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This page is your all-in-one convenient information center for the Las Vegas Mega Meetup the weekend of September 23, 2006.

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The details so far

  • As of Sept. 19th at 12:10AM, there are twenty people confirmed for attendance at this meetup.
  • There is a Yahoo! Groups mailinglist for organizing last minute details and exchanging contact info for when we're there. Please email kmellis if you'd like to be invited to the list.
  • There is currently no one organizing rooms for Mecha Vegas. Several people are staying at the Barbary Coast. Several others are staying at the Gold Coast, which happens to be the sister property of the Gold Coast. There is a shuttle running between the two.
  • Some events have already been suggested. The first is to set an informal, regular meetup happy hour at the Barbary Coast main bar between 4 and 5 pm, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The second is to organize a group to trek over to the Manhattan Express roller coaster right after the wedding and before it closes at midnight. ThePinkSuperhero and stynxno will be going indoor skydiving on Saturday, 9/23 at 10 a.m.; all are invited to join us there.
  • kmellis/EB's name is Keith Ellis. I'll be at the Barbary Coast. My cell is 505-453-0532. For other information of this sort, see the mailinglist mentioned above.

Please add your name to the appropriate list below.


User Possibility Where Ya Staying? Dates Comment
essexjan Definite Staying at the Barbary Coast 9/19-9/26
kmellis Definite Staying at the Barbary Coast 9/21-9/25 Accompanied by friend, dlarge.
DaShiv Definite Barbary Coast Saturday Staying with dlarge and kmellis.
jonmc & pips Definite Staying at the Barbary Coast September 21-24 Getting married September 23rd!
ThePinkSuperhero & stynxno Definite MGM Grand September 21 & 22; September 23, not sure; we're hoping the hotel will comp us another night, but until further notice, at mischief's! September 21-24- on the same flight out of NYC as jonmc/pips Woooo! I'm excited!.
scarabic Definite Imperial Palace because the Barbary Coast is apparently too full of jonmc groupies night of Sat 23rd and gone in the morning Hell yeah.
krix & saf Definite Residents
mischief Definite I live within minutes of the Strip and I can accomdate one or two people who want to crash on the floor (or a really uncomfortable couch). Plus I snore. Loud. The upstairs neighbors beat on the floor. I wear industrial strength ear plugs. Anyway, it's free and you get what you pay for.
Elizard & Zack_Replica Definite Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Strip Area, 4000 W Flamingo Rd. September 21-25 Tickets are booked, and we're stoked for it!
OrangeSwan Definite Gold Coast Hotel and Casino 9/22- 9/24 Damn, but this is going to be fun.
getoffmylawn Definite Regular hotel off the strip 9/23 Woo hoo!
NortonDC & onlyconnect Definite Bally's Saturday through Monday
ikkyu2 & occhiblu Definite The Venetian, unless ikky loses it all on the hard 8. 9/22-9/25
agropyron & Diva Despina Possible Putting off deciding to the last minute
SassHat Possible If I can make it, I might need to split a room with someone or crash on their floor... I think I may be able to swing the cost of the flight to LV and expenses for the weekend...
Triode Possible
Liffey Possible Resident I feel underqualified to attend, but, darnit, I want to believe.
Wedge Theoretically Impossible Madison, Wisconsin I won't be able to make it. I'm so sorry. Please don't take this the wrong way. It's not you, metachat, it's me. Maybe some other time? Promise you won't forget about me. You'll write, won't you?
Jimbob Theoretically Impossible Darwin, Australia Sorry, Wedge is taking me out to dinner and a movie that night.