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The following MetaChat users have different usernames on MetaFilter:

  • chewatadistance here is yoga there.
  • danostuporstar here is 'and hosted from Uranus' there.
  • dashie here is dash-slot_ there.
  • gaydolfshitler here is cortex there.
  • kmellis here was Ethereal Bligh there; now is Ivan Fyodorovich.
  • miles here is Asbestos McPinto there.
  • porpoise here is PurplePporpoise there.
  • PsychoKitty here is dejah420 there.
  • stilicho here is dhartung there (he occasionally uses the dhartung name here too).
  • sil here is ugf there (I panicked when I signed up for Metafilter]

The following MetaChat users have different usernames on IRC:

The following MetaChat users have changed their names or have multiple usernames:

  • chewatadistance was formerly yoga. see here
  • mcgraw here is dfowler here too!
  • goodnewsfortheinsane here was formerly gnfti here, but decided to adopt the same name here as there.
  • quonsar was formerly quonsar, but decided to adopt the same name here as there. He is quonsar here, too!
  • bunnyfire here was formerly bunnyfire at Metafilter.
  • YouCanCallMeAl is/was/and forever shall be also known as amandau****. Unless she marries a man with a humorous last name like Hugenkiss or Phellate or Haveroughandefficientgermansexwith and then takes his surname.
  • Doohickie makes cameo appearances as Ceiling Cat is Watching You Masturbate
  • mischief, the username, has been permanently retired from all sites
  • Orange Swan's cat Trilby has his own account and he posts occasionally.


  • quonsar
    Funnily enough quonsar there wasn't always known as quonsar here. When he first joined it was as "quonset the hutt". Unfortunately this left the way open for some bright spark to register and use the hallowed quonsar user name. quonsar informed the mods and balance was restored to the force.