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21 August 2008

What can I do with [More:]Firstly, I think that's a rad name for something, regardless of its origins. I'm surprised no one's snapped up the domain name(s) since the AV Club article.

Secondly, I know the main criticism about MPDGs are that their quirkiness and presence is merely for the sake of the lead male character. They're not independent; their main focus in life is making the guy happy while not being a typical "damsel in distress".

However, I quite like the quirky-positive-silly aspect. Aside from the
"boyfriend-before-me" aspect, I think being an MPDG can be positive. They see opportunities and silver linings, don't take things seriously, aren't afraid of going against the norm or experiment with style and creativity.

I'd like to build an avenue for that.

I thought of making a magazine of sorts - kinda like a female lifestyle online mag, but with a very quirky and non-traditional outlook on things. Promoting creativity in a fun and lighthearted manner. Or it could be a club for girls who want to be the independent, self-assured version of a MPDG - who needs a man when you're happy with yourself? (Of course, those with partners can join too - the point is to be independently fine with your oddness.)

Any other ideas?
RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. I forgot about the [more]. Hope me?
posted by divabat 21 August | 06:58
Social-networking site? MMORPG? Viral marketing? Part of the Cliche Character network of sites, including and
posted by box 21 August | 07:12
Awwh. I thought there actually was a Cliche Character network. :P
posted by divabat 21 August | 07:14
she's destined to end up like, selling herself for anonymous clicks and servicing unsavory typos.
posted by quonsar 21 August | 11:45
It's destined to become a Natalie Portman group wank page.
To avert that fate, maybe a Tinkerbell/Muse aspect that sells cute accessories.
posted by ethylene 21 August | 15:58
I am grateful to this thread for making me aware of this extremely wonderful and much needed term!

There are a lot of niche terms floating around the metaverse of criticdom... not sure what can be done with a domain name that references one of them. Honestly the only thing that comes to mind is some kind of porn shrine to the characters mentioned. I don't know how far you'll get with a site that actually joins in the aloof guffaws over this cultural trope. But a site with lots of pictures of Natalie Portman can hardly go wrong.
posted by scarabic 21 August | 18:46
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