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Basic Info

The chat channel is here:    #metachat

or if your browser is configured to use irc links you can click here:


Very quick start guide

  1. Open this in another window.
  2. Type "yourusername" in the top left corner
  3. Type "/join #metachat" in the long white box at the bottom
  4. You'll now be in the channel. Type whatever you want to say in that same long white box
  5. That's it

Quick start guide

This quick guide assumes you don't want to install any new software and that you don't want to do anything fancy, just get chatting as quickly as possible. So, here goes...

First click this link but don't forget to come back to this page for further instructions:

Assuming you have Java installed you should now see a chat client with a whole bunch of intimidating blue text in it. Don't panic!

The first thing you need to do is set your nickname. You can do this by entering it in the nickname box top left and pressing enter. The last line of blue text will confirm you've changed your name. It's probably best to use the same name you use on the site or at least something similar so people know who you are.

The next thing is to connect to the chat room. There is a white bar at the bottom (just above where it says Private ->). Click in there and type /join #metachat and then press enter.

You are now in the channel. Anything you want to say to your fellow chatters can be said by typing into that white bar you just used. It's a good idea when you've just joined a room to alert everyone to your presence by saying hello. Just type in your greeting and press enter.

Once here you'll find that people are pretty helpful so if you have any questions, just ask.

It's a good idea to read about registering your name which will prevent others from using it and imitating you. Again, if you feel unsure how to do this then just ask in the channel.

It's worth noting when using this java client that when you run nickserv commands (as set out below) the reponses will appear in a Nickserv window that you'll only see when you click on the Nickserv button that appears at the bottom of the screen.

This Java client is OK for occasional use but you may find that if you're going to chat a lot then you'll want a better client. More on that later.

How do I register my name?

Type the following into the input box:

/nickserv register yourpassword youremailaddress

You must use a valid e-mail address as you will be mailed to confirm your details. It's also advisable not to use a password you would use on any other site, just something that's very simple and memorable. If you do forget the password then all you need to do is type the following into the input box:

/nickserv sendpass nickname

And the password will be sent to the email address you registered earlier

Everytime you start your chat session with your registered nickname you'll be asked to confirm your identity. To do this just type:

/nickserv identify mypassword

If the above commands don't work in your client then preface them with msg like so:

/msg nickserv identify mypassword

What Client Should I Use?

This depends on what OS you use and possibly what browser you use.

If you use Firefox or Mozilla on any OS then you can use Chatzilla which you ca install from here. It's easy to use, quite well integrated with the browser and completely free. Go to this link, click Install Now, restart your browser and then click on the #metachat link. If you use Opera then you already have a built in client.

On Windows a lot of people favour mIRC or Trillian. mIRC is shareware and therefore not a free product. Trillian is free. [opinions on these please?]

On Macs you might want to use Conversation, Colloquy or Snak.

What are the basics?

The first useful thing to know is that if you type the first few letters of a users nick name and then press tab it will autocomplete. That should save you some typing.

A useful command to know is /whois which well tell you more about a user. Simply type /whois nickname and you'll be provided with information on the user.

To change your nickname type /nick newnickname

If you want to perform an action such as falling off your stool then type /me falls off stool