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01 May 2007

Won't you be my neighbour? 3 un-messed with rooms for sale in my building SJ huset, Malmö, great floor and 50s kitchen+bath. Can't someone with good taste buy it please? [More:] I'd hate to see this flat get renovated to death, am I the only one who LURVES old 50's bathrooms with tile everywhere and checkered floors? Also here in swedish on my blog.
Uh-oh! Admin hope me! That first link was supposed to go to the pictures here, right underneath that big shot of the building you click on the green tab that reads "bilder" and you get to see inside. :)
posted by dabitch 01 May | 04:01
That's a nice flat, but for 1,795,000 DKK I would expect it to come with a butler.
posted by cmonkey 01 May | 04:20
posted by matteo 01 May | 04:21
cmonkey, it's 1,795,000 sek, 1,463,681.68 DKK, that's 268,038.73 USD or 196,455.57 Euro! Trust me, it's kinda cheap. :) At this hoods square meter prices something that size should be 2,131,000. It's a DEAL! :)
posted by dabitch 01 May | 04:27
Seriously, if I got that place I'd so try and keep that fifties style to the kitchen and bath. I'm a sucker for that stuff.
posted by dabitch 01 May | 04:28
That's around £140,000. You'd get nothing like that for that money in most of the UK.
posted by essexjan 01 May | 06:34
People must have been taller in the 50s. My retro kitchen has the same insanely-high cabinets, even my 6' roommate needs a step stool to reach the very top.
posted by kellydamnit 01 May | 09:50
They usually hide a place for one of those step-chairs in these types of kitchen. Kinda like these:
≡ Click to see image ≡
- god knows I'd need one, the ceiling height is 3,40 (cm)! SO those cabinets are hiiiiigh.
posted by dabitch 01 May | 11:52
Wow, what a great flat! I loved just about everything there, not the wallpaper, I'm not a fan of wallpaper. And the bath and kitchen?? Fantastic!

posted by LunaticFringe 01 May | 12:12
if a job and a working visa are included, then i'm in!
posted by malaprohibita 01 May | 12:36
What do you do malaprohibita? Maybe I can help you find a job. :) I'm serious about this bath needin' to be preserved man. A great renovation-trend is going through Sweden right now, they're chopping all the good stuff up. *cries*

But yeah, that wallpaper has got to go. The medallions are kinda cool, but they've been sunbleached.
posted by dabitch 01 May | 15:49
The only things holding me back are USD 267,000, the fact that 80% of my current income is US Social Security Disability, my lack of competence in learning languages other than English, and the expectation that if I ever left the US, I'd never be allowed back in. Okay, that last one is not really an obstacle.
posted by wendell 01 May | 15:57
That's impressive — it's got a Vardagsrom salong and a Kök!
Wait, what?
posted by rob511 01 May | 20:16
I just realized that ya'll can't read the backstory (me daft) - this apartment has been in one single family's use for 100 years. The house itself is exactly 100 years old. The house was built for the train-people of SJ (states railroad) in 1907, and the two original three room apartments (this one and the opposite corner) were for those who had a little more to spend. So the engineer/traindriver Gottfried Nilsson bought the apartment for him and his missus and their six kids back then, and the daughters stayed in said apartment (and they bought one across the hall later) all of their lives while the three sons left the building and bought houses outside of the city. The three daughters Dagny, Nora och Gulli who stayed in the building were called "Tant Grön, Tant brun and Tant Gredelin" (Aunt Green, Aunt Brown and Aunt Lilac) by the kids in the block, it's from a childrens book written by Elsa Beskow.
≡ Click to see image ≡

Anyway, the last daughter has now left the apartment and her nephews have been cleaning it out for weeks. The bathroom was installed in the 1950's, the kitchen was probably done a little earlier and then touched up in the 50's as well but very little has been done to that apartment since it was originally built. I think it's so cool. All the other apartments in this building are originally two-rooms and kitchen - baths came later, there's a house in the yard which used to be the house-bath and there's closet on every landing which were the first shared toilets in the 1920's. Most apartments have their own baths and showers now, usually at the expensive of what used to be closet space, and a whole bunch of people have bought the apartment next door to make four rooms rather than just two. Except ours, where two apartments on top of each other are connected with a staircase to make one bigger one. There used to be porcelin ovens in all the apartments but more than two-thirds have been torn out (we still have one!). The yard has gorgeous cherry trees and is - as any railway building should be - dead close to the central trainstation meaning we're pretty much in the middle of the city. :)
posted by dabitch 02 May | 06:55
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