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08 August 2008

I got mugged yesterday! [More:]It was awesome!

I was just sittin' there on the (Group W) bench at the Jackson Blue Line stop when this dude sidled up to me, snatched my PSP, and took off running.

I yelled STOP THIEF and, surprisingly, kinda-ran after him! (for those who don't know me, I walk with a cane, have a leg brace, and take a bunch of pills to control arthritis and nerve pain)

It's amazing what adrenaline can make the body do, and I knew I would have to pay for it later. But anyway.

Dude starts running up the escalator and gets tripped up by the fact that it's not running. Seeing that I'm gaining on him, he drops the PSP, which splits into its component parts (cringe). I gather the pieces and keep going up, even as I hear him burst through the turnstile.

I tell the rent-a-cops upstairs what happened, and they called the cops and went to check the other entrance to the Jackson stop, which was a good thing...

...because dude tried to get back into the station. He was ID'd, handcuffed, and brought before me and the security people; another girl who'd been down there said that he'd tried to snatch something from her before he gave me a try.

I elected to not press charges because it would have involved a trip down to the station, it's late, I had to be at work early today, and I'd had a SCREAMING headache all night. Besides, as I told the officers, no harm was done, and the dude got chumped by a cripple.
Woo hoo you go!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 08 August | 18:56
jtron, glad you are OK. That is crazy that they caught him. That doesn't happen often.
posted by LoriFLA 08 August | 18:56
Cripple chumped! Awesome!
posted by mudpuppie 08 August | 18:57
Dude, that sucks, but you rock.

Get a hand strap for your PSP if you don't already have one!
posted by goo 08 August | 18:59
Nicely done. And hope you're feeling better.
posted by MonkeyButter 08 August | 19:00
Er, and for your new one should that be necessary.
posted by goo 08 August | 19:01
Yikes, man, good to hear you're ok.
posted by mdonley 08 August | 19:06
Oh, I'm feeling fine, thanks. The PSP is also fine (to make sure, I played Disgaea for a couple hours when I got home). The handstrap might be a good idea, though.
posted by jtron 08 August | 19:07
Nice one.

That motionless-escalator ambulatory stutter is indeed a force to be reckoned with.
posted by CKmtl 08 August | 19:51
Go you!
posted by gomichild 08 August | 20:16
and the dude got chumped by a cripple.
hahaha oh man, good for you. I hope your body getting back at you later isn't too rough.
posted by CitrusFreak12 08 August | 20:26
posted by rhapsodie 08 August | 20:30
Oh, shit! Glad you're OK, man. It could have been so much worse.

I tell the rent-a-cops upstairs what happened, and they called the cops and went to check the other entrance to the Jackson stop, which was a good thing...

...because dude tried to get back into the station.

So, having committed not one but two felonies in the train station, the guy decided that the smart thing to do would be to attempt to re-enter.


The phrase "not the sharpest knife in the cabinet" comes to mind.
posted by jason's_planet 08 August | 21:43
Seconding jason's_planet. Glad you are okay jtron. Getting mugged is violating. It's a good thing you were not harmed by the guy or in the adrenalin rush afterwards.

Good you got your PSP back and survived the ordeal.

posted by nickyskye 08 August | 22:06
Oh, it wasn't really an ordeal. It was pretty much the best-possible-case mugging.
posted by jtron 09 August | 00:37
Dude, always press charges.

Glad you're OK.
posted by trondant 09 August | 01:53
Wow, that had a much better ending than I was anticipating. Good on ya.
posted by Specklet 09 August | 11:19
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