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09 September 2016

Friday Question NOT from the Book of Questions We all have a daily routine. Is there one part of yours you especially enjoy? What is it?
I can't pick one. My first sip of my morning soy latte, listening to my audio book on my commute, dinner with my husband, and bedtime reading are all highlights.
posted by bearwife 09 September | 12:30
I suppose it would be getting dinner ready, although that's more of a chore than anything else. Still, it's probably the highlight of my otherwise gray, uneventful day.
posted by Thorzdad 09 September | 15:54
Lucy and I have a routine at bedtime which I love. I get ready for bed, clean my teeth, wash my face, slap on some moisturiser, put my nightie on, set out my clothes for the next day, make sure my phone's plugged into the charger and my bag's ready, if I have to be in the office next day.

While all this is going on, Lucy follows me round, getting more and more excited because she knows this is leading up to TREAT TIME!!!

So, as I'm ready to get into bed, I take Lucy's little pack of treats (Whiskas Dentabites) out of the drawer in the bedside table. By this time Lucy is on the bed, watching intently, because she knows what's coming. I throw a treat across the bed for her, and as she turns her back to get it, I "hide" two treats behind the alarm clock - I use the quote marks because she knows they're there, and she also knows she has to wait for those particular two treats. Then I shake out a few more treats into my hand and get into bed.

I throw the treats over the bed for her to chase, and always one goes across the floor so she has to jump down and chase it. The last two treats (not the hidden ones) are fed to her by hand, and then she settles down next to me, usually rubbing her face on my iPad or Kindle.

Often she'll wander away, but when I put the light off, she comes running back in, because she knows that when the light goes out it's time for the last two hidden treats. She gets back on the bed and eats them out of my hand, and we have a little cuddle before I fall asleep.

But sometimes she's gone out by the time I put the light off. So I put the hidden treats where she can get to them on the bedside table, and she'll sneak in after lights out to get them.

This routine is surprisingly unwavering in its ritual, and we both love it - I get to make a fuss of my girl, and she has fun chasing her treats.
posted by Senyar 09 September | 16:01
Reading in bed right before I fall asleep.
posted by amro 09 September | 16:33
Senyar, you reminded me of another daily routine three of us love. On my AM latte run, I buy a heated scone and cut it in half. I eat half. At the end of the day, I bring the remaining half home. My dog, beside himself with joy that I am home and knowing all about the half scone, barks and makes his tiny tail stub whir back and forth. My husband stands there smiling. I tell my dog to "Park it!" and he runs to his dog bed, where he lies down facing me, both front legs lined up before him, eyes bright, ears elevated. He waits with joyous anticipation while I walk over and dump the half scone on his bed. Delighted gnawing ensues.

We all never get tired of this.
posted by bearwife 09 September | 17:20
I get up earlier than I need to so that I can spend about 30 minutes in the bunny room after I shower, hanging out with Mr. Munch. He normally comes out and runs around a little - often, he will hop up into the chair with me and settle in for snuggling.
posted by needlegrrl 11 September | 18:41
We haven't had any music on here in a while. || You might remember this guy.