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|[[user:NucleophilicAttack|Nucleo]]||zapp at pobox dot com||N/A||13929416||N/A||N/A||N/A
|[[user:NucleophilicAttack|Nucleo]]||zapp at pobox dot com||N/A||13929416||N/A||N/A||N/A
|[[user:skorgu|skorgu]]||skorgu at gmail dot com||skorgu||N/A||N/A||N/A||N/A
|[[user:trondant|trondant]]||trondant at gmail dot com||N/A||N/A||N/A||N/A||N/A
|[[user:trondant|trondant]]||trondant at gmail dot com||N/A||N/A||N/A||N/A||N/A

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Feel free to list your channel here if it meets the following conditions:

  • Channels should be open to metachat members.
  • None of the channels should include the name "metachat" or "mecha" or otherwise suggest they're official.
  • One-off channels, joke channels and exclusionary channels will be removed.

Please remember: If this list itself threatens to cause anger and conflict, the list will be removed entirely


These channels are replacements for the #metachat channel. If you are new to or unfamiliar with IRC, please read the IRC FAQ.



The channel
Who's There Now?
Java IRC client
Slashnet (backup link)


Ops e-mail AIM ICQ GoogleTalk MSN Yahoo!
Eideteker spamdotmechaatlikeicaredotnet Vedkar 3981771 speaktome N/A N/A
chrismear chris@feedmechocolate.com chrismear 11058478 N/A chris@feedmechocolate.com chrismear
gomichild gomichild@gmail.com N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
goshling goshling@gmail.com N/A N/A N/A goshgoshgosh@hotmail.com N/A
mullacc mullacc at gmaildotcom mullacc N/A mullacc N/A N/A
Nucleo zapp at pobox dot com N/A 13929416 N/A N/A N/A
skorgu skorgu at gmail dot com skorgu N/A N/A N/A N/A
trondant trondant at gmail dot com N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
ThePinkSuperhero misspinkkate at gmaildotcom ThePinkSuperhero N/A misspinkkate N/A ThePinkSuperhero
Note: #bunnies is not in any way affiliated with the metachat.org site. Please do not
contact dodgygeezer or taz on any matters pertaining to the IRC channel.



The channel
Who's There Now?
Come on in and find out!
Note: #metawhat was created as a refuge for mudpuppie and others who cannot join
the slashnet channel. It is currently for use as a backup in case the slashnet servers
go down.

Lingr @ metachat



Note: The Lingr metachat channel was created as yet another backup channel for those who can't use 
IRC.  It is web-based, free to sign-up for and easy to use. Currently it is a public room,
but it can be locked down with a password for bunnies only if it ends up being a hassle.