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08 May 2007

Glasses on teh intarweb [More:]After reading a couple of threads on AskMe recently about buying glasses over the web, I looked into it and, having had a recent eye test that showed a leeetle change but not enough to justify the 400+ my glasses usually cost, I decided to take a risk and buy a pair online.

So today these arrived from Shanghai. Because of my prescription and the need to have the very highest indexation lenses, the total cost was 105, but that's still a quarter of what I'd normally pay. The fit is good, the vision is great (the key, apparently, is getting the Pupillary Distance right and my optician always includes that on the prescription anyway) and they look fab (even though I say it myself).

Happy bunny tonight.

Good for you! When I got new glasses last fall, they were really expensive, and it didn't help that my vision insurance which I had been paying for years only covered a small fraction of it because it was "out of network", which is interesting because the vendor was listed on the insurance company's friggen website.

Sigh. I wish I had eyes like Chuck Yeager. 20/10 in each eye and he still is rated as having that in his 80s.
posted by King of Prontopia 08 May | 15:08
oh, they are cute! I am beginning to rue the day I chose my chunky plastic black set..
posted by By the Grace of God 08 May | 15:30
oooh, those look good. love the line!
posted by dabitch 08 May | 16:13
wait a that you can see again, you still think you look good? In glasses you never even tried on, yet?!! I've always hated my new glasses once I got them, and I finally figured out that the reason was I could now see myself more clearly. So that's not it?

I give up.
posted by serena 08 May | 21:20
ooh, those frames look cool. I always want to get rimless frames or at least no rims on one side (bottom or top) and I've always been told that it's not possible with my prescription (the lens would be too thick, I think). Anyway, pretty!
posted by PY 09 May | 00:42
PY, even with my high indexation, the lenses are still quite thick but they look grand.
posted by essexjan 09 May | 01:01
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