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24 September 2006

Right me a pome, pleez! [More:]
Let's walk the doggerel together. I'll provide some "rhyming" pairs, you regurgitate a couplet (or few). Or, uhh, craft your own fraternal twins and take it from there.

The verse, the better!

sympatico / "Attica!"
hoosegow / moose-cow
Nietzsche / itchy
ennui / sodomy
war on terror / Maureen O'Hara
gas mask / ass flask
carne asada / Reno NV
Bush / zhoosh

How I learned not, what Philosophy is

I once braved to read Nietzsche
But it made my neck itchy.
I then tried to read Sartre
But he made me fart-rrrrrrr.

And old Aristotle
Could only yodle.
His teacher, the Plato
was a rotten potatoe.

I read Sigmund Freud
But it left me with a void.
In my head and Ayn Rand
Was awfully bland.

This poem makes no sense
So I'll end it with Peirce.
posted by Daniel Charms 24 September | 15:49
That wicked philosopher Nietzsche
When horny could be such a bitch, he'd
say "Gotterdammerung, wench!
Ich bin dein ubermensch!
Ecce homo, and scratch where he's itchy!"
posted by Wolfdog 24 September | 15:53
A man once in terrible error
Declared that a war on terror
Was to be fought
And the blame for it ought
To be put on this man...or was it a woman...what was her name again? Oh, right! Maureen O'Hara!
posted by Daniel Charms 24 September | 16:01
I once ate in Reno, Nevada
A huge plate of carne asada
But after I'd splurged,
Well, the cloud that emerged
Could have torched the whole Spanish armada
posted by Wolfdog 24 September | 16:05
Apropos of nothing, I swear. It just... occurred.

When searching for bovine romance
Use a careful and cautious advance
They'll kick, if adverse,
Or - what's even worse -
Drop a gallon of shit in your pants.
posted by Wolfdog 24 September | 16:11
A man ended up in the hoosegow
For selling fake beer he called "Fussbrau" -
It was made from the claws
On a jackalope's paws
And distilled with the hoof of a moose-cow
posted by Wolfdog 24 September | 16:26
In ancient Rome, there was a poem...
posted by Wolfdog 24 September | 16:27
The task that I set (to compose a fun ditty)
Would reap, I guessed, a bumper crop of la merde.
For some brains that do throng hereabouts
Are surely like Macbeth's Scottish sisters
More than (& I'm being kind) certifiably weird.
Imagine my shock, 'pon return to this thread:
Prose pretty and whitty (not one whit o' the shitty)
And even (gasp!) rhymed! Color me ensnared.
posted by rob511 24 September | 18:28
Cheers to all of you
Bookish MetaChat sentries!
(Special thanks, Lupus Canis,
For your num'rous fine entries.)
posted by rob511 24 September | 18:35
Argghhhh! I can't believe I misspelled witty!!!
posted by rob511 24 September | 18:43
The Marine recruit, less brain than brute,
drew titters by donning his ass flask
during a toxic gas drill...
then compounded the thrill
by taking a dump in his gas mask.
posted by taz 24 September | 23:38
Thanks, rob, for the kind words you said
If it weren't for the fur, I'd blush red
I'm half wolf at heart,
But my domestic part
Is still pleased by a pat on the head
posted by Wolfdog 25 September | 07:29
This thread has been sitting neglected
Its poetry long since collected
But threads here don't close
And thus nobody knows
When traffic might be redirected
posted by cortex 23 July | 23:43
Spirals || Shark!