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09 September 2020

My brain has reached the point of frazzle How is everyone else doing?[More:]
I have achieved ostrich mode. No longer can I plan or make decisions. My life exists as stimulus response.

Is anyone seeing a beacon of hope on the horizon?

Is where you're at doing better or are ya'll still stuck?
Well.. the pandemic is expanding at a brisk pace here in India but I can mostly deal with it since I am indoorsy anyway... but of course I would prefer if everything was normal cause I do like going to movies, restaurants etc.

Been seeing some striking images online from the West Coast...
posted by Firas 09 September | 23:19
Frias, I saw that ya'lls numbers were intense. Do you find the response there to be effective?
posted by mightshould 10 September | 07:29
Our numbers are increasing and from next week outdoor gatherings of more than six people are banned. Until then it's 30 people. We recently had a get-together in our street, all distanced, but we can't do that any more.

For me, it's still do-able. I don't socialist with large groups anyway, usually just a few close friends who I generally see one-on-one. The people I've seen since lockdown - all in outdoor settings (except for one dinner at my neighbour, Kathryn's, who is really the main person I have any contact with and whose family have all been cautious) - are people who take this virus seriously. I can keep doing this for a while.

I had my first haircut in six months yesterday. I've been going to the same salon for years, and it's very spacious, and I know they've put measures in place. I trust Mark, my stylist, but I don't trust the clients, as I know too many people in this area have been on holiday abroad, to pubs and parties and generally thinking this has gone away because they want it to. So I asked if I could come in early, before anyone else. I was there at 8am, hair still damp from the shower so it didn't need to be washed, and had a cut and blow-dry. The salon insists all clients wear a mask, and Mark wore a mask and face visor. I felt very safe and have made an appointment for 8 weeks' time, again at 8am.

Last weekend Kathryn and I went to North Wales, where she grew up. Her mother recently went into a nursing home and this was the first chance she's had to see her (by appointment). Her bungalow has been turned into an AirBnB by Kathryn's sister (who lives two doors away) so we stayed there. It was lovely to have a chance of scenery - and such stunning scenery too in Snowdonia.

On Saturday night we went to the sister's house for dinner - me, Kathryn, her sister and husband, their son and his girlfriend. It was so great. I miss conversation, I miss sitting round a table with a bunch of people and someone says something that makes everyone laugh until they're crying.

Living alone has its advantages - I don't have to worry about anyone else but me, and I'm lucky that my job is fine and my manager is very hands-off, so I have no-one to answer to as long as the work gets done. But the lack of human contact is starting to get to me. Not enough to make me want to take risks, and I suspect we in the UK are in for a shock in terms of infections and will need to tighten up.

But I am looking forward to Christmas-themed masks ...

posted by Senyar 10 September | 17:33
mightshould: India had a strong lockdown in the beginning but I think it made people complacent--authorities should have taken the time to increase test capacity etc.

I think everyone is trying their best at this point, I don't have any specific criticisms (maybe cause I'm not following the situation in India closely.) Ironically I am following the situation in the US more closely by virtue of this project I built: which shows top tweets on the topic. I might make a separate Mecha post about it.
posted by Firas 11 September | 00:47
My doctor has been trying to augment my regular antidepressant with something more targeted at the anxiety and (hopefully) insomnia. It hasn't gone well. I've gone through three different meds since May. They've all had various negative effects on me, from simple drugginess up to radically increased anger (which included a resurgence of self-harm) It's all been very exhausting and demoralizing, and has left me even more depressed, which is very worrisome.

Summer has fucking sucked.
posted by Thorzdad 16 September | 04:32
I am so sorry, Thorzdad, that sounds awful. I hope the right balance is found for you soon.
posted by Senyar 17 September | 10:31
Hugs to you, Thorzdad; you're good people and that sounds awful.
posted by mightshould 18 September | 12:24
Not so good! Thanks for asking.
posted by Miko 18 September | 21:25
Snake sex fight in the kitchen. || Because we all need to see baby goats in their pyjamas