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19 August 2008

Remember the beer? [More:]*Sniff. I sure do. I haven't had a beer since March. It's all for a good cause I know, and yet, in these long hot summer nights, an ice-cold draft would sure hit the spot! I told Mr ramix that he'd better make sure they hook the IV up to a Mac and Jack's when i go into labor!
Oh, and that non alcoholic crap? It sucks!

Hi everyone...
Hi, ramix.

Strangely, I didn't miss the beer once I was pregnant. I went into healthy crazy mother mode. I did have coffee and still colored my hair, so I wasn't too fanatical.
posted by LoriFLA 19 August | 19:11
I have had a beer or two during my pregnancy. It ain't no thing.

I just had a nice glass of shiraz and some lobster risotto. NOM.
posted by gaspode 19 August | 19:52
Hey, does anyone remember the big flap in NY a few years ago (probably more like 10-12 years ago) when a pregnant woman at a restaurant ordered a glass of wine, and ended up getting charged with child endangerment or something like that? I can't seem to find a report on that case, but I did find this. And something from the ACLU.
posted by Miko 19 August | 21:50
Heh. I'm glad the waiter didn't call the cops on me then.

“If a patient tells me that she’s drinking two or three glasses of wine a week, I am personally comfortable with that after the first trimester,” said Dr. Austin Chen, an obstetrician in TriBeCa. “But technically I am sticking my neck out by saying so.”

This is an interesting quote though. Animal research (and yes, rats aren't humans so take from it what you will) indicates that the equivalent of the second trimester is the most dangerous time to drink. Which makes sense, given that that's when the majority of brain development and neuronal migration is occurring.
posted by gaspode 19 August | 21:56
I had a couple of beers and a couple of glasses of wine during my pregnancy - and Squigs doesn't drool tooooo much....
posted by gomichild 19 August | 22:44
Squigs! I love that nickname.

We always kept a little Guinness around for me during pregnancy. It has a comparatively low alcohol content and because it's so dark, I had no problem sipping it sloooowly.

I'd say that it did no harm but frankly, my kids are fucking weird.
posted by jrossi4r 20 August | 10:33
My mom said the only advice about drinking she got from her doctor when she had me in the oven was too not drink too much so as to fall down and possibly hurt the baby.

And look how I turned out!
posted by birdherder 20 August | 13:08
One of the ways I knew I was pregnant both times was that if I had even just one beer or glass of wine, I couldn't keep it down.

During my third trimester with my daughter, she was very active at night and kept me awake. My midwife said a glass of wine before bed to help us both sleep was just fine. Worked like a charm.
posted by lilywing13 20 August | 15:31
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