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11 August 2008

Three Point Update [More:]1. Man, did it RAIN this morning. A few blocks away, a tree fell down, right next door to my friend's house.
2. Fried rice for lunch. Mmmmmmm.
3. Gym tonight.

Extra points if your update is more exciting than mine.
So does that mean if our update has more than three points, it's more exciting than yours? That doesn't seem like a reliable metric.
posted by Eideteker 11 August | 15:37
Not looking for more points, just more excitement.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 11 August | 15:40
1. At my teeth cleaning, my hygenist was pretty questionable. She kept dropping things in my hair and dripping fluoride on me, and lost hold of the polish at one point, flinging it somewhere. But my teeth feel clean.

2. Still shocked at my supermarket bill. i grabbed a bag of usually $4 cherries that were over $7 and i'm not sure what else was so damn expensive. Toilet paper? i didn't get much of anything.

3. There is no way my phone charge can last longer than hold time. Tomorrow i'm planning to be on the phone all damn day. And i should do some laundry.

None of this is exciting.
posted by ethylene 11 August | 15:43
1. I have this need to rant about this one thing in particular, but I can't do it here, because it smacks of over-privilege and conflating gender issues with other issues, and I kind of hate myself for wanting to rant about it, but I need to get it off my chest, so I might have to resurrect MOFB.

2. I keep getting that feeling in my throat like you do when you don't swallow a pill properly and it feels like it's still there. But I haven't taken any pills today, and I've drunk a whole load of water to try and move it, but nothing doing.

3. I crossed two things off my list of things to do before I finish up at work. Four things to go, but two of them are big. I think I will work at home tomorrow so I can work on one of the big things without people interrupting me.
posted by gaspode 11 August | 15:45
1. The headgear arrived for my ailing guinea pig with teeth problems. I have not been successful in getting it properly on him. I will try again in a few minutes.

2. Going to a season launch party for the theatre giving me a shot for my directorial debut! Yeah for people willing to take a chance!

3. Got an email inviting me to attend a Cirque du Soleil job fair! Yes, I might go for it. Especially since I expect they are hiring in Asia for the Macau shows....
posted by typewriter 11 August | 15:48
typewriter: please please please please post pictures of your guinea pig in headgear once you get it on him. Or even just a video of you trying to put it on him. That would make my day so much better. I am sorry he is ailing though.

1. Already got really frustrated about work this morning and had to stop to take a walk around the block.. Random new problems have arisen that have been keeping me from the work I planned to do today.

2. Seeing Wilco at Tanglewood tomorrow which should be fun.

3. Putting off emailing back various people. I should just do it but I don't want to.
posted by rmless2 11 August | 15:56
1. I have major PMS. I suspect perimenopause is cranking up as well.

2. I managed to pay off a major bill today. Yay!

3. On Wednesday I will have been married 25 years. Which will be just over half my life (I turn 50 this December.)
posted by bunnyfire 11 August | 15:57
(oh, and VERY glad I don't have to put headgear on a guinea pig, and muy curious re gaspode's nonexpressed rant.)
posted by bunnyfire 11 August | 15:57
Yes, I will post pics! The headgear is supposed to help support his jaw a bit so that he (re)learns how to use his back teeth properly. The little piggy doing okay, but his teeth are growing 1mm a week and no signs of stopping!
posted by typewriter 11 August | 16:02
1. I ordered a cheapish chaise lounge today just so I don't miss spending time outside for the remainder of the summer in my new backyard. Yay backyard!
2. Life cereal doesn't taste so great. Milk doesn't taste so great. The two together make me feel a tiny pinprick of explosive light in my brain.
3. First ever block party! I live in a block party neighborhood!
posted by birdie 11 August | 16:06
1. $800 later I have car insurance and renter's insurance. Car insurance is SO way cheaper than it was in LA.

2. Tomorrow I will deal with getting a WA license and getting the car registered. That means the DMV. Wish me luck.

3. My blisters are *nearly* healed. Just in time for me to rip them open again tomorrow.
posted by Fuzzbean 11 August | 16:28
1) Was supposed to go see long-not-seen friend in Santa Barbara today with only-very-rarely-seen other friend, but long-not-seen friend wasn't returning calls and we aborted the mission! Aaaaargh! I'm only here for like three more weeks, people - respect my limited-commodity-ness!

2) Ordered a new Macbook to replace the one stolen in Latvia. Same model, newer OS, and a little cheaper since I'm not getting Applecare right away and already have the case and adapters, which the thieves didn't manage to snatch. Also thinking about getting this anti-theft/recovery thing.

3) Going to lunch at a Filipino restaurant tomorrow! Excited! Never had Filipino food before! Yum!
posted by mdonley 11 August | 16:32
1. I've made the decision to make real, hardcore plans for an epic trip to Europe. (No, I have not discussed this with my parents yet and don't plan to until I ask for a ride to the airport and my passport.)

2. That said, I really didn't get much done at work today because I was quite busy trolling old AskMefi questions. Also, my coworker really didn't do much, for whatever reason.

3. I'm concerned about how expensive this trip is potentially going to be. But goddamnit, I'm going to make it happen. I need to get out on my own.
posted by sperose 11 August | 16:36
1. Had to skip a training day because of blisters, too. I had every intention of turning on FitTv and doing some stretching routine, but, meh.
2. Instead, I have wasted countless hours on the book finding application on Facebook. I am trying to recompose a list I had made years ago from memory. What a timesuck.
3. I feel virtuous for having prepped and frozen wads and wads of fresh summer vegetables over the weekend for consumption during winter months. I feel like a squirrel preparing her nest for hibernation. Maybe that's just because I have acorns tucked into my cheeks.
posted by msali 11 August | 17:06
1. The littlest Doohickie now his his license. So LOOK OUT!

2. Since I got back on my diet, I lost 11 lb. Yay!

3. Innsbruck, Austria.
posted by Doohickie 11 August | 17:34
1. I was supposed to go to bootcamp but I stayed home and made dinner for my sister and nephew.

2. I am intrigued by the question on AskMe that links to a study that says you can be a master of anything if you practice two hours per day for ten years. I'm trying to decide what I want to master. I'm trying to decide what my kids should master. :-)

3. I'm thinking of ways to entertain myself tonight. Either the book I'm reading or recorded shows of Mad Men, or both.
posted by LoriFLA 11 August | 18:15
1. Made a decision to go to the doctor tomorrow. Think I've been having anxiety attacks, but a co-worker's sudden heart attack (and he's in great shape!) are making me leery.

2. All the kids actually spent time outside today, as we're having gorgeous weather (well, despite the rain this morning).

3. Mr. V and I had a BIG TALK, and we both feel much, much better.
posted by redvixen 11 August | 18:15
1. My kidneys are fine.
2. I found a the last dive bar on the upper east side.
3. Brazillian steak still rules.
posted by jonmc 11 August | 18:24
1. v. worried about typewriter's guinea pig.
2. jonmc's #2: huh?
3. Otto was denutted last week, bouncing off the walls less than 24 hours later.
4. I like my new blackberry.
5. I met with a potential client Saturday and it went well! And I actually had fun sketching out a couple of plan options for her new kitchen!
6. the new QB for Green Bay looks like Jake Gyllenhal. I do not know how to spell it.
7. Otto chased the shadow of a big yellow butterfly today. It made me think of that Heart song.
posted by chewatadistance 11 August | 19:10
1. Had a wonderful weekend visiting my mom and wishing her a happy birthday.

2. During that trip, I paid a little visit to my grandmother, my only surviving grandparent, whom I haven't seen in ages.

3. Returned to New York on Sunday evening. Some fucking Penn Station skell got up in my face while I was buying a ticket home.


JP: (blank look)


JP: (glare)


JP: (slowly) You need to get out of my personal space. Because that's . . . not good, man. Not good.

(Skell thinks better of the whole thing, walks away with head downcast)

4. Work really sucked today. So I walked down to the river to watch the boats. That always calms me down. There weren't that many boats but I did see this really cool pooch in a park. She was the most adorably hideous bulldog I've ever seen. Cheered me right up!

posted by jason's_planet 11 August | 19:51
2. jonmc's #2: huh?

the upper east side is the ritzy-shitzy part of manhattan. old school dive bars are hard to find up there but the Subway Inn qualifies wonderfully.
posted by jonmc 11 August | 19:53
1. I think I have finally managed to stop eating brie. (Not forever, just for right now. It was touch and go for a while there, though.)

2. I had my first day at my new internship today, and it was awesome. I'll be doing therapy through a hospice, and being there just made me remember exactly why I wanted to become a therapist and I'm really looking forward to working with clients as the weeks progress.

3. I should probably go start cooking dinner. Lamb steaks! Roasted potatoes! Chard sauteed with garlic! Yay! (Except OMG I ate too much brie.)
posted by occhiblu 11 August | 20:00
1. Mela yesterday! Saw the most beautiful, beautiful saris and danced til my legs were sore.

2. So thinking about bhangra dancing again. I did it for six months a few years ago and loved it, but moved too far away. There has to be a class nearby where I'm living now though.

3. It's 2am. I just got woken up (on call) by someone scared by a noise. Bah. But it's her first flat on her own, she moved in a week ago, she's only 24 and has Down syndrome so, y'know. No-one better call in sick early in the morning though! I'm sleeping in.

Glad you had a great first day occhi!
posted by goo 11 August | 20:03
1. Got scratched by the cat on my nose--again!

2. I'm probably going to be late for my shuttle as well.

3. Listening to songs on my sister's kick-ass Sony Walkman MP3 player.
posted by hadjiboy 11 August | 20:29
1. Been watching lots of old Miami Vice on Hulu. I think I'm going to wind up disliking Edward James Olmos' character, though.

2. We're already short one person at work (fully staffed, we've got nine). In the next few weeks, we'll lose two more employees and hire two replacements. Hiring is always harrowing, but also lots of fun, if you can look at it from the right angle. Understaffedness, though, is no fun for anybody.

3. I'm anxious for the bike I bought on Ebay to arrive.
posted by box 11 August | 21:12
chewie: Sorry to make you worried about my pig! He is okay, but he will require constant care. Here is the most recent photo of him. (He gets a 'booster' of nutrients once a day through a syringe.) ≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by typewriter 11 August | 21:57
Heehee! He is a cutie.
I like the mohawk and the pleading "No more!" look on his face.

The nutrients on his face (and the towel) look like the Critical Care I had to give my rabbit once. I hope he took it better than mine and that you got at least as much in him as I have still embedded in my couch!

posted by rmless2 11 August | 22:10
It is Critical Care! This was a couple of weeks ago, so he is quite used to it now, which means at least 90% makes it into his mouth. He is quite a ridiculous animal especially with all this upcoming care, but-whaddaya-going-to-do? I remind him sometimes that they eat guinea pigs in South America but he is non-plussed by this fact.
posted by typewriter 11 August | 22:21
Aw.. cute guinea pig! I hope he takes OK to his headgear.

And I hope whatever is bothering gaspode sorts itself out.

1. The New Pornographers concert on Saturday was awesome, but MAN did I hate the opening act. OMG...hated him so much.

2. I had Jury Duty today (or Judy Duty as the girl calls it). It was actually a lovely experience and the staff at the courthouse really bent over backwards to make things as pleasant as possible for everyone.

3. I yelled fiercely at the girl today and feel just awful about it. She took off running from me in a parking lot and I just completely lost my temper. Screaming like a frustrated lunatic is not effective parenting. :-(
posted by jrossi4r 11 August | 22:42
1. Am looking forward to coming up to Maine on Friday.
2. It looks like the vulture who owns the penthouse is building SOMETHING over my master bedroom (originally part of the terrace) and I wasn't informed.
3.Was invited to my mother's 65th birthday party when she knows full well that I want nothing more to do with her.

Uh, across from Bloomies falls into midtown east
posted by brujita 12 August | 01:27
the upper east side is the ritzy-shitzy part of manhattan. old school dive bars are hard to find up there but the Subway Inn qualifies wonderfully.

Ah, ok. For a second I thought you'd found an unexploded grenade in the dive or something.

typewriter: He is ADORABLE!!!!! So you will have to pamper him for the rest of his life? What's his name?
posted by chewatadistance 12 August | 08:24
The Subway Inn is fine, but if you want old school dive bar you need to get your ass to Phil Hughes right up in the heart of the UES. Its incongruity with the neighbourhood always cracks me up. I used to say hi to the old men having their first beer of the day when I walked past on the way to the subway.
posted by gaspode 12 August | 08:48
I think I'm gonna start drinking under the Queensboro Bridge, like my buddy:

≡ Click to see image ≡
posted by Hugh Janus 12 August | 09:01
Not looking for more points, just more excitement.

Excitement: I has it.

It's only a one-point update, but it's a good point: The Fella and I got engaged this weekend. WEEEEEEEEE!

And then spent the weekend (including yesterday) telling family and friends.

Uh, counting youse guys, I guess! Hi!
posted by Elsa 12 August | 09:57
Yo, congradges, Elsa! And to the Fella, too! That's great!
posted by Hugh Janus 12 August | 10:00
That's awesome, Elsa! Congratulations!
posted by gaspode 12 August | 10:02
Congratulations, Elsa! Will you two be at Bunnystock?
posted by brujita 12 August | 10:14
Whoo hoo! Congrats, Elsa!
posted by BoringPostcards 12 August | 10:17
posted by occhiblu 12 August | 10:32
Thanks! We couldn't be more excited!

Will you two be at Bunnystock?

Oh! Uh, I dunno.

He will definitely not make it, since he works 'til late Saturday. I have family in town this week, and the 16th was always going to be (at best) a tight squeeze for my schedule. I think I'll have to miss Skee Ball.

You guys will have such a great time at the Skee Ball Meet-up! I'm excited for you! Please win a giant novelty comb on my behalf!
posted by Elsa 12 August | 10:33
I'll be in York Beach through Monday---I want to see the museums in South Berwick and Ogunquit. Perhaps one of these can be the rain backup?
posted by brujita 12 August | 10:49
Congrats Elsa!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by chewatadistance 12 August | 12:12
Congratulations, Elsa! That is exciting news.

I'll update again.

1. My neighbor just called me. She wanted to know if I had any Coke that she could mix with alcohol to make a drink. She is having a stressful day. She gave me a six pack of Corona in return. I did not want to take it but she insisted. We met halfway in the road and did our swap.

2. My husband uses the lawn mower to blow the grass of the sidewalks and porch after he mows. Today he went over our welcome mat with the lawnmower. ??? It looks like a gator chomped a bite out of the corner. I loved that welcome mat.

3. Today I took my nephew to therapy. A complete stranger that works at the place (I know some of the therapists there, but she looked to be a director type and I never seen her in my life) asked me what I was reading while I was in the waiting room. I was annoyed. I'm not usually annoyed so easily, and I don't mind making chitchat with strangers, but I was. She then proceeded to tell me she loves Nora Roberts and I was like, OK, scram.
posted by LoriFLA 12 August | 12:33
My First Muxtape. || Domokun!