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07 August 2008

Has anyone here done the Weight Watchers flex points program? [More:]Did it work for you? Any advice? I just joined the online program this morning (no meetings).
Hi, amro. I was going to answer earlier but the IT guy was here.

Anyway, I did WW after my first child. I think it was called Flex back then. I definitely remember "flex" points. I lost about 25 with WW. It works. The best tip I can give is to journal every day, every morsel. Also, make the "no point" soup if you like that kind of thing. I would make a big batch and eat it throughtout the week. It helped me a lot when I was hungry and my points were gone. I tried to stay on the low end of the point range most days. Of course, you don't need to do this, and with Flex you have more flexible points to use during the week and you can eat more food if you earn exercise points, if I'm remembering correctly.

Also, I think 50 calories is equal to one point. Of course fiber comes into play with WW.

Good luck, amro. WW is a great program.
posted by LoriFLA 07 August | 09:35
I wish there was a way to search their website for foods by points. For example, I have 3 points left for today after lunch. I would love to get a list of 3 point-and-under foods so I know what my options are for dinner.

I didn't know about the soup! Thanks!
posted by amro 07 August | 10:16
Other websites list three point foods. Examples here and here. is a great website for recipes and all things related to WW.
posted by LoriFLA 07 August | 11:35
Awesome! Thank you Lori. One of those websites reminded me about Kashi Golean bars, which are delicious!
posted by amro 07 August | 15:53
I did, and it totally worked. Journalling every little thing was key. And to tell the truth, going to the meetings made a big difference too. I have no idea why because they were mostly pretty dumb. Sometimes they were entertaining because a lot of the participants (maybe 25%) were nuts. I remember one person explaining how other people at her office always took the small pieces of birthday cake just to make her look bad! She was really upset. There was uncomfortable silence after that.

I quit going after I endedup with a vegan meeting leader who preached soy way too hard- she must have owned futures or something.

The downside with WW was that it keeps you obsessed with food. I left every meeting ravenous! And I'm not usually that way about food unless I'm bored. A lot of meeting time was spent exchanging low point recipes.

The cookbooks were okay, though mostly self-evident. There were a few keepers. I think California cooking tends to low fat anyway, maybe. The scale that I eventually bought on impulse I still use for regular old cooking, when recipes call for 500g flour or something like that.

I lost about 30 pounds by the way, and haven't put them back on. Once I lost the 30 it was easier to exercise, (not least reason for which was being able to find exercise clothes that fit) and I've taken up running and surfing, which has helped keep the weight off.
posted by small_ruminant 07 August | 18:34
I quit eating refined sugars about then, too, which made staying within my points pretty easy.
posted by small_ruminant 07 August | 18:35
A friend of mine and his wife have been following it for a while with amazing, life-changing results.
posted by Doohickie 07 August | 18:50
I really think I should go back to WW. I went maybe five years ago. It was Points, but not flex points. I lost maybe 10 pounds, and then my life fell apart so I couldn't keep it up.
How much is it these days?
posted by kellydamnit 07 August | 22:40
It's $65 for three months to do it on the website (i.e., no meetings).
posted by amro 08 August | 08:12
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