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04 January 2007

My new sideline As of next week, I'll be a part-time professional bridge player![More:]Got approached last night by a couple of people who want to pay me to play with them (and give mini lessons as I go). Good money for doing something that I love - yeah! (also, I often play with beginning/improving players for fun anyway -- it's good to learn patience).
What a great way to make some extra money. Hmmmmmm......maybe my dream of being a professional moderately-good-Scrabble player can become a reality.
posted by Slack-a-gogo 04 January | 09:44
That is too cool! Excellent, gaspode.

*wonders if there are any paying Sims 2 gigs in the world...*
posted by BoringPostcards 04 January | 09:48
Or Hearts!
posted by Lipstick Thespian 04 January | 09:50
That's so cool, pode. What fun. I'd love to be paid to play Scrabble too.

My son's friends with a couple of guys who are professional Halo players - the Xbox game. They're in a clan and they play random games with n00bs to both show them the ropes and obliterate them from the face of the earth. My son's been approached a couple of times to go pro too, but whenever he auditions he chokes and plays like poo. That would be my ultimate - to be paid to play video games. Zelda games and FF games specifically.
posted by iconomy 04 January | 09:59
That would be my ultimate - to be paid to play video games.

Me too. Except for me, it'd be drinking, listening to music and looking at porn.

They're not hiring.
posted by jonmc 04 January | 10:02
yay pode!
posted by mike9322 04 January | 10:12
It would be sweet to play videogames for a living. I'd audition but I know I'm not good enough to get hired. I guess I'll have to stick with science :(
posted by LunaticFringe 04 January | 10:18
Good for you!
posted by brujita 04 January | 10:25
There was someone one either MeFi or MoFi who worked for one of those child protection filtering companies adding reported sites to their filter set after verifying content. Apparently getting paid to surf porn isn't all you'd imagine.
posted by Mitheral 04 January | 10:30
That is so cool, I can't tell you. I am deeply envious. In Greece I was obsessed with a variation of bridge (probably a simplified one). Haven't played in years. I have several books about bridge at home. Hey, I might become your pupil!

Good on ya.
posted by carmina 04 January | 10:32
Awesome 'pode... does it come with free lager?
posted by Pips 04 January | 10:54
You are and always will be the SHIZZZZZNIT, 'Pode
I see a "Bridge TV" cable channel in your future.

posted by Joe Famous 04 January | 12:29
Okay, that's just pretty damn cool.
posted by Specklet 04 January | 13:33
We should setup a metafilter bridge tournament somewhere. Like Vegas.
posted by frecklefaerie 04 January | 14:43
Your awesomeness grows by the day, pode! Now I want to learn to play bridge.
posted by jrossi4r 04 January | 14:49
Yes! Yes! everyone should learn to play bridge! Then we can play in tournaments and win fame and fortune...

Oh wait, it's bridge not poker. Oh wells. It is a most excellent game, though.
posted by gaspode 04 January | 15:06
One no trump.
posted by disclaimer 04 January | 18:20
That's a cool sideline!

(Well, everything's cool, as long as you're the one doing it.)

posted by jason's_planet 04 January | 22:03
I have a problem with the internet. || A score at the used-CD shop for me yesterday.