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19 August 2008

The ring thing. [More:] Dudes and ladies, what's been your experience with male engagement rings/engagement presents? Have any of you fellas gotten something from your lady to symbolize her love/commitment/etc.? The missus had in mind something that could be passed down to future generations (so not the traditional gift of "blowjob(s)").

We were thinking of doing something like his/hers puzzle rings. 1 piece for the engagement, 1 at the rehearsal, last piece at the wedding (her idea). What say you? Idears, my dears?
I don't know about rings, but I just want to say that I look forward to opining on your china pattern decision in a future post.
posted by mullacc 19 August | 15:49
a supposed tradition in new york is that the guy will end up with a nice watch. but posey rings are awesome too.
posted by stynxno 19 August | 15:57
I love the idea of puzzle rings. I didn't get my guy anything, as he already had a nice watch and doesn't wear jewelry at all (even wearing the wedding band will be weird for him for a while). I didn't feel right that he paid for 100% of a ring that I got to wear, though, so we did split the cost of it. We got our wedding bands a couple weeks ago and they don't match at all, but that was to be expected - anything that would have looked good alongside my ring wouldn't have been his style at all.
posted by misskaz 19 August | 15:59
mr. g got me a necklace and I got him an ipod. I like the idea of puzzle rings, or any sort of his/hers ring. I hate the idea of women walking around wearing something that marks her as taken while the man doesn't. It's like being peed on for territory. Of course that is my personal hang up, that applies just to me, and I'm happy when people are happy with their engagement rings.
posted by gaspode 19 August | 16:39
Things are moving fast there, eh?

My ring is made from a surgical screw that was in me lady's hip.
Does she have any temporary metal in her?
posted by Hellbient 19 August | 16:39
(Psst: misskaz, that link to your ring is marked as private.)

My buddy's wife bought him a flat-screen TV as an engagement present. Kay and I didn't exchange gifts, though I did buy her engagement ring. A nice watch might be a good gift, but really, shouldn't she be the one asking the question?
posted by eamondaly 19 August | 16:50
My hub got me a nice engagement ring, and I got him one that kind of matched it later on. For the wedding, We found half a puzzle ring that kind of matched my engagement ring and had it soldered on. Hub's original had been stolen, so we got one that matched his personality and matched nicely with my ring.
posted by lysdexic 19 August | 18:04
I didn't propose with a ring. Turtlegirl and I had our rings designed. So while we were doing that and waiting for them to be finished I wore a tibetan ring turtlegirl had lying about and she wore a piece of tin that was part of a pack of decorative rings I bought at Michael's when I was creating the sign that asked her to marry me. The ring turned my finger black, but it was kinda cool.
posted by terrapin 19 August | 18:18
I don't know about rings, but I just want to say that I look forward to opining on your china pattern decision in a future post.

OMG china patterns. The ladies were nattering on about them at the wedding this weekend. Yeah, I think I can safely be left out of that decision.
posted by Eideteker 19 August | 18:29
Wait, I'm supposed to get him a gift? I thought his gift was agreeing to marry him.
posted by desjardins 19 August | 21:44
I have a pair of friends who both got diamond engagement rings - the guy said he didn't want to be left out of the displaying-eternal-love-and-commitment fun. They got a pretty good deal on the rings as well, nearly 2-for-1.
posted by casarkos 19 August | 23:24
We didn't do the ring thing, for either of us. We talked briefly about using wedding bands as engagement rings.

Yeah, this is a bit of a pickle for me right now. I'd really like to get The Fella a handsome engagement present, and am having trouble thinking of something heirloom-y. I might just go all modern and buy that fancy gadget to transform his LPs into MP3s.

Or I might give him my grandfather's and father's mother-of-pearl cufflinks and studs, which somehow ended up with me, not one of my brothers. He'll be wearing a tux to an upcoming family wedding, and it would make a good occasion to wear them.
posted by Elsa 20 August | 09:28
mullacc and I are getting married || this is really cool