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Archives for: March 2017

31 March 2017

30 March 2017

So, we may as well do a multi-point update What's up with y'all??Read more...
To me, the most intriguing part of James Comey's secret Twitter account being revealedRead more...
Neon Hitch - Yard Sale I'm not quite sure how I found this, but I thought it was entertaining. What music have you stumbled across lately that you've enjoyed?

28 March 2017

Mecha crosspost thread Post 3 mecha-shareable items you've recently posted on social mediaRead more...
while the place is still open... One of the greatest things I've seen lately is a video project called 'Whitman, Alabama' Read more...

27 March 2017

whence MetaChat? Hey there. I noticed we were down for a while What happened?

It raised the question for me again, "whence MetaChat?" Partly in light of this recent interview with Jessamyn on closing down a web community that was linked on MetaTalk, I started thinking that when/if that day comes here, it would be a lot better to know it in advance, and let people say a goodbye, come and export their comments or special threads or whatever they'd like to keep, etc. I'm glad it seems to have gotten patched up at this point, but I wonder if we want to think about a planned demise, rather than just a thing where we show up one day and it's all gone?

17 March 2017

Potty Training Baby Sloths For your Friday enjoyment.

13 March 2017

Let's buy this! We could start our own university/commune/getaway place!

10 March 2017

08 March 2017

Using US credit card to ship Canadian meds to US? I asked this over on the green, but thought I'd throw it here, too...Read more...

07 March 2017

Tv and movies lied to me.

05 March 2017

An episode of Two Fat Ladies. Just because I like picnics. And singing. And scenery.

03 March 2017

Friday question NOT from the Book of Questions Tell us the best thing you've eaten or drunk lately. Bonus points for recipes.

02 March 2017

"Is this really a thing?" Is this a possible recurring feature?Read more...
Our very own headspace is in Time Magazine! (Full disclosure: I'm her stepfather)