would always forget to give us the bill and pay the whole thing. When they remembered it would almost always have late fees tacked on from the last time they paid it. Well, we mentioned it to them a couple times, were told "oh, we'll give you the next one" and nothing more. Until we got a shutoff notice.

This was the money for my new windshield I need if I want my car to pass inspection... which is up next month. I am not thrilled. $40 every quarter is one thing, but several hundred on six days notice is another completely.
Sorry for venting, I'm just pissed and I can't vent to my roommate since he's so hopping mad about the whole thing I had to make sure he let me handle any dealings with them so no one ended up in the back of a squad car.
posted by kellydamnit 24 August | 15:10
Ugh, utilities agreements. I hate them.
posted by Ardiril 24 August | 16:29
What I would do is get the account number and make payments to the account on your own. That way you won't have to wait for them to remember.
posted by loiseau 24 August | 17:01
If they are a store I assume they are paying a higher commercial rate. Something to consider.

Oh, and do NOT put your own name on the bill-it's worse to have to pay theirs as well.

Find a new place to live. This sucks. I know, because I have had a similar water bill deal...
posted by bunnyfire 24 August | 17:32
bunnyfire- working on just that. We're going through the NACA process now, trying to get approved for a mortgage. (and the issue of Time I got just yesterday had an article about non-married, non-dating people buying homes together, just like my roommate and I are doing!)
I never thought about the higher commercial rate... hm. Double-illegal. (since here you have to have separate meters for any utilities not included in the rent.)
posted by kellydamnit 24 August | 18:05
Wow, kelly, good luck... that would piss me off no end.
posted by BoringPostcards 24 August | 18:24
Gah, kellydamnit! My building owners have pulled things like that with the electricity--I got a notice two years ago stating that my power wouldn't be turned off, but that in all the common areas would be (which includes the elevator). It managed to be straightened out before the shutoff date, but something like this had happened before I bought the place.
posted by brujita 24 August | 23:04
OMG llamas! || Happy birthday, danf!