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Metafilter: grooming school for awkward non-conformists. Gain respect on MeFi? Some of us have greater ambitions.
Metafilter: an equal opportunity, rant-a-rific dogpile
Metafilter: Fuck Firefox or Quonsar. They're both chewable.
Metafilter: fueled by angst and sarcasm.
Metafilter: Does any of it really belong.
Metafilter: stalking you all for years.
Metafilter: fear me...! *giggles then skips out of the room in her fluffy hello kitty slippers*
Metafilter: Love It Or Leave It.
Metafilter: You're With Us or Asking Us How to be Against Us.
Metafilter: How Dare You?
Metafilter: You're With Us or Asking Us How to be Against Us.
Metafilter: Might Also Make Miguel Cry
Metafilter: Home of the MetaPeople.
Metafilter: 'Morning Ralph. 'Morning, Sam.
Metafilter: Any post deleted so as not to cause controversy will be linked to in no less than three MetaTalk posts.
Metafilter: getting teenage kicks right through the night
Metafilter: Fucking Attention Whores
Metafilter: right up there with Queer Eye for hygiene tips.
Metafilter: I'm 4-F!" "No, I'm 4-F!
Metafilter: Worst of the web since 1999.
Metafilter: All people have assholes too.
Metafilter: Grow claws. We'll help you.
Metafilter: Weak, and unworthy.
Metafilter: challenge-level racial slur crosswords
Metafilter: self-described compulsive fellator.
Metafilter: Googling our pants off.
Metafilter: we've got posters from Atlantis
Metafilter: 1% for Stalin!
Metafilter: That Wasn't Meant to Sound Snotty.
Metafilter: fowl language, bitch bitch fuck, and offensive messages
Metafilter: Inviting strangers into your home, who may kill you in your sleep.
Metafilter: qobsnzr riuned mt kiubord.
Metafilter: More sensitive than your average foreskin.
Metafilter: bicker and libel
Metafilter: Your logic's got me a little confused.
Metafilter: You'll need to bring your own feather
Metafilter: scarf that shit up
Metafilter: stretch your stomach in preparation
Metafilter: Like a lot of Lisboans
Metafilter: more virulent than kottke
Metafilter: We may be laying in the gutter, but we're staring up at the stars.
Metafilter: what the fat white American techie guy thinks
Metafilter: I'm all about the gay! I love the gay!
Metafilter: a Psychiatric Case Study of the Interweb</u>
Metafilter: The Ghost-to-Ghost Hookup.
Metafilter: I Just Saw a Big Dr. Phil
Metafilter: Product may contain peanuts.
Metafilter: Aw, fuck it. I don't care this much.
Metafilter: Poo of the eye!
Metafilter: Curiosity Withdrawn.
Metafilter: High School Minus the Girls
Metafilter: If we're condescending to you, will you go away too?
Metafilter: It's just hard for all of us to co-exist happily.
Metafilter: The purple people rotate.
Metafilter: Oh, the torment, the oppression, the ennui, the despair
Metafilter: This Way We All Get To Be Impressed....
Metafilter: Is that a troll up my ass?
Metafilter: Come for the links, stay for the never ending bitch fest.
Metafilter: I hate you online, but I love you in person!
Metafilter: Identifying French cartoons about alien hornets since 2003.
Metafilter: Willingness to be inconvenienced
Metafilter: nothing left but camelburgers.
Metafilter: why am I wasting my time with these losers when I could be spending it with sluts and plants?
Metafilter: where all the high-octane raptors are buried.
Metafilter: Do these cunts really think they look good in them?
Metafilter: I'm very confused as to what has transpired here.
Metafilter: We're not your support group, just your soapbox.
Metafilter: A Shower of Pee.
Metafilter: Getting Lost in a Shower of Pee.
Metafilter: a good man is dead, let's be snarky!
Metafilter: skip them, always
Metafilter: A Slapwank in the Grey
Metafilter: as much for love of argument as anything.
Metafilter: I'm totally...
Metafilter: being swarmed with morons at 30,000 feet.
Metafilter: okay, awkward.
Metafilter: ironic playground.
Metafilter: I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered.
Metafilter: Think of it as farting in front of 17,000 wives.
Metafilter: Harshed my Metabuzz : >
Metafilter: For the open wound in all of us.
Metafilter: Salt for the open wound in all of us.
Metafilter: listen here, you smug little fuck.
Metafilter: What's the rumpus?
Metafilter: What's the rumpus?
Metafilter: Hunt the Wumpus.
Metafilter: Eats, Shoots and Hangs Around to Explain Himself.
Metafilter: Bleah
Metafilter: It's you I want to hide from.
Metafilter: vibrations coming from your monitor.
Metafilter: Let's go get perms.
Metafilter: We're outraged by the outrage
Metafilter: It's not fair to blame Matt for problems I created.
Metafilter: Next time, it will all be different.
Metafilter: shut the hell up.
Metafilter: Reaction time is a factor in this, so please pay attention.
Metafilter: so that we may feel blessed and, while you're at it, give us tons of Lego. : >
Metafilter: most people come for the hate and discontent!
Metafilter: Self-loathing since 1999.
Metafilter: Now With Added Flavor!
Metafilter: keeping as many liberal and pacifist a-holes inside, so they do the least amount of damage possible in the real world.
Metafilter: insupportably obnoxious in a serial way.
Metafilter: Keeping assholes in line.
Metafilter: too heart warming to delete.
Metafilter: much of that is small rectangles to me.
Metafilter: warning: dead baby; MIDI
Metafilter: you can fucking choke on a bucket of cocks.
Metafilter: put down the cocks and go read it.
Metafilter: A Bucket O' Cocks
Metafilter: Liberal HomoCommie Massmind
Metafilter: Thanks for your mediocre variation on a stale 111 half-witticism.
Metafilter: If it's gonna suck everywhere, you might as well hang out here with us.
Metafilter: a bunch of people of different ages, locations, nationalities and races who all agree with me.
Metafilter: A screwdriver in your dick, a bucket of cocks, and a cookie.
Metafilter: A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.
Metafilter: you'll come for the news. You'll stay for the bitching.
Metafilter: It was never funny.
Metafilter: the it's OK to like.
Metafilter: We're all in this to get her.
Metafilter: Matt, geton the ball and and some new taglines
Metafilter: could it be more offensive?
Metafilter: Now that's a REALLY useful invention! *boom*
Metafilter: Could you have phrased that more offensively?
Metafilter: Why don't you go eat a bucket full of cocks.
Metafilter: In serious need of a sarcasm detector.
Metafilter: What?
Metafilter: Keeping the Leftists inside, so they do as little damage as possible on the outside.
Metafilter: Keeping the Righties outside, so they do as little damage as possible on the inside.
Metafilter: Could you have phrased that more offensively?
Metafilter: Yes, I do need to get a life.
Metafilter: The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars
Metafilter: Like wiping your ass with a page torn from the bible
Metafilter: myth making activities and more
Metafilter: Shut up Seth
Metafilter: It's a joke, get over it.
Metafilter: I win.
Metafilter: Yes, you win.
Metafilter: It's a pyrrhic victory
Metafilter: cock buckets are the new pancakes.
Metafilter: retliFateM
Metafilter: Metafilter!
Metafilter: Make Everyone Talk About Flash, Iraq, Liberals, the Times... Everything Really.
Metafilter: ?????
Metafilter: It vibrates!
Metafilter: In jokes for introverts [ cf.
Metafilter: Reasoned and dignified debate
Metafilter: The Kuo5hin it's possible to navigate Contentious!
Metafilter: Links to thoughtful and interesting web pieces
Metafilter: This is an in-joke.
Metafilter: My cat's breath smells like a bucket o' cocks.
Metafilter: Ponies, cocks,'s like a fucking zoo in here.
Metafilter: we come together in love...
[ Metafilter: the it... Metafilter: bitch early. bitch often.
Metafilter: Making Shit Up As We Go Along
Metafilter: Making Shit One-Upsmanship
Metafilter: Welcome, Don Mattingly, alluring Siamese accordionist, I hope her idea's funny!
Metafilter: so I axed it.
Metafilter: I think back to to what evanizer, Steven Den Beste, and 111 have said, and they're absolutely right
Metafilter: Violating the spirit
Metafilter: For all you quonsars out there". I need help, any web developers / programmers willing to help?
Metafilter: self-culling since 1999
Metafilter: It's no bucket of cocks.
Metafilter: the noise IS the signal.
Metafilter: some hideous malformed code
Metafilter: Quality trumps uniqueness.
Metafilter: Truth is, matt, I do want the feature
Metafilter: it seems that lame jokes are here to stay.
Metafilter: ____Filter
Metafilter: this is why we can have nice things!
Metafilter: only the... *snigger*
Metafilter: It's [usually a Simpsons reference.]
Metafilter: Argument Clinic
Metafilter: Assorted levels of self-centered assholitude.
Metafilter: Flakey and free
Metafilter: more addictive than crack.
Metafilter: The Boing Boing It's OK To Like ?
Metafilter: fetishizing idiosyncrasy.
Metafilter: Where Memes Start
Metafilter: The Snark Starts Here
Metafilter: I'll call you a "doodoo-head", or - even worse - an American!
Metafilter: You're nobody till somebody hates you.
Metafilter: Censor all opposing views just because we (He) can, and they are so inconvenient anyway.
Metafilter: Since we're all getting ours out: here's mine.
Metafilter: It's better than the usual incest.
Metafilter: FUCKING PAIN
Metafilter: Organ Bashing.
Metafilter: parochial, pimply, nerdish, cliquey, incestuous and, ultimately, meaningless.
Metafilter: when the rubbing won't intrude too much
Metafilter: The Rest of the Web.
Metafilter: All US Election News, All The Time.
Metafilter: It's just a fucking website.
Metafilter: Dated January 14, 2003, by "NortonDC." ...
Metafilter: Behind the laughter" in the second quarter of next year.
Metafilter: Behind the Laughter.
Metafilter: I take perverse comfort in that.
Metafilter: More annoying than it actually is.
Metafilter: The Pete Best of the internet.
Metafilter: leeching off the juices of the blogosphere++
Metafilter: we're talkin' one load
Metafilter: haven't you got a shushing bee to attend or something?
Metafilter: oh, sorry, is my dissimulation not working?
Metafilter: I imagine a thousand pleps, each with an appreciation for that which transcends the mundane and a willingness to draw upon a multitude of disciplines to reveal more about the topic at hand and the collective human experience through the sharing of knowledge and considered discourse.
Metafilter: Don't post links, or something bad will happen.
Metafilter: Seth's new byotch!
Metafilter: I still find your constant whining really annoying Seth.
Metafilter: If the "community" in "community weblog
Metafilter: The Site Where People Go To Discuss How seth Feels About Things
Metafilter: Nothing. No, something.
Metafilter: Drunk people who steal stuff
Metafilter: shooting them all would be a start, frankly.
Metafilter: The Hate-Filled Twinkie it's OK to like.
Metafilter: this is hypertext people
Metafilter: it's just silly to quote things at length.
Metafilter: my cheap-ass internet friends.
Metafilter: Rub my pussy with that falafel, ass pirate!
Metafilter: where asshat, fuckwit and links to goatse abound
Metafilter: Usenet without the headers
Metafilter: Hey, what is it with people raiding my comments for MeFi taglines lately?
Metafilter: imunna get a laywer to sue your aSs. snuh!
Metafilter: Usenet without the headers" isn't even my A material.
Metafilter: isn't even my A material.
Metafilter: it's a trend that should be nipped in the bud ; >
Metafilter: Vicodin Talking.
Metafilter: Who wants to fill this [stuff out. I just want to read your dumb story.]
Metafilter: Crap, crap, crap. I think you can handle it.</cite>
Metafilter: I am quite angry and offended and it would be false of me to pretend otherwise.
Metafilter: In short, I am very sad.
Metafilter: It always ends with someone's penis being measured.
Metafilter: it is not an intellectual discussion board.
Metafilter: everything y6y6y6 said, and more.
Metafilter: It always ends with someone's penis being measured.
Metafilter: Fuck Yeah!
Metafilter: Toddle off and eat pout, you shitty little Napoleon!
Metafilter: it's actually fun in nj
Metafilter: king of the shitpile
Metafilter: I suppose it's possible I ate the smurf without even noticing.)
Metafilter: I think the playground was an appropriate compromise between graveyard and Donkey Konga.
Metafilter: why one would vote for Bush, sans all the typical snarking.
Metafilter: why one would vote for Bush, sans all the typical snarking.
Metafilter: Plumbing the depths of pathetic net conspiracy theories with great gusto.
Metafilter: Freedom costs a buck-o-five.
Metafilter: I wouldn't join if you paid me.
Metafilter: Come for the in-depth conversation and issue-focussed links, stay for the macho posturing!
Metafilter: We're 'okay' with jesus, but we're not sure about the jews.
Metafilter: Only a shitlicking nunfucker would put a goddamn comma there.
Metafilter: I'm starting to feel constipated at the thought of so much meat
Metafilter: I don't WANT to be exposed to anus.
Metafilter: for best effect, read in the voice of Edith Bunker.
Metafilter: Please, think of the mothers.
Metafilter: The Word Toilet Organization
Metafilter: a good strong nutsack flattening
Metafilter: Bela Lugosi's STILL dead
Metafilter: Groupthink at its finest.
Metafilter: This 'Internet' has to be, without question, the most infernal contraption since the motorcar!
Metafilter: All the angels peek over the clouds and point and laugh
Metafilter: Face my nonetheless textual wrath
Metafilter: I do not WANT to be exposed to anus.
Metafilter: you can't skim a comment that's been deleted.
Metafilter: Textually Masturbating
Metafilter: suicide by Matt.
Metafilter: Welcome to the shit house Mr. Anal
Metafilter: failure to understand why this is inappropriate is perverse and your defense is delusional.
Metafilter: Where the voice of reason is named fishfucker.
Metafilter: Open up your pipes, baby, here comes some transfer.
Metafilter: Wasting Matt's time since 1999.
Metafilter: the practiced dicking about of the elderly
Metafilter: everyone here (except rushmc) is a liar
Metafilter: Cultivating dicks, one bushel at a time
Metafilter: pages of gaping assholes
Metafilter: various knitted things among the holier-than-thou hipster set.
Metafilter: where you try and be nice for a change, and people poo all over it.
Metafilter: OH SO hoity-toity.
Metafilter: Why don't you give this person some HELPFUL ADVICE instead of being a DIDACTIC PRICK?
Metafilter: grunting out flames
Metafilter: I've felt the flames licking at my ass.
Metafilter: The Golden Age ended the day before you joined.
Metafilter: People whose names you know and respect make snarky asides.
Metafilter: Shriller and more intolerant than ever before! Now with CAPS LOCK!
Metafilter: in sum, STFU.
Metafilter: Pandemic newbish cockery
Metafilter: IT IS OAK.
Metafilter: Show me on the doll where the Bad N**b touched you.
Metafilter: Do ya'all actually get sexual aroused when exercising your 'self-policing' powers.
Metafilter: I'll think / your stupid
Metafilter: Just kill the fucking stupid.
Metafilter: Love It or Leave It
Metafilter: The only way to win is not to play.
Metafilter: The Sweet Unsucked Nipples of the Mother of Jesus!
Metafilter: I hate that baby and what it's done to Matt and this site.
Metafilter: unnecessary, distracting and long.
Metafilter: More Addictive than Crack is not just a tagline.
Metafilter: The Golden Age ended the day before you joined.
Metafilter: Make it new.
Metafilter: that's a paddlin'
Metafilter: I know anus.
Metafilter: Ergo, the biscuit.
Metafilter: you are a total nerdface who wakes up every day to a big bowl of dorkflakes and is a nerd.
Metafilter: YOU sir are an asshat.
Metafilter: Will fuck anything that moves
Metafilter: Hungry freaks, daddy.
Metafilter: And nthdegx is right
Metafilter: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
Metafilter: We are better than this.
Metafilter: Our fray is all self-inflicted.
Metafilter: It's all self-inflicted
Metafilter: Once I did wipe me with a gentle-woman's velvet mask, and found it to be good; for the softness of the silk was very voluptuous and pleasant to my fundament.
Metafilter: Self-trolling since 1999
Metafilter: Now with 43% more Meta.
Metafilter: We Know What 'Quality' Is.
Metafilter: Wheaties & Pee Taste Okay After a While.
Metafilter: the Ringles and the Jocks
Metafilter: Please do not let this image of a dilated anus prevent critical discussion of a very interesting topic.
Metafilter: rule by benevolent dictator works!
Metafilter: No--it's about Metafilter.
Metafilter: every Tom, Dick, and Harriette with inoperable lung, colon, and liver cancer is going to think that they can just waltz in here and start linking willy-nilly to their websites.
Metafilter: I had no idea...
Metafilter: Your sassiness excites me
Metafilter: I hope never to encounter your moistness.
Metafilter: It's all in the nose, not the urine.
Metafilter: 20,000 People Who Think They're So Damn Smart.
Metafilter: join the debate!
Metafilter: a daily glitterfix of diamond shiny.
Metafilter: Catchphrase" gag is beyond tired, and it's done many times more often than it's done well.)
Metafilter: On the internet, nobody knows you're a dogmatist.
Metafilter: Millions of Gaping Assholes, Every Day.
Metafilter: Show us your teeth.
Metafilter: Love it or leave it.
Metafilter: Quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand.
Metafilter: Remixed.
Metafilter: The post is yours. The thread is ours.
Metafilter: ______
Metafilter: If you keep paying us, Matt will keep taking your money.
Metafilter: Pony-spanking since 1999. BAD PONY!
Metafilter: Nobody loves me so I had to pay to get you exposed to my genius.
Metafilter: Shilli-ness.
Metafilter: strange and arbitrary
Metafilter: A Circle of Jerks.
Metafilter: It'd be a silly bit of irony.
Metafilter: People take part in all sorts of wackiness.
Metafilter: check your dignity at the door.
Metafilter: like wrestling a pig. you both get muddy, but the pig likes it.
Metafilter: Daisy Chain, Yes. Circle Jerk, No.
Metafilter: that those NOT causing the problems should bear the burden for those who are. And that's just wrong.
Metafilter: contemptuous of the audience and I hate it
Metafilter: Don't Use Your Language Here.
Metafilter: Multiplayer Notepad.
Metafilter: Dumb boys!
Metafilter: I'm not weirded out by it, I've fucked it
Metafilter: 95% of us aren't that obtuse.
Metafilter: I want to put my dame in your mathowie.
Metafilter: People are clamoring for rules for it and it feels slightly overzealous to me[ .
Metafilter: a juicier scene than you expect.
Metafilter: this is the last damn time
Metafilter: where dullards duel with duller blades to the textual death
Metafilter: Nobody said you would like it.
Metafilter: like a glimpse into a brain ravaged by mad cow disease
Metafilter: Don't be a dick (but if you are one, you'll probably get away with it, depending on user number and history?)
Metafilter: Always Avoid Alliteration
Metafilter: It's kind of...
Metafilter: twiniginkenegel twiniginkenegel linigitenegal stanagar
Metafilter: What kind of a shitty place is this?
Metafilter: Not for the slower-witted
Metafilter: These are not the comments you are looking for.
Metafilter: so elegant, so intelligent
Metafilter: 5 dollars
Metafilter: We Have Boxes
Metafilter: We do it for the pussy money.
Metafilter: Doing lines off hookers' thighs since 1999.
Metafilter: they are skin whoring
Metafilter: Prissy on the inside, cocksuckery on the outside!
Metafilter: Equal time for Dingles and Hoo-has
Metafilter: Oh cool! Tits!!
Metafilter: We Think With Our Lizard Brains.
Metafilter: Like it or suck it.
Metafilter: Angry outbursts, drunken rants, pissing matches and grudgefests.
Metafilter: heat-of-the-moment outbursts, posting while drunk and angry, petty pissing matches and grudgefests, and generally fucking with the site ...
Metafilter: are you really horribly mis-treated here? Or is it more a case of most people here being loud-mouthed, socially inept oafs?
Metafilter: :Boyzone" be termed as the tendency for the humour and topics around here to be boorish and male-centric, with a side-condition that sometimes those same boorish men don't know when to say nothing.
Metafilter: Matt steps in to defend a post of his to a newbie. :)
Metafilter: Poignant, poignant, asshole-ish, poignant.
Metafilter: Green!
Metafilter: FIX IT
Metafilter: Playing fast and loose with the time-space continuum.
Metafilter: Tiny little keyboards
Metafilter: Me would be good for sock puppets.
Metafilter: I belong here, I get this place, please accept me.
Metafilter: reserved for (mainly) lamers
Metafilter: I am teh smart
Metafilter: You're into omphaloskepsis.
Metafilter: It's about the links.
Metafilter: it's more the sentiment behind the expression
Metafilter: I'd ride it.
Metafilter: it's still better than Slashdot
Metafilter: but it just dropped the colon and returned everything that had the word metafilter in it. This is probably a futile request but I thought maybe someone either had a hack or was collecting them offline somewhere for his/her own amusement.
Metafilter: something like what you're asking for
Metafilter: seriously solemn and solemnly serious.
Metafilter: Pausing for station identification.
Metafilter: Sorry to have ruined your day.
Metafilter: I'm offended!
Metafilter: not necessarily related to homosexuality
Metafilter: Old dogs; no new tricks.
Metafilter: Old dogs; no new tricks, but the same crap.
Metafilter: Get greeted with Suicide Girls dropping their panties.
Metafilter: Hitting Reload Like a Meth-Addicted Rat.
Metafilter: Self policing, 1999-2005. R.I.P.
Metafilter: We're what's for dinner.
Metafilter: the other white meat.
Metafilter: If they didn't care, they wouldn't care
Metafilter: Conversation should be ludic, I reckon.
Metafilter: *starts to unbutton her clothes with decorum and aplomb*
Metafilter: annoying
Metafilter: You're wrong. no, you're wrong." mea culpa.
Metafilter: We will await the heap of completely remarkable references
Metafilter: Very that not on is best foreign veblog
Metafilter: We will await the heap of completely remarkable references
Metafilter: What To Think has got to be the worst.
Metafilter: No one here will ever get laid again.
Metafilter: Argument as performance art
Metafilter: We're all in trouble.
Metafilter: YAAAR MAITY!
Metafilter: how do I become a camwhore?
Metafilter: this is being blown way out of proportion.
Metafilter: A blowjob raffle for the righteous.
Metafilter: get flamed for free.
Metafilter: Get over yourselves.
Metafilter: more meeeow than woof.
Metafilter: Please mark hand with 666 before posting.
Metafilter: comments willy-nilly
Metafilter: You're not a unique snowflake.
Metafilter: A Week Without Politics, I don't think mediareport's fpp falls below the standard for news stories posted in the blue.
Metafilter: Seattle just left the building.
Metafilter: Making a berk of oneself.
Metafilter: Love It or or Leave It, dirty hippie!
Metafilter: We're all drinking this together.
Metafilter: No! It's YOUR grudge!
Metafilter: [highlighted phrase" in the comments box, and then to hit post. Then I would like my keyboard to give me a jolt of about 30 volts.]
Metafilter: Maybe no one gives a shit. We can only hope.
Metafilter: Like a penis at a freaky lesbian make-out party.
Metafilter: It's gonna be that kind of party.
Metafilter: It's a dilemma.
Metafilter: That's no tagline
Metafilter: /slap
Metafilter: GODDAMIT!!
Metafilter: I'm too busy embarrassing myself on Metafilter.
Metafilter: Everybody Hates A Tourist
Metafilter: sod this for a game of soldiers
Metafilter: the mental equivalent of blue balls.
Metafilter: Points Can Be Gleaned
Metafilter: Baby Jesus is not exactly jitterbugging
Metafilter: This rather weak in-joke has long since passed the point where it could be considered to be even approaching being amusing.
Metafilter: I still find this admittedly weak in-joke quite amusing.
Metafilter: you're either profoundly stupid or dangerously insane.
Metafilter: corrosive and childish, and we like it that way, dammit!
Metafilter: truly, truly humbled and amazed.
Metafilter: remixed by casu marzu. While I DID think it was a great post, I had no idea mefi:remixed existed, and would have liked more of a "click here if you think this post deserves recognition on another site" link. Or something. It's not a big deal, just a courtesy issue.
Metafilter: Stop being so reasonable!
Metafilter: Did anybody even enter?
Metafilter: Whats this pancake business all about?
Metafilter: I say that to my customers all the time.
Metafilter: I was also wondering why I kept trying to make a new post.
Metafilter: that stuff sneaks up on you.
Metafilter: i have the fish to prove it.
Metafilter: i actually have blebs
Metafilter: Muscle memory, or whatever you call it
Metafilter: With big headphones. And orange goggles.
Metafilter: it'll probably get deleted for being meaningless or silly or something
Metafilter: In a room full of vinyl albums stacked on the walls. With flannel. Lots of flannel.
Metafilter: I just can't get his big-headed German whore out of my mind.
Metafilter: I have no idea how I picture myself.
Metafilter: I half-jokingly half-imagine everyone as either John or Joan Cusack.
Metafilter: this would have been a perfect thread to not post in.
Metafilter: We're the Aristocrats !
Metafilter: best of the web statistics
Metafilter: Grow a Hide.
Metafilter: I bet you think this thread is about you.
Metafilter: I actually have masturbated animals for artificial insemination purposes
Metafilter: Banned In The Name of Jesus.
Metafilter: Gah!
Metafilter: I'd like to see more comments regarding pancakes in these threads.
Metafilter: Now celebrating one thread without a lame tagline.
Metafilter: You folks sure are inconsistent...
Metafilter: However, I could be wr-
Metafilter: A dad-gummit swaddlin' little jumble o' timesuck.
Metafilter: Just assume a wizard did it.
Metafilter: a long tradition of naming pets.
Metafilter: Priorities? What priorities?
Metafilter: Naturally Offensive.
Metafilter: every legalistic fart and tremble
Metafilter: one obnoxious and salivating blur.
Metafilter: it wasn't some miracle in user behavior
Metafilter: Discussing semantics for the sake of having something to argue about.
Metafilter: See?... Boobs!
Metafilter: A Pulpit And Toilet For Great Zombie Christ.
Metafilter: A Bulimic Force Fed through a One-Way Tube
Metafilter: uses the word "dude" a lot
Metafilter: People should be banned.
Metafilter: Internet gustapo's we are.
Metafilter: we're all Seanyboy-itarians now.
Metafilter: It blogs, it's what it does.
Metafilter: chatty and prolific discursive style.
Metafilter: incessant and precise probings
Metafilter: responsible for more deaths and more evil then the Nazis and the Communists combined.
Metafilter: An Eruption of Mt. St. Bullshit.
Metafilter: Put on some capri pants and throw your hat in the air.
Metafilter: 92% complaints
Metafilter: you got treated badly because you were treating other people badly
Metafilter: People are jerks and behave erratically
Metafilter: You all are more fun to respond to by yelling at my screen.
Metafilter: Provocative for Provocation's Sake
Metafilter: tag lines and a feed for the date stamp and a feed for everytime quonsar visits
Metafilter: bombs could fall from the sky and I'm looking forward to still getting married.
Metafilter: visually jarring on a mostly text website
Metafilter: not safe for work
Metafilter: Idiot fish in an idiotic barrel.
Metafilter: neither convinces nor informs
Metafilter: Comunist, hippie, perverted, impotent, nose-picking, three-legged, bearded, grandmother mailmen!
Metafilter: I remind myself of Bartelby sometimes, but without the drive.
Metafilter: Let us swarm it
Metafilter: a form of "Walt Disney creativity
Metafilter: Running on a tank filled with guilt and social pressure
Metafilter: you're cool taking your syntax from a right-wing cartoon duck
Metafilter: you yourself are a dick.
Metafilter: some of the web.
Metafilter: best of the web... or not.
Metafilter: of the web.
Metafilter: this is nothing more
Metafilter: spit or swallow debate waiting to happen, and nothing more
Metafilter: spit or swallow
Metafilter: Talk the pain away.
Metafilter: Can't flog this horse!
Metafilter: Welcome to the new Metafilter
Metafilter: Anti.
Metafilter: At what point do you realize that it is just petty nonsense that really has no point?
Metafilter: Why do you hate MeFi so much?
Metafilter: bringing sandpaper to a circle-jerk
Metafilter: Could you save the really nasty name-calling for about an hour from now. And definitely any flameouts, I don't want to miss any flameouts. I always read about those things the next day, and they read like warm eggnog tastes.
Metafilter: The usual bunch of idiots.
Metafilter: Pruning all the crap
Metafilter: Renewing an endless argument.
Metafilter: I don't have to read the thread.
Metafilter: A community of bloviating assholes.
Metafilter: All the same shrill evangelizing.
Metafilter: You probably fell asleep in front of the screen re-reading one of your comments. No biggie.
Metafilter: my floating, pulsating ring.
Metafilter: What does this add to the discussion?
Metafilter: grouse
Metafilter: 23710 creatures that wet themselves and cry for attention.
Metafilter: if you took yourself and your desires a bit less seriously none of this would have happened.
Metafilter: You now leave the realm of normal people.
Metafilter: I know the link itself sucks.
Metafilter: In hindsight I should have posted this under a different account.
Metafilter: The fact that a few people got it doesn't mean that most people did.
Metafilter: Like West Side Story with Nerds.
Metafilter: This is a fuckin radge thread by the way ah'm tryin tae git ma heid roond it but ah'm still fuckin scoobied likes ...
Metafilter: A Passing Acquaintance with the Steve Guttenberg Oeuvre is a Litmus Test for Intelligence
Metafilter: *stoic silence*
Metafilter: Hey, are you going to Metafilter with anyone, by chance?
Metafilter: blocking your wife's cervix
Metafilter: my lap and I thank you.
Metafilter: doesn't play well with others
Metafilter: celebrating 20 hours of uptime!
Metafilter: it's all Matt
Metafilter: the snark is the signal
Metafilter: taglines repeated endlessly
Metafilter: if you open a can labelled "Shit"... you ain't gettin' pineapple rings, buddy.
Metafilter: the magnet school of high-school-cafeteria–level discourse on the web
Metafilter: Steve nails it.
Metafilter: Everyone really does get mocked and derided here
Metafilter: conformists!!!
Metafilter: Taglines repeated endlessly by new people trying desperately to fit in.
Metafilter: Oddly cathartic masturbation.
Metafilter: Largely inaccurate and utterly irrelevant.
Metafilter: It's sock puppets all the way down...
Metafilter: it's like yenta crack
Metafilter: more Disney.
Metafilter: not Jergins and a tissue, which is why I'm here and not Fark.
Metafilter: Did your craniorectoectomy pan out?
Metafilter: the group dynamic of a person in trouble being treated as an entertaining spectacle over the net.
Metafilter: Large and prickly.
Metafilter: babbling dullards fresh off the boat
Metafilter: participating vigorously
Metafilter: Why do our pancake overlords vibrate, Lib'rul?
Metafilter: One-liner which hopefully will be later quoted as a tagline.
Metafilter: so these 14kers, they're vibrating bucket of drama queens?
Metafilter: Reads, goes to bed without posting
Metafilter: Steve_at_Longbaugh's crackpot Meftrix theory
Metafilter: Swinging the Banhammer on some random sock puppet.
Metafilter: loud, fast, and unsubtle.
Metafilter: loads slow, unstable.
Metafilter: The Book.
Metafilter: An exercise in perseverance.
Metafilter: a poor, delicate brain that exists merely to ennervate 9622v2
Metafilter: we are all in the same longboat.
[ Metafilter: would be great... Metafilter: let the snarkers piss off
Metafilter: Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
Metafilter: The stuff of nightmares
Metafilter: threat or menace?
Metafilter: forgot to flush
Metafilter: redesign in 05 still slowly dying
Metafilter: Best Unicorns and Rainbows and Fluffy Kittens and Other Innocuous Stuff that Offends Nobody on the Web".
Metafilter: Just the facts. Leave all your comments at home.
Metafilter: dropping into obviously trollish FPPs to watch you monkeys sling shit at each other
Metafilter: buff dudes in sleeveless Metallica wifebeaters.
Metafilter: Deletion Jihad
Metafilter: [this is good" overlords; I also eat tapes, and chase them with PepsiBlue, because I have fish in my pants.]
Metafilter: urbanized anthropomorphizing rodent worshippers in full flight from reality.
Metafilter: urbanized anthropomorphizing hare-splitting lagomorph worshippers in full flight from reality
Metafilter: (Delete if unfunny)
Metafilter: What The Man Just Said
Metafilter: You might as well never say anything.
Metafilter: You're a Shitbag.
Metafilter: It's because we don't like you.
Metafilter: The line in the sand is right here. I mean, what kind of bizarre question is that?
Metafilter: Marking Territory with a Protolanguage
Metafilter: 30 == 100
Metafilter: fantasies about a steamy reunion query is grabbing 100 users