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31 May 2007

Hope me with my lifeplan Bunnies! Since you all are such a wise lot I wish to ask your advice about what I should after my PhD.[More:]
I'm torn between a post-doctoral fellowship that I would take in either California or Hawaii solely for the climate and activities. I love being outside, diving, hiking and I think I could get into surfing and biking given the right environments. The people that seem to live in those places possess characteristics that I enjoy like environmentalism and certain laissez-faire attitude. I mean, who wouldn't want to live somewhere sunny and warm and full of cool people?

On the other hand, I could get a job in industry where I can make boatloads of money but might not get to live somewhere warm. I seriously dislike the cold, despite being Canadian, and am looking to get away, hence the post-doc in Hawaii idea. I have a friend at GSK in West Chester PA or thereabouts that I could hit up for an interview. His wife has connections at Astra Zeneca in the same area. I have a vague connection at Genentech in SF as well that I suppose I could exploit if required. And I have another connection as a "science writer" who has been trying to recruit me and my friends for the company he works for, he's in NY or Jersey.

A third choice is a post-doc overseas in Europe, Australia or Japan. I'm in Cancer Res and would like to stay there. Non-cancer based research is not an option for me, I wouldn't care as much about it as I do cancer.

Some pertinent info:
- I don't want to be a PI but could see myself staying at the bench as an associate.
- I like the "finer things" in life so that's why the money is such a draw for me.
- I'm single so I don't have to worry about moving an SO or kids.

OK bunnies, gimme all teh advice, anecdotes, random info, whatever that you can.
lifeplan? people actually plan their lives?

(I'd say go to Hawaii. sounds like a cool place)
posted by jonmc 31 May | 13:23
I'm seriously leaning that way jon. It just seems like such a cool opportunity, I'd be poor though as I've heard the cost of living in Honolulu is quite high. I'm still interested in other ideas though. Maybe the bunnies have ideas that wouldn't occur to me. You guys are all such a creative lot.
posted by LunaticFringe 31 May | 13:30
it's not cheap. my best friend is a cop there, if you get pulled over by the guy on the right just drop my name.
posted by jonmc 31 May | 13:34
If I were you I'd ry to beg or borrow the money to visit all the places you're considering and talk to everyone involved and not make any decisions till then.
posted by tangerine 31 May | 13:40
LF, I'd lean toward Hawaii, because the environment and activities are so much more important to daily happiness than having a lot of money. Assuming your basic needs are met and you can afford an occasional luxury, you won't be as unhappy about your income as you might living in a place you didn't like at all. Contentment with your surroundings is just one of those things money can't buy.

Also, you're at the ideal time in life to take a flyer on something like this. Go ahead and go to HI or CA, where you'll have adventures you'll never regret, even if later on you do decide to work in high-paying field somewhere else later on. At least if you do it later, you won't wonder what would have happened had you followed your desire and given this a shot.

Hawaii is what I would do, in your position.
posted by Miko 31 May | 13:42
Make big monies for a few years and save like crazy, then go for post-doctoral fellowship.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 31 May | 13:43
TPS: The post-doc is only an excuse to travel to cool places, it pays shite and is worthless once you have job experience but I was considering doing that the other way 'round. Fun then money.
posted by LunaticFringe 31 May | 13:53
That sounds fun, too!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 31 May | 14:04
I vote for adventure and scenery.
posted by halonine 31 May | 14:20
Thanks for input so far everyone!

Everyone seems to be thinking what I'm thinking, fun and exciting places while I'm still young and relatively responsibility free. I guess I can always get a job after a post-doc or two.
posted by LunaticFringe 31 May | 14:32

The only other thing I have to add is that AstraZeneca makes Atacand which is what I'm taking for high blood pressure.
posted by deborah 31 May | 15:25
I guess I can always get a job after a post-doc or two.


Life is surprisingly long, I'm finding in my later 30s. Do wonderful things now while it's easy. It gets more difficult to extricate yourself from serious jobs, relationships, and housing situations later on.
posted by Miko 31 May | 15:49
Ya, jobs are always available.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 31 May | 15:58
I had a heart attack when I was 38 that effectively ended my career; the second one four years later clinched it.

Go have fun.
posted by mischief 31 May | 18:26
Another amazing ship. || NYC Bunnies Field Trip