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13 August 2008

25 years.... Been married to my main bunny for 25 years today.[More:] He has called me Bunny for all 25 years...after the memory he had in his childhood of when he found a baby bunny in the mountains, and it was so cute.

It was a good day because it was a day his dad DIDN'T beat him.

We were bunnies before bunnies were cool.

May you all have your own bunnies, and may it be wonderful.
Allan Sherman's classic "You're getting to be a rabbit with me" is running through my head. May the force be with you.
posted by Melismata 13 August | 09:20
Many warm congratulations. It's very honorable, being coupled for that long. And not always especially easy.
posted by danf 13 August | 09:45
Happy anniversary, bunnyfire. 25 years is an accomplishment.
posted by LoriFLA 13 August | 10:11
Many congratulations The secret of a happy marriage - sharing good things.

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by essexjan 13 August | 10:16
Hilarious and oh so evil at the same time, essexjan. Just like you. :)

Congratulations, bunnyfire! Hope you have something super-special planned!
posted by gaspode 13 August | 10:20
essexjan, that was just EVIL. EVIL, I say. And I can't quit laughing!
posted by bunnyfire 13 August | 10:22
Wow congrats!
posted by gomichild 13 August | 10:58
Awwww, congratulations!
posted by casarkos 13 August | 11:43
That's lovely! A silver anniversary!
posted by Specklet 13 August | 11:53
posted by CitrusFreak12 13 August | 12:00
congratulations, bunnyfire and mr bunnyfire! A few years ago my parents had their silver wedding anniversary in the same week as my grandparents' golden anniversary - that was some party...
posted by altolinguistic 13 August | 12:45
Yeah, my folks had their fiftieth wedding anniversary back in June of this year. It's been quite a year, really-all the big stuff seems to be happening in it.
posted by bunnyfire 13 August | 13:43
Happy anniversary!
posted by jrossi4r 13 August | 14:23
How lovely. Happy anniversary!
posted by goo 13 August | 15:20
Mazel Tov! And many more! : )

(only 23 more years to silver for Jon and me...)
posted by Pips 13 August | 18:21
Hoppy Anniversary!

Mrs. Doohickie and myself celery-brated 24 years on Monday. ;- )
posted by Doohickie 13 August | 20:28
Man, you get less for murder.

Seriously, congratulations - that's a real accomplishment on both your parts.
posted by dg 14 August | 02:42
Oh, I missed this yesterday! Congratulations! I hope it was a lovely day!
posted by Elsa 14 August | 08:53
Oh, it was.

By the way he thought essexjan's pic was hysterical but thought it should be illegal to torment those poor buns with cilantro.
posted by bunnyfire 14 August | 10:03
Congratulations, you!
posted by stilicho 14 August | 17:11
Visiting Washington D.C. for the first time in 12 years this weekend. || surreptitious pilots