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18 May 2007

kitty! kitty!It's animal appreciation day, night two of Metachaunakkah, so here's some crappy celly shots of Beatrix, who is smaller than a Hostess fruit pie. [More:]
It's so nice to have a kitty around!
Born at Easter, Beatrix is the tiniest of her litter, apparently loves chicken and trying to walk on glazed cakes.
With the name Beatrix i can always know how one Bee is. Her favorite place is under my hair as if it was her portable tee pee. She is currently sleeping in someone's crotch.
I was promised crappy celly shots. Where they at?

Also, since every day is animal appreciation day at our house, I'm not quite sure how to celebrate. Menorah over the litter box? Kosher doggy snax? Please advise.
posted by bmarkey 18 May | 22:34
Tomorrow is plant celebration. Then tithing the bunnygod

Sorry, kitty! was suppose to link to this.
Say hi to the Bee. i found one.
It is safe.
posted by ethylene 18 May | 22:40
Just take a moment to truly appreciate them how ever you feel the need.
Can a mod fix my kitty! link?
posted by ethylene 18 May | 22:42
Yay for new kitties!

Will do, eth.
posted by bmarkey 18 May | 22:47
≡ Click to see image ≡
My Kitty.
≡ Click to see image ≡
A kitty but not Kitty. Whitey Ford.
posted by arse_hat 18 May | 23:15
Oh and eth, Kitty is too cute.
posted by arse_hat 18 May | 23:16
Beesus thanks you but is too small to depress the keys. i think she was going for wfyhn something.
posted by ethylene 18 May | 23:45
So cute and tiny, and with blue eyes, still!
posted by interrobang 18 May | 23:53
She just came from visiting her fat brothers. She's so tiny and not use to being away from her family (second night away) that she follows you everywhere. She would be the most awesome parrot substitute. If i get up to pee she's gonna run after me on her tiny wiggly legs, making little bird meows. Damn that last cup of coffee.
i must to fatten her up.
She's asleep right under my chin. Good god, she's adorable.
posted by ethylene 19 May | 00:00
OMG! Kitty!
posted by essexjan 19 May | 00:18
This one's for Potato.
posted by ethylene 19 May | 00:32
Sooo tiny! And I love the name Beatrix.
posted by deborah 19 May | 00:38
Aww, she's so cute and tiny.
posted by box 19 May | 06:57
She's adorable!
posted by redvixen 19 May | 17:44
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