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04 August 2008

3 point status update [More:]1. Finally dumping Comcast. You're upping my rate by 60%. Fuck you.
2. I got the shock of my life when I got the bill for my 4-day hospital stay. Then I realized they hadn't billed the insurance company yet.
1. unpacking in my new apartment, I thought this day would never come.
2. landladies' smoke detector battery is failing and beeping every minute or so
3. going to WALK TO TOWN and do errands. SO great, walking to town.
posted by jessamyn 04 August | 09:22
1. Must move out of the flat in the next three days so they can tear out the kitchen wall and floor. Joy. After moving my whole life halfway across the world, yes please, let's move again! Thankfully we have someplace to stay, and (slightly alarmingly) it's with TheDonF's parents.
2. Buried in paperwork. How can I have this many things to do when I'm not even working?
3. Please please please call me back for that second interview! I thought I'd hear from you by now!
posted by Specklet 04 August | 09:40
Hey, congratulations on the move, jessamyn!

Me, I'm...

1. Suffering from a slight migraine at the moment.
2. Feel like puking a bit, since I didn't have any food since morning, and now that I did it's sort of coming up... um, I hope that doesn't make anyone else queasy!
3. Celebrating the fact that I Finally have "someone" living nearby to me: yayyyyyyyy!
posted by hadjiboy 04 August | 09:42
1. Boss out of the (virtual) office this week. When the mouse is away, the cheese will play! Ok, just kidding. But it will be a little bit quieter.
2. I don't want to go to pilates class tonight, so I'm already making up excuses in my head to justify why I shouldn't go.
3. What to have for breakfast, hmmm....
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 04 August | 09:44
1. I have a huge unexplained bruise on my knee
2. I have a hangover
3. The other day I bought this book, since it's about one of my favorite things. Unfortunately, it's written academic-ese, which has done the seeming impossible and made nudity boring.
posted by jonmc 04 August | 09:49
1. Meeting with lawyers to sign papers to give to bankers to pass along to fund managers to get mom's retirement account straightened out. I shudder at how much it's going to cost me just to be in the same room with these Brooks-Brothers vampires masquerading as humans. All in a quest to Lose Less Money.

2. I've lost my keys and I hafta call a locksmith to break into my own house. I hope my ex-wife left her set of keys inside. How do I get a new key to my mailbox, though? GAH!

3. I'm stressed and unhappy and so I'm going to treat myself to a cheeseburger, chili fries, and a frosty chocolate milkshake for lunch. It's the least I can do for me.
posted by BitterOldPunk 04 August | 09:52
1. It's a beautiful, sunny day. Debating whether I should do housework or take the kids to the beach. Neighbor kid is here. They're playing Playstation on this gorgeous day. It feels wrong.
2. My neighbor drove by last night after a day of fishing and had three huge red snapper stuck head first into a cooler of ice in the bed of his truck. I can only hope to be invited to a fish dinner sometime soon.
3. My dentist called last week to remind me to make an appointment for a clean. I think I will do that now.
posted by LoriFLA 04 August | 10:04
1. I'm kicking about .850 for the current kickball season, and I've turned out to be a damn good second baseman.

2. Since I'm new on the team and things are a mite cliquish (a bunch of these cats play on the same dodgeball team, which means they were either bullies or bullied in grade school and still have something to prove), I batted last in the order and played deep in right field last night.

3. My position in the batting order and on defense meant I only kicked twice last night (hard-struck single and a deep double) and hardly did anything in the outfield. We lost a close one, our fourth loss of a five-game season. I'm one of the two loud, supportive members of our team (both of us are new). I cheer people when they foul out.

Like I told my buddy on the team, "Most of the players on our team are competitive, alright, but they have no heart." They also seem to have no brains. I should be kicking clean-up.
posted by Hugh Janus 04 August | 10:06
total nonsequitur - why does anything have to be done by phone these days? Why can't I just email Comcast and say "CLOSE MY ACCOUNT FUCKERS"?

Thank you for holding. There are eight callers ahead of you.
posted by desjardins 04 August | 10:19
1. Spent half the weekend stripping many layers of paint from baseboard trim. Fortunately, it's loose so I can do the work on work-horses on the side porch instead of inside the house.

2. Ran twenty miles last week and didn't lose a pound.

3. Started watching "Heroes" from the beginning on DVD, somehow we missed it when it started didn't think to try to catch up until now.
posted by octothorpe 04 August | 10:20
1. Still haven't made a dr. appointment to see about going on depression/anxiety/whatever medication. Don't wanna. Don't even like taking aspirin. But this d/a/w can't continue the way it is.

2. I get sad whenever the Olympics come around, because the ex and I used to watch it together and laugh and snuggle on the couch and make snarky comments. The other friends who joined us are also no longer in my life due to the breakup; I worry that I'll never find anyone who likes the Olympics the way I do, never laugh that way again. see #1.

3. The reason why I'm not bonding with my co-workers is not because I'm lousy at small talk (they are too), but because I'm the only tech writer in a sea of engineers, and since they do nothing but talk about engineering it's impossible to participate. (Yes, I can understand when they explain something in simplistic form if I ask, but that doesn't help with the bonding thing.)

Way to go, Jessamyn!
posted by Melismata 04 August | 10:21
1. Getting ready for Edouard
2. Sneezing a lot.
3. Need a vacation.
posted by WolfDaddy 04 August | 10:23
1. On Friday morning, very early woke up to go to volleyball and could hardly stand up, due to dizziness. Went back to bed, and stayed home from work all day and rested. It slowly got better and was able to go for a long bike ride yesterday. I think it was Benign Positional Vertigo, aka BPPV. I seem totally normal now. My brother had gone through a long episode of this, and got better so I was not THAT worried.

2. Alpha cat seems sick this morning, didn't eat. I may need to take him to the vet. He sometimes fights and then gets infections. But he is also unmanageable to keep inside because he is huge and pretty crazy, even though he's been fixed.

3. Daughter revealed that she's been on birth control pills for awhile due to a "fling," which explains her moods. The fling is over and she says that she does not expect any more guy hookups, unless she's "drunk." Curiously, I am not that worried about her, and have trust that she can take care of herself. When I asked if she was being "double" safe, she just gave me a look. I said, "no gold star for YOU," to which I got another one of those looks.
posted by danf 04 August | 10:24
1. Already uncomfortable at work. These aren't MY ideas, people, this is the way things are done. It's not a favor to ME to do them properly.

2. I am hungry and don't know what to eat. Too early for lunch and too late for breakfast. I screwed up my schedule. Time for pirate's booty.

3. I was really looking forward to going on a date tomorrow, but he just postponed til "sometime next week." I am disappointed, I think a date could have changed this crappy mood I can't shake.
posted by rmless2 04 August | 10:26
1. Spent the weekend partying in a fabulous summer house in a gated community with many unbelievably wonderful clear freshwater lakes that I got to swim in. Previously, this would have caused me to want to foment revolution. Now I just wanna be rich.

2. Crazy seller of house is still not answering phone calls or emails from her agent; is still not signing contract; I guess it's over. I'm sad as hell and trying not to be furious.

3. Oh just a whole lot of random shit with family and so on. The auntie's life situation needs fixin'. The house is a mess. The kid has eaten all the groceries and, oh god, conferences with teachers have to happen before school starts and school clothes must be bought and it just goes on and on. I need to be on a major diet/exercise program. You know. Etc.
posted by mygothlaundry 04 August | 10:32
posted by mygothlaundry 04 August | 10:35
1. Had a very productive weekend. Biggest accomplishment: de-cluttering the bedroom, which was way overdue.

2. Feeling very restless and "stuck in a rut" lately. I need a change, but I don't know exactly what kind of change.

3. I'm hungry! Time for lunch, I think.

posted by BoringPostcards 04 August | 10:44
2. octothorpe, I have been working with a trainer for six weeks and hit the gym 16 times in July. I have not lost a pound. My measurements, though, are mixed at least. I am tank top ready, yo!
3. Office lunch time.
posted by rainbaby 04 August | 10:45
mgl, I hope this is really really gonna happen!

posted by danf 04 August | 10:47
1. Spent the weekend being good domesticated female cleaning house, entertaining, cooking.

2. Also have gigantic gash on my knee of unknown origin that is turning a fabulous purple/black.

3. Procrastinating performance reviews of my 3 full-time employees for another week if possible.
posted by haunted by Leonard Cohen 04 August | 10:50
Why can't I just email Comcast and say "CLOSE MY ACCOUNT FUCKERS"?

Because that would be too easy!:)

And besides, I'd rather you say that to me over the phone than have to read it; hey, at least I'd get to hear a bunny's voice... (not that I work for Comcast, but they are our competition, and who knows, you may one day want to switch ISPs and find out that our service probably sucks just as much [hopefully not though] and then we can have this conversation online!!!) Howza!?

Hey, mgl--what great news... so happy for you!:)
posted by hadjiboy 04 August | 11:07
MGL, great news! Please update as soon as you can.

1. Friend gave me 5 kg of tomatoes, and I just sliced them all up, plopped 'em in a big pan with lots of butter and garlic. Let the simmering begin! I also have fresh basil to throw in my yummy sauce when it's done.
2. Another friend gave me about 1 kg of sun gold tomatoes, which I am busy popping in my mouth. Sugary goodness.
3. Friend #1 also gave me a brazilian cukes, and I don't know what to do with them. I've already sliced a bunch into salads. Don't know what else to do.
posted by msali 04 August | 11:43
Whoo-hoo, MGL! *tickertape, Battle Hymn of the Republic, 21-gun salute*

1) Getting antsy that my Polish visa will for some reason not be approved. I have all the paperwork and all my ducks in a row - I even have a letter, in Polish and covered with stamps, from the labor office of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship (analogous to a US/UK county-ish thing) saying that I am THE ONLY PERSON who can do this job - but it's a bit freaky when you write your "departure date from Schengen zone" as "31 Aug 2009"! What if they don't like my photos when I drop off the paperwork? What if they think I won't be earning enough money (even though I totally will)? Eep!

2) Last night I woke up screaming bloody murder and woke up the whole house. All I remember is that right before the screaming, I saw my closet door open a crack and felt a cool breeze on my toes. Momdonley and Brodonley held onto me after I staggered out of the room, still screaming, to prevent me with falling down the stairs; in my distressed state I knocked over a fan and a painting. I'm fine now; no idea what I was screaming about. I went back to sleep and had a dream about airline tickets(!).

3) Brodonley has an orientation thing today where he'll go and talk to a counselor at the community college he's going to be beginning to attend in the next few weeks to choose classes and plan out his next two years. I'm a little worried, for no good reason, that somehow he'll choose the wrong classes (yes, I know this is impossible, pretty much, during your very first term) or that he'll be less than ambitious in laying out his pathway to transferring to a university, even though he's more ambitious and motivated than many of my peers and his. The joys of brotherhood paired with neurosis!
posted by mdonley 04 August | 11:47
1. I think "slight migraine" is a bit of an oxymoron.

2. I have finally come out of denial and admitted to myself that I am allergic to my new-ish cat. Oh well, we'll deal. Hopefully, an air purifier in my apartment will help.

3. I'm happy for MGL. I can't wait to be a homeowner, hopefully sooner rather than later.
posted by amro 04 August | 11:52
1. My summer intern just made her presentation to the lab. She did a good job. Also, she gave me a big box of chocolates. Thus she is my favorite summer intern EVAR.

2. I had three of the chocolates (what?) and they are so rich I feel kind of sick.

3. Need to buy a new dresser so we can move our one into the baby's area. I am so over furniture shopping.
posted by gaspode 04 August | 12:00
(ps: YAY MGL!)
posted by gaspode 04 August | 12:00
Yay, MGL!

haunted by Leonard Cohen, I tend to find that housework and large bruises pretty much always go hand in hand, but that may just be because I have a tendency to manhandle vacuum cleaners.

1. Not working is stressing me out. The thought of starting work next week is also stressing me out.

2. My free trial at gym #2 has ended, and the free trial at gym #1 ended a week ago, and I didn't really like either of them, so now I need to find gym #3.

3. Tendinitis in my foot seems to be getting better, which is nice, because I would like to be able to wear shoes that are not big fugly gym shoes that I bought on sale thinking I would wear them only to the gym.
posted by occhiblu 04 August | 12:02
Bunnystock 2009 at MGL's!!
posted by essexjan 04 August | 12:18
yay, mgl, jessmyn!

gaspode, hope it goes well

1) headache from hell this morning and queasy. it felt just like a hangover but I hadn't been drinking. That's just wrong.
2) got the project list at work - Big Boss said we wouldn't have as many projects this year as last - the list tops out at 25. I stopped reading at 15. Sent my boss an email: "tl;dr"
3) I was going to go water walking today, but since I cleaned out the car, I don't have my swimgear. Bummer.
posted by lysdexic 04 August | 12:34
1. Am training in new admin asst who just started this morning. New admin asst is very very perky and bouncy and extroverted. Feel like Eeyore trying to train in Tigger. Head hurts.

2. Weight remains stuck stuck STUCK at 148.5 despite the fact that I've kept intake below 1500 cal/day for the past two weeks and have been working out regularly. WTF body????

3. Must get house cleaned up this week to prepare for home visit from greyhound adoption group rep. Am unsure what kinds of derelictions would flunk me out of greyhound-adoption candidacy, but don't want to take any chances.

(And I'm thrilled to hear your house purchase looks to be going forward, MGL!)
posted by kat allison 04 August | 12:55
1. I have a job in SF lined up! It's not what I was hoping for, but I think it'll help me get there. My future coworkers seem awesome, and I think I'll enjoy most of the work.

2. I'm taking 3 days off work!

3. The apartment search continues. We found a place we really like at a decent price, but the pet deposit is ridiculously high.
posted by kiripin 04 August | 13:22
1. Feeling very nauseous. I hope this is not my IBS flaring, because that is exactly what I do NOT need right now.

2. Also feeling pretty down and left out. Everyone is back and posting all their fun photos from PYM.

3. Constantly torn between desire to be a part of something and fear of having my identity subsumed by it.
posted by Fuzzbean 04 August | 13:28
1. I'm back after a wonderful weekend in Waverly with my homie, feeling very much revived (even if I am goddamn tired and really not looking forward to unpacking all my stinky clothes).

2. Unfortunately, going out of town has made me want to travel more. I spent the better part of the morning checking out Contiki, which isn't helping me finish things that need to be done.

3. After an incident involving my mother sticking her nose into my personal business, moving out has become even more so priority number one. If only I could find somewhere that would actually work. (3 bedrooms, willing to take a 45 pound Husky for under $1500/month including everything. Near Laurel/Beltsville in MD.)
posted by sperose 04 August | 14:47
Crazy Forklift. I can't stop watching this thing. || Politicalfilter: Make Neat Art For Obama!