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03 May 2007

I Gotz My Box. [More:]Well, not exactly, but I am as happy as that little bugger. I managed to install my USB 2.0 card and hook my 250GB external HD and it's backing up the Jonmc Music Museum as we speak, thus making it easily available to any of my local compadres and (whew) backed up. I am so happy.
After each full backup I get that feeling too. Whew! Now you need to make it easily to find and grab in case of RIAA raid fire.
posted by chillmost 03 May | 08:52
We're talking almost 20,000 songs here, some of which were incredibly difficult to find, so I'm making damn sure to back it all up. Even with the usb 2.0 it'll take an hour or two.
posted by jonmc 03 May | 08:58
That sloth is so gangsta.
posted by mike9322 03 May | 09:09
shit with 20k songs and some super difficult to get again, you should make a backup of the backup and keep it down at the bank.
posted by birdherder 03 May | 10:00
Man, if I had a box, I wouldn't let those slothass claws anywhere near it.
posted by danostuporstar 03 May | 10:07
I have a lot on homeburned CD's and on the iPod, too. I've got this shit wired tight eight ways from tuesday. and like I said, when I get a new system, file transfer will be a piece of cake, and if any of the MeChaNy Posse wants the stuff, they can just bring their laptop to the bar and we'll hook it up.
posted by jonmc 03 May | 10:07
Awesome! (I wants me a slothbox, too... sloths have the right idea. No one rushes a sloth.)
posted by Pips 03 May | 10:36
I'm pretty sure that sloth and I would get along slothingly.

congratulations on your box.
posted by Hellbient 03 May | 10:46
well, hellbient, you do realize this means that if you have a laptop that can accomodate 69 gigs of music, the collection as at your disposal. Beer is accepted as payment:).
posted by jonmc 03 May | 11:13
it just so happens that I do have a laptop, jonmc. Even better would be an external HD, eh? It is on my list.
posted by Hellbient 03 May | 12:44
My external is available to be hoovered into your laptop at your disposal, my friend.
posted by jonmc 03 May | 13:01
My external is available to be hoovered into your laptop

Get a room, you two.
posted by danostuporstar 03 May | 13:10
I'm getting this one blown up to 8'x11' and laquered to the wall.
posted by chewatadistance 03 May | 15:28
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