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29 May 2007

Hrmph. Who else is grumpy? [More:] I'm grumpy. Hrmph.
Insomnia. Hrmph. Getting ready to move to Ethiopia for 4 months due to work. Hrmph. Family problems. Hrmph. Dissatisfaction of the town I'm currently in. Hrmph. People suck. Hrmph.

Ok, it's mostly the insomnia, but Hrmph. Case of the Mondays. It's 3:30am. Hrmph.

sorry for the grumpiness. I should probably just pull my comforter high over my head and never come out. :)
I'm with you on the insomnia thing, but moving to Ethiopia sounds like it might actually be a Good Thing. Interesting, at the very least. (Plus, Ethiopean food is pretty yummy.) Also, it will get you out of Dissatisfactiontown for awhile.

There. Feeling any better?
posted by bmarkey 29 May | 03:09
I have a hangover. Does that count? Hrmph.
posted by taz 29 May | 03:20
I can't sleep. Which is ok right now, but I have to go to work in hours, so. I'm pre-grumpy.
posted by rainbaby 29 May | 04:18
My friend's been grumpy for a while, and I've just thought of the idea of giving him a big "be our friend again" card.

I hate being the kind of guy who does things about stuff.

Also, I can't sleep and I have my Japanese final tomorrow. Weee!
posted by Citizen Premier 29 May | 04:46
It's 6am. I'm about to leave for work. Every day that I have to work I get a little nervous and a slight dread overcomes me. I never know what I'm going to get.
posted by LoriFLA 29 May | 05:10
I walked around all day yesterday assisting my location scout friend in visiting, and photographing New York City landmarks: from the Battery to the Midtown scrapers to Fort Tryon Park, Columbus Circle, Lincoln Center, Times Square, the big ship parked over by Chelsea Pier for Fleet Week, and, oh, a bunch of other places that don't charge an arm and a leg for film/TV access (for instance, Rockafella Center's Atlas sculpture commands a $10,000 honorarium per appearance, and Central Park, unlike other city parks, has a scale for filming in different areas).

So our scouting combined with a trip to a clearance sale at a Soho housewares store (2 full sets of 600-thread count queen-size [Queens reprazent!] sheets & a pair of full-size bath towels for under $80 bucks) and H&M (someone had a coupon, and I tried so hard to find something I liked, but all their clothes are made for small people; my friend told me not to complain, that half the time he can only find huge clothes for big people. I don't believe him; he has a wardrobe full of clothes, while I wear clothes from 1995, and not for lack of shopping. Plus, the shrimps fit into a size larger the way us kings of the jungle can't fit smaller, so they snap up all our cool clothes with their wimpy little paws).

So I missed jonmc's call inviting me to Memorial Day barbeque and relaxation (sorry bro), and wound up getting home around 10:30 (after an excellent late dinner at Alias. Go there, New Yorkers. The food is great and I want them to stay open).

You know how you can pinch your thumb and forefinger around the leg muscles of a raw chicken and just pull it off the bone? Well, at around 2 am, I developed a cramp in my left thigh that felt like someone was doing that to me. I rolled out of bed and crawled to the bathroom, where I sat in hot water for awhile and rubbed my leg. Then I slept furtively, occasional twinges waking me up and ruining my good night's sleep.

Here I am at work, my leg occasionally spasming and, even after a nice relaxing long weekend, not feeling well-rested at all.

I hope tomorrow is better.
posted by Hugh Janus 29 May | 08:51
Hrmph. My coworker used the last Z report instead of making copies. Also, she went camping all weekend while I busted ass cleaning out the old house and working on the new house (which is too small, and ugly, and has nowhere to put anything and also my stupid power drill thingie broke and I can't find anything) and drinking too much and my stomach hurts and the fucking dog fence is still not finished so I have to drive home at lunch to let the dogs out and bah, humbug, I'm tired of moving and I'm cranky as hell.
posted by mygothlaundry 29 May | 09:04
I'm grumpy, but I'm grumpy more or less everyday. I'm hungover my network is acting funny and I have to laundry. I showered yesterday and still woke up bathed in toxic sweat. My heads all stuffed up and I feel more loserish/fuck-uppy than usual.
posted by jonmc 29 May | 09:06
What's up with everybody having insomnia last night? I woke up at 2AM and never did really go back to sleep... just dozed off about half an hour before the clock went off at 5:30. Now I'm spacey, yawning, and don't want to work. Also, I'm ready to get grumpy at the least provocation.
posted by BoringPostcards 29 May | 09:37
There's hope, Hrmphers: lunch is an hour and change off, it's a short work week (if you're an M-F'er), and June starts this week. Which is good for after din din walks and lightening bug action. Plus, my new shoes from Zappo's shipped this morning. Zappo's kicks ass. They're IPO'ing sometime this year too. Lately I've wanted to be an order picker in a warehouse, wearing roller blades and my shuffle.
posted by chewatadistance 29 May | 09:43
I slept okay but I am going from a three day weekend into a four day long meeting. That just seems unfair. It ain't Ethiopia for four months, so I guess I'll quit my whining. I am vaguely disturbed because I had these incredible messianic dreams on Sunday night that inspired me to change my life and the world but routine has dragged me right back down to my usual schlep mode now.
posted by scarabic 29 May | 09:47
lunch is an hour and change off,

Since it's laundry day, my lunch will be liquid. I'll still feel loserish, but I won't really care. I'm also almost out of cigarettes and have to shave four dyas worth of scruff off.
posted by jonmc 29 May | 09:50
Yeah, I'm grumpy. I woke up last night sweating like a dog despite the fact that I had the a/c blasting (in May! our poor electricity bill) and then I couldn't get back to sleep. I have a load of paperwork to do today and I'm way behind on my labwork. Sigh.
posted by gaspode 29 May | 09:53
Grumpy... yes, yes, yes. That's definitely the word for me this morning. It's more this feeling of being overwhelmed, though, like any little thing can make me scream. Damn 7 train took forever to come this morning, so I had to take the W/4 or 5 alternate to Grand Central, which involves huffing it up an extra three flights of stairs. My legs almost didn't make it, I'm in such crummy shape; I had to curse my way through the last few steps. Plus, I was crabby with my honey this morning over the stupid network not working again (sorry, pie), and I feel bad about that. And the windows in my classroom don't open and it's 110 degrees in there. I sweat through my clothes three times a day. It's almost the end of the year. It's almost summer. I'm even writing again. I should feel good. I did yesterday... I think the crabbing, in a way, gives me energy to get through the day sometimes. I wish I could be more mellow.
posted by Pips 29 May | 10:02
I was grumpy yesterday because it was too cold (!) to go to the lake and most of the city pools were short-staffed, so it was only possible to swim in the shallow end, and when I finally did find a pool that was fully operational, it was packed with kids and then the lifeguards blew their whistles and cleared it out like 5 minutes after I jumped in!

But then I went and had some good pizza and drank some beer and played cards with some friends, and then I wasn't grumpy anymore. (That is, until I had to get up for work this morning.)
posted by Atom Eyes 29 May | 10:12
A teacher just came in and punched the lockers in the breakroom. Something in the air today.
posted by Pips 29 May | 10:59
I'm grumpy. I want another day off. CNN is on and it's all Iraq disaster all the time. One of my two foster kids is pretty much doing nothing in life and I may have to kick him out in the fall. I'm behind at work. My checking account is over drawn. Sigh.
posted by Claudia_SF 29 May | 11:05
bmarkey: You're right. I should be happy about Ethiopia, it is going to be different. And fun. I like doing field research. I think I'm "hrmph"ing about Ethiopia is because it's just long enough for me to make a "home" there, and then it's time to end my contract there.

But having slept, the world is much better :)
posted by carabiner 29 May | 11:06
I was grumpy. Then the boy laughed for the first time.
posted by jrossi4r 29 May | 11:18
Okay, I was grumpy then I brightened up reading jrossi's post. I love a baby's first laugh! Now, back to grumpy....

I had a bad dream last night where a half dozen people were trying to break in my house (four of them were wearing the store "Marshalls" polyester vests). Woke up grumpy from that and lack of cuddling attention from the hubby. Things are strained at home due to my father-in-law's poor health, so that contributes to a long-term grumpy. Then I get mad at myself, so more grumpy from that!! Aaarrgghhhh. I'd like four or five days alone somewhere with no worries. That'll never happen.
posted by redvixen 29 May | 11:43
I had a bad dream last night where a half dozen people were trying to break in my house (four of them were wearing the store "Marshalls" polyester vests).

Well, they'd obviously only steal any irregular merchandise you happen to own. (My mom was a fiend for Marshall's and TJ Maxx, specially when it came to school clothes).
posted by jonmc 29 May | 11:47
Fucking Junkpros couldn't bother to tell me that no one was going to show up today even though arrangements had been made last Friday and I quadruple checked with the super to make sure they knew how they were supposed to fill out the insurance certificate. Their receptionist is just the latest in a string of incompetents who've delayed the work.No word from the spoiled prick upstairs about getting a picture of his hallway before the renovations start.

My father told me yesterday that it would be better for me to get soaking wet rather than wear the perfect lightweight waterproof cotton raincoat that "tells everyone to stay away from me". The paper had said there would be storms, which in NY usually means pissing rain. I wanted to go to the gym yesterday, but I had to meet him for an early dinner instead.
posted by brujita 29 May | 12:01
Mudd-Dude and I visited Dallas this weekend. I was grumpy because we had to park 2 miles from the baseball stadium (but then I got to see Wakefield pitch, and M.Ramirez goof off in left field). I was grumpy because the Dude made us walk all the way from our hotel to where President Kennedy was shot, then back up to the art museums, and my feet were tired! (but then he massaged them all night long).

Now I'm grumpy because I want another day of vacation!
posted by muddgirl 29 May | 12:21
I am grumpy. Waiting for a lab report. It stated two weeks ago, with side pain. First, it was either kidney stones or an infection. I got meds and a cat scan and it turned out to be neither, and the pain got worse, to the point of last week needing ibuprofen to work.

One thing in the cat scan was a couple enlarged lymph nodes and the nurse practitioner indicated a concern for lymphoma. Ordered a contrast cat scan which they could not get me into till last Friday. Results due today and it will not tell me whether or not I have lymphoma but it should tell me more about what's going on in my body. I had to drink this vile lemonade, sit around for an hour then lay on the machine, go through it, then get iodine injected (talk about a rush) and then go through again.

Today, the original pain is almost gone, I feel OK, and I have no idea what the next move, if any is. I have become more familiar than I would like with lymphoma, and I do not have any of the classic symptoms.

Worried still. And grumpy, yes, for having to wait this long.
posted by danf 29 May | 13:03
Can I pretend to be grumpy just so I can participate here? Or can I maybe just coast in on two years of pent-up grumpiness?

I send all you grumps a big hug.
posted by mudpuppie 29 May | 13:23
Awwwww. Non-grumpy pups.
posted by gaspode 29 May | 13:29
Yes. It's Bizarro Metachat.
posted by mudpuppie 29 May | 13:33
((((danf)))) keep us posted.
posted by chewatadistance 29 May | 13:53
Getting ready to move to Ethiopia for 4 months due to work.

All you have to do is tell her you don't want to go out with her again, Chandler.
posted by stilicho 29 May | 14:29
i think i'm physically grumpy. i think these weight loss pills give me that dried out traveling feeling and are causing intense bad dreams.
Plus after midnight a whiff of the night air seem to give the Bees a sudden transformation into an impish sproingy howler monkey. Luckily that veneer of cuteness dispells the bad dream feeling, except with all the tiny puncture wounds i'm waiting for cellulitis.
posted by ethylene 29 May | 14:31
Well I am less grumpy. Lymphoma is off the table for now. The circulation to my spleen and liver indicate a slight concern about high blood pressure, so I will need to look at that. But I will take it.

I am still slightly grumpy in that the barium stuff has made me constipated, though, and I am not quite done with the medical stuff yet.
posted by danf 29 May | 15:13
Glad to hear it's not the bad stuff, danf.
posted by mudpuppie 29 May | 15:33
I am still slightly grumpy in that the barium stuff has made me constipated,

For you, danf
posted by jonmc 29 May | 15:35
Today is not so bad...but saturday i had the worst day in years...complete meltdown at work, etc...i tell you what, cooking with tears streaming down your face is about as sucky as possible...but kinda funny in hindsight.

so yeah, i was really grumpy, but now i'm ok, and i pitched a shutout at wiffleball Doc Ellis style yesterday. ;)

Now i'm STL bound...woot!

rollerskate dancing tomorrow!!

(((grumpy folk)))
posted by Schyler523 29 May | 17:03
Grumpy is my middle name.
posted by dg 29 May | 17:15
So it's dgg?
posted by ethylene 29 May | 17:18
Well, it's really my other middle name, so it's djgg to be precise.

The girl that sits next to me at work calls me Oscar, so that could give you some idea of just how grumpy I really am.
posted by dg 29 May | 17:27
all of our middle names are 'grumpy.' except ikkyu2, his middle name's 'Doc.'
posted by jonmc 29 May | 17:46
then get iodine injected (talk about a rush)...

Indeed. One of the strangest feelings I've experienced... glad things are lookin' up, danf.
posted by Pips 29 May | 19:29
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