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11 August 2008

Kickball season is over after a mere five games -- I think we were s'posed to have nine games, but the league couldn't reserve the fields -- and we missed the playoffs.[More:]

My team won our final game last night, 16-2. I had a triple (what a big boot it was; my best of the season) and two singles, drove in three runs, and scored once myself. I committed a baserunning error late in the game, but it was all academic by that point.

We finally got everybody cheering for one another; we all had fun and (surprise) won a game. I wish we had four more to play; it feels like we just got started.
Congrats Hugh!

This post sent a wave of nostalgia washing over me. Ah, kickball! It's been about 1,000,000 years (give or take) since I last played kickball and I can still remember the rubbery smell of that dusty red ball and the satisfying BahWOMP sound of really connecting, I mean just totally bootin' it into the clear blue sky. I had forgotten all about kickball and how much fun it can be-- thanks, Hugh!
posted by Fuzzy Monster 11 August | 09:47
Competition for fields has to be intense there. It's intense in my little burg. The parks and rec dept must have to really juggle, and I suspect that adult kickball would not really compete well against well heeled baseball and softball parents.
posted by danf 11 August | 12:41
Yep, plus there are two separate organizations running Sunday kickball games -- WAKA (the World Adult Kickball Assoc., who promulgate the rules/train the umps) and ZogSports (play for your selected charity!) -- so I think the competition is even fiercer (we played our first game with the ump telling us to just crowd the WAKA guys out of the way; it was our field, we paid for it, so get into the trenches and fight for your field!).

Plus there are so many pickup games, etc. going on at the Prospect Park Parade Grounds that when they run four kickball games on one soccer field, the outfields sort of blend together.

It seems most of the kids' games were over by our usual 7 pm start time, so we didn't have any turf wars with overbearing parents.
posted by Hugh Janus 11 August | 12:52
I used to play in an Ultimate (Frisbee) league and the availability of fields was always an issue. Western PA is so hilly that there aren't too many soccer-sized horizontal spaces to be found. Mostly we ended up driving 20 miles out of the city to a suburban soccer complex to find enough fields to play on during weekends.
posted by octothorpe 11 August | 13:08
An on-screen headline during one of Grace's three shows on this topic screams: || Do you like freaky f@#*ed-up music?