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12 August 2008

Ask Mecha - Don't try this at home, kids! / Flip me. [More:]

Too silly and dangerous for Ask Me. Even if you are not a ninja or a trained martial artist, give a try at spelling out directions for one person to flip another person. I sign a waiver.

It seems like it should be intuitavely easy to figure out, and I know we played around with it as kids, but without a partner to play with, I'm having trouble trying to explain/plan how to get one (bigger) dude to flip another (fitter) dude for the play I'm directing.

I'm picturing the flipee going over the flippers hip/back to the ground, but I'm open to suggestions.
What the hell are you directing these days? Cirque du Soleil? :)
posted by BoringPostcards 12 August | 10:36
Here's some stuff.
posted by LoriFLA 12 August | 10:37
I'll flip ya. I'll flip ya for real.

[/not helpful]
posted by Elsa 12 August | 10:41
Definitely not like this.

Talk about not helpful!
posted by Hugh Janus 12 August | 10:42
I face my 4-year-old and grab him at the hips from behind (aka, I reach over his shoulders from the front and grab just above the butt, my hands facing back towards me). Then I lift and tilt him slightly towards me. Gravity and inertia do the rest and he ends up lying on his back, his head between my feet, giggling "do it again". Of course, this is a case where the size differential is probably much bigger than the dudes you're working with.
posted by danostuporstar 12 August | 10:45
It would be easier if we had a show of hands who does NOT want to flip rainbaby.

*sits on hands*
posted by danf 12 August | 10:47
Hmm, I guess it's his feet that end up between my feet.
posted by danostuporstar 12 August | 10:52
Boring Postcards, the last one had a "Some Like It Hot" style tango number, so a flip and a gunshot and some head clouting should be easy.

Co-worker C and co-worker J have both declined to go out into the grassy area behind the parking lot and work with me on this during lunch. Granted, C is wearing white pants.
posted by rainbaby 12 August | 11:12
I'd call a martial arts school and see if someone would want to take a credit for technical consultant.
posted by Ardiril 12 August | 17:00
Ooh good idea Ardiril. rainbaby do not break yourself. You're the only we we have.
posted by chewatadistance 12 August | 18:34
Chupacabra caught on video! || Happy birthday dismas!