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31 May 2007

More wrong numbers than right numbers... My cell phone number is laid out like this: ABC-XABC... that is, the last three numbers repeat the first three numbers, with X being an unrelated digit.[More:]

I get more wrong numbers than right numbers, and it's driving me crazy, although it hasn't yet caused me to go over my minutes.

When they do say, "is so-and-so there," it's never the same person, but more often I pick up and they say, "whoops, I must have the wrong number." I get plenty that go to voicemail too and when they hear my name, realize they have a wrong number.

Is there any way to search for permutations of my phone number (without just typing random digit changes into Google) to see if a business or something shares a similar number? I don't want to change my phone number.
Sorry, someone teach the dumb newbie how to do more inside here, please.
posted by IndigoRain 31 May | 18:42
No biggie. Next time you make a new post, you'll see a button under the text box that looks like [MI]. Everything you type after you click that will be tucked neatly inside.

Can't answer your question though!
posted by iconomy 31 May | 18:45
I can't answer your question either, but I'm curious as to why you want to know who's got permutations of your number. If you don't want to change your number, what good would it do you to know that Joe Blow's Drycleaning has a similar number?

(Incidentally, by number is AB0-0000 and no one ever believes it's really my personal cell...)
posted by Specklet 31 May | 18:50
Mine's ABA-A00A. Very easy to remember.
posted by muddgirl 31 May | 19:15
Sounds more likely that you have someone's old number. As for similar numbers, I can tell you without doing a search that, yes, your number is similar to some business's. Everybody's phone number is similar to others.

A better way to get to the root of it all is to ask whoever calls what number they were trying to get, and if the respond with yours, ask them how they got it.
posted by mischief 31 May | 20:16
I had a number in college that was similar to a pizza place's and drunks would call after the bars closed every night. I'd usually just leave the phone off since sober people tended not have the problem during the day.

Now, my work cell phone recently belonged to someone else who apparently didn't pay his bills so collectors are calling. If "unknown" or a number I don't recognize doesn't come up in caller ID i just let it go to voicemail where the caller gets the message they have the wrong number.
posted by birdherder 31 May | 21:33
Thanks everyone.
posted by IndigoRain 01 June | 15:37
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