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19 January 2006

I wanted to share my wonderful morning So, read an excerpt from the email I sent to my wife inside. [More:]I had one of those really great moments this morning. Ev was happy as a clam today (to be dropped off at her daycare), and when I got Soph out of the van at Alexander (Sophie's school), I looked up at the clear blue sky and noticed the moon. I pointed it out to Soph and she was suitably impressed, then I turned to the left and pointed out the beautiful orange sky above the overpass, which indicated that the sun was coming up and told her that we will have both the sun AND the moon in the sky today. She had probably stopped listening, as she was shambling in her snow-booty way towards the door to her school. She looked so happy, just happiness personified in a purple coat and stripey glove (she had dropped her other glove and didn't want to wear it), and I think, at that moment, my heart was just about to pop. It was a fucking glorious moment, so I told Soph that right that second, hanging out with her, I really, really loved my life.

Warm, sunny winter mornings rock. It is now almost two hours later, and as I proofread this for typos, I can still feel that swell of happiness. It's a pretty good feeling.
that's great richat! keep spreading that happiness! being with happy kids and someone special is the bestest thing.

i so want babies now
posted by flopsy 19 January | 10:09
That's wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us!
posted by kmellis 19 January | 10:25
Yeah, that's pretty cool. Nice to find little slices of happiness in the most mundane of circumstances.
posted by iconomy 19 January | 10:30
How neat, richat. I love when happiness sneaks up on you like that. It's awesome.

And flopsy--Don't forget that babies are actually demanding, hitlerific poo machines. (At least for the first year or so.)
posted by jrossi4r 19 January | 10:37

What a great phrase. And occasionally on the money.
posted by richat 19 January | 10:40
Hitlerific Poo Machines would make a great band name!
posted by iconomy 19 January | 10:44
Thanks for sharing, richat! I am so looking forward to when I point things out to Graydon and he actually sees what I'm showing him.

Contentment is a powerful emotion. I'm glad you're getting steeped in it!
posted by fenriq 19 January | 10:59
What a great morning, richat!

fenriq, Graydon will get there soon enough and you just can't deny the fact that the kid is ridiculously cute.
posted by Frisbee Girl 19 January | 11:41
"i so want babies now"

Me, too. If I were female, I'd have just gotten artifically inseminated or something. As it is, I've got to find someone around my age that still wants to have a child or another child. I despair that this won't happen. I've really wanted children.

Not babies so much, though. :)
posted by kmellis 19 January | 11:42
Thanks for sharing richat.

I've got to find someone around my age that still wants to have a child or another child.

How about a divorced woman with children? I married a woman with 9- and 11-year-olds, ten years later we are a very close family and I love them to death. There are some amazing women out there who often outgrew their first husbands and have a lot to offer.

(We also had a child together 6 years ago and he is a joyful little boy.)
posted by LarryC 19 January | 12:26
Wow. May you long have such happiness, and my it comfort your soul to the end of your days.
posted by stilicho 19 January | 13:11
It took me a long time to learn that I couldn't expect to be happy all the time but that I can be generally pretty content with life, and occasionally experience moments of great joy such as you describe.

[Of course, the corollary to that is that I also have to experience incredible pain & sorrow sometimes, but I can endure that, knowing that joy is the flipside of that particular coin.]

Thanks for sharing your joy, richat.
posted by essexjan 19 January | 13:33
I took LarryC's route, although our kids were much younger. 20+ years later, and I was awarded with a richat moment just this Monday. Mrs. It's Raining Florence Henderson was watching our 2 year old grandson, but my stupid company doesn't observe MLK's B-day, so I had to work. When I got home, my grandson was so happy to see "Papa" that he couldn't contain himself and literally began dancing in place.
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson 19 January | 13:33
Beautiful richat, thanks for sharing! I'm equally happy with my mate, so much that sometimes during a meal I just jump up from the table and go hug her in her chair b/c I can't put it off.
posted by chewatadistance 19 January | 13:35
Sweet; what wonderful beautiful animals we can be. We talk excitedly about having children now. Yay!
posted by tr33hggr 19 January | 13:46
Frisbee, ridiculously cute works. He's just so adorable and sweet and has such a great temperament. The best is when I put on some classic rock (he's a big Zeppelin fan) and he starts dancing and rocking out with me!

Now that I know we're having another boy, part of me does kind of wish we were having a girl to experience that side of parenting as well.

But then I always think about when they start dating and my envy turns into relief!
posted by fenriq 19 January | 13:51
Thanks for sharing that, richat. You're a lucky man.
posted by deborah 19 January | 14:36
Please listen || Nova Scotia was a very clean place.