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10 May 2007

Metachat, I have three completely random questions for you... [More:]1. Is it cool to play poker (using chips, representing real money) in the park?

2. In taking classes that your job is paying for, what is the time frame for when it's kosher to quit and take another job you've gotten, partly from taking said class/classes?

3. Let's say you call up a porn agency and "order" a girl (or guy) for your "film". He/she comes over and you have sex, and you pay the specified amount of money to the agency. If it's required to record it, okay, you shoot it, but never release it. Legally, is this a loophole in prostitution laws?

Let me know if you need further clarification on any of these. Thanks.
And feel free to chime in with questions of your own.
1. cool as in legal, no. cool as in cool, fuck yeah.
2. I have no idea.
3. Since I've never been with a hooker, I have no idea.
posted by jonmc 10 May | 15:31
3. Yes, that is legal (although you would need to get a release form and a photocopy of their ID to conform to record keeping laws) because they are considered actors if you film it, not prostitutes. Good luck, wear a condom, and have fun.
posted by cmonkey 10 May | 15:34
I wonder if you would even need to film it?
posted by Hellbient 10 May | 15:39
1. Sure, as long as you "forget" that the chips represent real money when the cops stroll by.
2. 1 month after the end of classes, not counting the two-week period.
3. Isn't this only legal in San Bernadino County, CA? That's the rumor I heard.
posted by muddgirl 10 May | 15:48
Oh, for 2, check the employment contract you signed.
posted by muddgirl 10 May | 15:49
oh really muddgirl, that might be something in a contract? Huh. I was thinking more just in terms of etiquette, hadn't thought that it would have a real restriction, although I suppose it makes sense.
posted by Hellbient 10 May | 15:56
1. Isn't the wind going to blow your cards and chips everywhere?
2. (Anecdote) When I was at GE they flat-out told us that we could quit immediately after finishing the Edison Development Program, but we'd never find work with the company ever again (I ended up not doing the program).
3. If you really wanted to be sure, you could probably set up a "business" for this exact purpose, do all the paper work, file a tax return stating you lost money equal to the cost of the girl and filming equipment, then go out of business.
posted by backseatpilot 10 May | 15:59
Aren't you an at-will employee? Very few employees are under contract.
posted by Lola_G 10 May | 16:12
2. My employer makes you pay back money from tuition assistance in full if you quit within one year of the reimbursement, 50% within 2 years.
posted by ferociouskitty 10 May | 16:22
Well, my employment contract stipulates that if I leave before one year of employment, TheCo. can ask me to pay back any moving expenses that TheCo. initially covered. It's to keep people from getting hired, moving to an area on the company's dime, and then quitting right away to do something else.

This doesn't apply if you don't have an employment contract, of course. I just wanted to bring up the fact that there may be contractual restrictions.
posted by muddgirl 10 May | 16:23
Yes Lola, I don't believe I have a contract.
posted by Hellbient 10 May | 16:26
1. Yes it's fine.
2. Check your company handbook. Most companies provide terms and conditions under which tuition can be reimbursed, and descriptions of where you might be in default. I have seen companies ask for 6-12 months, and if you leave before that time is up, you may be required to reimburse for tuition. If there is no such agreement, you can do as you wish, but don't expect to be rehired in the future.
3. Astonishing. This is actually a thing people do??
posted by psmealey 10 May | 17:29
For the record, helibent, those ARE the three MOST random questions I have ever seen here.
posted by wendell 10 May | 18:14
where is hadjiboy and what have you done with him?
posted by trondant 10 May | 21:29
1. Fuck yes
2. Unless you want to go back to work there in the future, whenever the fuck you like
3. Fuck yes
posted by dg 10 May | 21:46
In Texas you can legally gamble in your own home. In public, not so much. I'd guess the same elsewhere.
posted by magikker 11 May | 01:45
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