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23 May 2007

Hey IRC people: Thanks for the help last night.[More:]

It worked.

Sorry I missed the chance to know what this was about.
posted by Miko 23 May | 12:36

Glad to hear it!
posted by wimpdork 23 May | 12:37
Care to fill us in?
Love, money or espionage?
posted by ethylene 23 May | 12:41
Sorry, Miko, I wasn't intentionally trying to be cryptic, it's just a little embarassing.

I've been talking about the cute girl for a week now. Last week I did one of those CraigsList missed connections things, and last night I heard from said cute girl. IRC people walked me through the steps necessary to avoid being creepy and stupid, and they basically composed my response to her, wherein they made me ask her out, and she said yes, so now I think I have a date and it's a whole new level of OMG.
posted by mudpuppie 23 May | 12:43
i thought you were already in a serious relationship. i'm always behind on these things.
posted by ethylene 23 May | 12:50
She had LT's baby, but the relationship is over.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 23 May | 12:51
Eeeeee whoa whoa that's exciting wheeee omg!
posted by Specklet 23 May | 12:52
That's awesome, mudpuppie. She's a lucky girl.
posted by jrossi4r 23 May | 12:55
Great news. Don't forget to breath.
posted by arse_hat 23 May | 12:58
And you couldn't have done it without my ass.
posted by cortex 23 May | 13:01
Yay, pups!

I wish I were still an IRC person. too tired nowadays. *sigh*
posted by gaspode 23 May | 13:01
Woah, awesome!
posted by cmonkey 23 May | 13:01
posted by danf 23 May | 13:04
posted by fluffy battle kitten 23 May | 13:10
posted by Triode 23 May | 13:13
You are welcome!
posted by Hellbient 23 May | 13:21
And you couldn't have done it without my ass.

Cortex's ass is the source of all my confidence in life.
posted by mudpuppie 23 May | 13:34
He is a tasty bit of crumpet.
posted by ethylene 23 May | 13:35
Fantastic, mudpuppie!
posted by tangerine 23 May | 13:38
Good for you, pup. Seriously.
posted by jonmc 23 May | 13:43
That is fabulous, pups! Glad I could help! Keep us posted!!

posted by initapplette 23 May | 13:52
Yay pup! Do let us know how things go. Details, we want details!
posted by tr33hggr 23 May | 13:54
Yay! A date! Congratulations!
posted by TheDonF 23 May | 14:08
posted by eamondaly 23 May | 14:28
PUPhoney! That is great news. So awesome. Have fun fun fun. She's the lucky one.
posted by Miko 23 May | 14:32
I am NOT a phoney!

Thanks for all the good wishes, y'all.
posted by mudpuppie 23 May | 14:51
posted by CitrusFreak12 23 May | 14:54
Hmm, so I'm cleaning my bedroom, trying to work off excess energy and quell my nerves.

Under a pile of pennies (and cat hair) on the dresser, I find a fortune that I saved from a fortune cookie at some point. It says "At this moment, someone is thinking good thoughts about you."

And I go Awwwwww.

Moments later, I find another fortune that I've saved. I swear to god, it says "An alien of some sort will be appearing to you shortly!"

What have I done???
posted by mudpuppie 23 May | 15:03
gah, what is wrong with that thing! Not Cute!

As always, I'm impressed by your courage, mudpuppie! I'm hopelessly shy in situations like that.
posted by muddgirl 23 May | 15:26
Shit, muddgirl, me too. That's why I'm freaking out!
posted by mudpuppie 23 May | 15:28
AAAAAGH! It was supposed to be tomorrow, now it's tonight!

Guess that saves me a restless night, but still!
posted by mudpuppie 23 May | 15:39
Whenever i see a creature with multiple eyes or weirdly positioned eys like taht, I wonder what it's like to have that field of vision. I'm weird.
posted by jonmc 23 May | 16:27
You'll be fine, pups. Just let your natural endearing qualities show, and the evening will flow.
posted by initapplette 23 May | 16:37
Tonight? Go get her, pup!
posted by Specklet 23 May | 16:37
Good 4 U, muddie. You should feel lucky I wasn't in irc last night. My advice would've spoiled everything for sure.
posted by wendell 23 May | 16:42

Tonight's better. Much less time to build up the freak out. Plus, you've got the emotional momentum thing going right now.
posted by occhiblu 23 May | 16:51
Way to go mups. I'm really glad for you!
posted by richat 23 May | 17:40
Go, pup, go! Happy days are here again.
posted by bmarkey 23 May | 18:09
Well done, dear pupster. Have a wonderful time!

*gives mudpuppie a big bear hug*
posted by elizard 23 May | 18:21
posted by stilicho 24 May | 01:13
Awesome! Don't forget to breathe and for [diety's] sake, relax.
posted by deborah 24 May | 14:08
It's Birthday day for Dhruva! || Anyone have any experience with travel insurance?