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15 August 2008

I was just at the corner store buying a six-pack of beer.[More:] A 4-year-old in front of me had been given a Blo-Pop by his father. He was dancing around and waving it at me. I remember when that's all it took to make me that happy. I waved my sixer at him. "This is a grownup Blo-Pop. When you're older you'll understand." He just grabbed his lolly and said "MINE!"

Also, my college ex is in town for her sisters wedding and is going to meet up with me and pips on Tuesday. I haven't seen her in person since 1991 (we've exchanged the occasional email and phone call). Catch up? Hi, let me run down the last decade and change for ya...
:) There was a little girl at the breakfast buffet this morning clutching a blueberry pancake with a death grip on the tongs. Her mother came up & told her that no one was going to steal it, she didn't have to hold on to it. I said, "Hey when you find something you like, you grab it & hang on!"

That's still all it takes to make me that happy. But some clients would be nice.
posted by chewatadistance 15 August | 19:05
I was chastising my 11 year old over his poor teeth-brushing habits. "What if you meet a girl some day?" I asked "What if she had a yuck-mouth? Would you want to kiss her?" He sort of shrugs but looks thoughtful. So I continue, "Do you think a girl would want to kiss you with your yuck-mouth?" And he replies, "Maybe, if I meet a freaky chick." :^o !!!!
posted by redvixen 15 August | 19:53
That's an awesome answer, redvixen. I'll sign him up for the newsletter: "Freaky chicks & the fellas who love 'em"
posted by Pips 15 August | 20:04
jonmc: some day, I will have my very own little plastic baggie of you-know-what, and when that happens I will do the Snoopy dance and be 300% more happy than that little kid.
posted by Meatbomb 16 August | 03:11
my very own little plastic baggie of dog poop!

*Snoopy dance*
posted by quonsar 16 August | 04:05
Meatbomb - I can't attest to the accuracy of the Bulgarian info, but have you checked out
posted by goo 16 August | 05:29
Pips: I think my girlfriend gets that in the mail every other Wednesday.
posted by jtron 16 August | 17:39
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