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This page is your all-in-one convenient information center for the Las Vegas Mega Meetup currently planned for September. Relevant threads:

The details so far as we know them:

  • TrishaLynn's parents have a timeshare on the strip that has been offered for our use. The two-bedroom suite is $110/night on Friday and Saturday and a bit cheaper on other days. Pending questions: 1. How many people can the rooms comfortably accomodate? 2. Can we reserve more than one room?
  • The tentative date is the weekend of September 23. This is the weekend following TrishaLynn's birthday, and all respondents thusfar have indicated late September as acceptable. People can come and go as they please, but for meetup purposes, everyone should plan to spend at least Saturday and Sunday in LV.

Please add your name to the appropriate list below. Since, at the time of this page's publishing, the meetup is still 6 months away, it is assumed that nothing is etched in stone; but the rooms need to be booked at least 60 days in advance and the sooner we have an idea of expected turnout, the better able we will be to plan appropriately.