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21 November 2016

**** It's time for the 9th Annual Mecha Holiday Card Exchange! **** Closed now Signups open now through December 1st, 11:59 p.m. ET!→[More:]Email me at the address in my profile with your name, MeCha screen name, mailing address, email address where you want the mailing list sent, and anything else you'd like people to know (special mailing instructions, etc.) Please put "Mecha Card Exchange 2016" in the subject line.

I'll send out an address list broken up into groups shortly after the deadline. Groups generally include at least one person outside the US.
Booo, can somebody fix my More Inside?
posted by ThePinkSuperhero 21 November | 14:20
I appreciate you doing this, TPS, but have no heart for it this year. Too much fear, not enough cheer in me. All my best to you dear bunnies.
posted by bearwife 21 November | 16:02
I am in, as always! Sorry to hear you aren't feeling up to it bearwife, we'll miss you!
posted by msali 21 November | 16:10
I am signing up and hope it will bring some much needed cheer to life.
posted by mightshould 22 November | 07:53
And great big thanks to you for organizing it again.
posted by mightshould 22 November | 07:59
I'm in. You may all end up getting one of my shiny new business cards.
posted by JanetLand 22 November | 08:10
I've never been much for card exchanges.

But this year is different: I as a representative of the EU have the high moral duty, nay, dare I say, have to heed the downright categorical imperative to co÷rdinate with and support the resistance in the US in any way I can.

Since there are not many people on metachat I suggest that we'll all mail to all. Briefkaart bonanza!
posted by jouke 23 November | 12:29
I have tons of cards I got ages ago for this and over $100 postage somewhere in this unsorted mess. I just have to figure out the best address to use and where to get them out that won't end in another post postal ex post facto fiasco, then hope not to get waylaid by yet another emergent crisis.

It would be nice if we could get word out to more of the old crowd on just the receptive end. Even if I sort of boilerplate the end of year cards, I have a thought for lunar new year cards, and one or both many incorporate the more complicated interactive ideas that got quashed by circumstance or flakes who made s big deal of being involved only to disappear. Plus surprises.
posted by ethylene 23 November | 17:15
I did new years cards awhile ago, but my favorite one was zombie gingerbread man.

count me in
posted by brujita 24 November | 12:04
Yes! If we send all maybe the bananas in the break room will be resolved. (Be better if bananas in electioneering could be resolved.)
posted by mightshould 25 November | 17:53
OH HAI. I'm in.
posted by stynxno 27 November | 07:11
Seasonal card appreciation letter!
In response to this:

I wrote this
posted by jouke 18 December | 09:40
Huh. I sent a seasonal well wishing card to Ethylene as well. And I received a card with insults in return. Strange.
posted by jouke 08 January | 08:13
So what's new with you? 3-point update || This is why I avoid the candy aisle